Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

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Why does my cat follow me everywhere? So why are some cats following us? Well, this may be for a specific reason, or it may be a combination of multiple reasons. Explanations of why our cat might follow us include:

Companionship-some cats only like the company of humans! Feeding time-most cat parents will notice that their fur baby appears near the feeding time, and if this food cannot be achieved at the time the cat expects, then they will keep following you until it appears!
Curiosity-Cats are naturally very curious animals, perhaps because cats follow you because they are interested in what you are doing or about to do. Attention-some cats will follow their owners to attract their attention-this particular behavior is usually accompanied by one or two meows!
As cat owners, we must be careful because our cats become overly dependent and therefore our cats will not follow us.

why does my cat follow me and no one else
Cats are notorious for being different and are often not interested. But this reputation is often very wrong. I have a Siberian cat, Alexei, who likes to follow me around the house.
Alexei is not the only animal-many cats like to walk around with their owners and even go to the toilet. So why do they want to do this?
Cats have domesticated themselves, so the reasons for following their owners are often positive. Here are 13 reasons why cats follow you. 13 reasons why my cat follows me everywhere

1. Accompany

Nowadays, cats are becoming more and more socialized, especially certain breeds. We don’t tend to keep cats today because we want them to take care of any stray pests around the house. Most cat owners treat cats as companions and family members.
Your cat may feel the same way, but just likes to be with you. 2. You can be absolutely sure that your cat is following you, because if their cat is following you in the kitchen and following you during dinner time, they will be very hungry. 3. Curiosity

Some cats are more curious than others and like to know the behavior of their owners.
Our lives are very different from theirs, so they may be seeking to entertain themselves by watching your work during the day. This may be especially true if you are going to enter a room that is normally not allowed (such as an office).
Your cat may be curious to explore this new room. 4.

Your cat may just want to get attention. They either want you to show that you saw them and say their names, or they want to pat them. If I walk into a room without seeing it and admit it, the cat will like to give me a short “Hey, I’m here” cry. 5. Separation anxiety

If you are going on vacation or traveling and your cat suddenly starts to follow you around and/or sleep with you, it may be that your cat is suffering from separation anxiety. Our cats are accustomed to our existence, and if we suddenly leave for a long period of time, it may give them a great shock. 6.
Sudden major changes

If your cat suddenly starts following you everywhere, it may be due to recent major changes. This may be similar to the arrival of a new baby, the death of someone in the family, a move, etc.
Cats are very sensitive and these changes may make them feel unsafe. Therefore, they want to follow you everywhere because they feel safe and protected when they are with you. They are boring

Especially indoor cats are easily bored.
In the wild, the cats spent time hunting and exploring.
There are not many hunting opportunities for indoor cats, and of course, the world to explore is also very limited. In order to keep your cat satisfied, it is important to provide an environment where your cat can be intellectually stimulated. Cats need activities to replace field activities. One of them may be to start following you. If you have been away from home for several hours, your cat may be particularly prone to do this. If you think cats are everywhere because they are bored, you can consider adding more intellectual simulation games and activities to their lives. ⇒Enthusiastic about letting your cat haunt?
Check out my article on “Can cats walk?”, the 7 best anti-escape cat harness options, 5 best carrier options for cats, and 4 top travel bin options. 8.
They learned everything from their mother, who is also the source of their food.
Therefore, the kitten learns a sense of security near the mother. For many cat owners, this relationship has become imitated. You may be a human, but you now provide cats with food, groom them, play with them, etc.
Owners tend to take on all parenting tasks.
So when you behave like a parent, it’s no surprise that cats follow you just like they and their mothers. If your cat is near you, it may feel safest. It knows that when it is with you, it will be protected and can meet its needs. Some cats will follow their owners and grow up after puberty, while others will continue. ⇒Don’t miss my “How to Choose the Best Cat Litter”, “How to Groom a Cat”, 4 things you need to know about raising a cat, how to do a quick cat check at home, “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cat Litter” and 15 Cat products that are most suitable for your home. 9. This is why games are very important to cats. Cats in the wild often hunt just for entertainment. Therefore, toys or games that involve prey and chase and/or capture the prey are generally popular with cats.
Your cat may play with you.
It may want to jump on you suddenly or hide and pounce on you. My cat likes to play this kind of pretend game.
When you are away, you behave more like prey, so from a cat’s point of view, this is a very smart game time. Remember, if you are not the only playmate of the cat, then you are one of them. ⇒A funny cat is a happy cat.
Check out my articles on 9 best cat treats, the ultimate guide to cat gifts, 6 best toys for cats, 14 chew toys for cats, cat costumes and best cat costumes. 10. Routine

Cats are routine creatures. Once they start following you everywhere, they will continue to do so.
Wildcats are hunting, marking their own territories and other places as routine. 11.

Being chosen as my favorite companion is very praised. Your cat may follow you just because it likes to be with you. Be sure to show admiration for your cat and let him know that you feel the same way. Depending on the cat’s personality, this may be through petting or playing or any other activity that you know is beneficial to the cat.
Observe the cat’s body language to understand their favorite things. ⇒Check out my “Final Feeding Guide for Dry and Wet Cats”, 6 best high-calorie cat food options, 6 best constipation cat foods, 8 best kitten dry food options, 6 best high-fiber cat food options, 8 best low-protein cat food options, 7 best cat foods with IBD options, 8 best cat foods for older cats with vomiting, and 6 best wet kitten food options. 12. Guard your own territory

If your cat is in the wild, it will spend considerable time wandering around its territory to release its scent and spread it around.
If your cat keeps rubbing on the furniture, this is most likely what your cat is doing. In the house, it is difficult for cats to mark their territory. However, when it sees you walking around, it may think that you are marking your territory and decide to join you. Toy cat

13. Help

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your cat is in pain or unhappy.
Cats often like to hide their pain.
However, some cats are different. If your cat’s meowing is loud when following you, it may be anxious or painful. Why does my cat follow me everywhere-frequently asked questions

Why does my cat follow me? Because you are its favorite person! You may also be someone who provides food, replaces trash, grooms food, etc.
Cats may also follow the people in the house who play with them most often. ⇒Get a new kitty?
Check out my guide on how to care for kittens, the 6 best kitten wet food options and the 8 best kitten dry food options

Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom? The cat doesn’t know the difference between the room in his home and the private space and public space. Moreover, cats are usually not very interested in boundaries with people. The cat following you into the bathroom wants to approach you. In addition, this may be a room they don’t often go to, so they are very interested in it. ⇒Want to put on a new collar for your favorite cat? Check out my list of 6 stylish leather cat collars, 6 weird Halloween cat collars, 8 funny Christmas cat collar options, 7 best GPS cat collar options, 4 best cat collar cameras, 6 cats’ best Best flea collars and post collars in the posts of the 5 best designer cats. The fact that most of us close the bathroom door means that your cat has all of its own space in an enclosed space, so it is guaranteed to attract your attention. If your cat has grown up and suddenly starts following you, there may be many reasons. Has your life changed significantly recently or is it traveling?
This may cause your cat to feel unsafe. Another potential cause is that your cat may be unwell. Cats are not very good at communicating with their owners, so this may be a way for your cat to try to let you know something is wrong. If you think this is the case, please give your cat a quick home check to see if there is anything obvious that can be repaired. Of course, be sure to contact your veterinarian. ⇒Cats can do a lot of strange things. Why does my cat lick my nose? Why do stray cats follow me?
If a stray cat can smell a cat, it may follow you.
If you have a cat, then you may be interested in helping it.
They may want food, water or some love. Being a stray cat is not easy, so they may ask you for help and comfort. If a stray cat is friendly to you, it is most likely a social cat rather than a wild cat, so don’t worry too much about your being attacked. Most wild cats leave humans alone. If the stray cat continues to follow you, but it does not appear to be a stray cat, it is likely to get lost. Please check its tags and local social media.
Why does my cat sleep with me?
If your cat follows you to where you sleep, this may sometimes cause a safety hazard. Wild cats are most vulnerable when they fall asleep, so if your cat likes to sleep with you, it means they will feel safe when you are there. Why does my cat follow me everywhere-conclusion

Generally, if your cat is following you everywhere, it doesn’t mean you are worried. In most cases, following the cat’s owner around the house is a fairly healthy activity, or even an active activity. However, as a responsible cat owner, you must understand the reasons that cause the cat to follow you, and check whether you should provide more attention, love, entertainment, and even food before assuming everything is normal. ⇒Trying to think of the perfect cat name?
Get inspiration from my post about cat names: 16 Disney cat names, 12 Greek cat names, 11 Egyptian cat names, 12 Irish cat names, 12 cat food names, more than 50 black cat names, 9 The best white cat names, 10 Bengal cat names, 12 Siamese cat names, 11 ginger cat names, 11 movie cat names, 12 black and white cat names, and 9 best tuxedo cat names. Please note: this is why my cats follow me everywhere in the posts containing affiliate links.

why does my dog follow me everywhere
My cat insists on me-why does my cat follow me everywhere? Why does my cat insist on me, why does my cat follow me everywhere, even to the toilet? Worried about whether this is normal? In this article, you will discover the different reasons why cats behave in this way, what are the benefits of having a cat very close to you, and what may be the risk of a cat sticking to you too much and everywhere? time…

In the end, you will find some suggestions so that your cat’s behavior does not become an overly dependent relationship with you.
My cat sticks to me and follows me everywhere-is this normal?
Although cats are known for being selfish and independent animals, they may love their owners (see How do cats view humans?). But most cats have their own living habits and rhythms, and only the owner close to the cat can play, pet or forage.
Unlike dogs, cats often stick to their owners, which is rare. However, some cats are cuter and more exemplary than others. Can your cat really go? In order to better understand whether your cat is behaving normally, let us study the cat’s behavior in more detail and how it sticks to you and track you everywhere:

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My cat meows and meows

If your cat is clinging to you, following you and meowing, then he may want your attention.
Indeed, if he does not develop the habit of following you all the time and persisting and persisting at a certain time, it is because he needs something.
This is how the cat finds to send you a message:

Your cat is hungry.

Your cat is thirsty.

Your cat wants to play with you;

Your cat wants to pet;

Your cat wants to go out, wait…

A cat that sticks to you and follows you with the meows may eventually annoy you severely, and it will become a problem if you let go. If your cat is clinging to you and wants you to do what he wants, especially don’t succumb to these requirements, unless of course he needs to drink water! For the rest (eating, entertainment, going out, being hugged…), the cat must understand that you decide yourself and he must wait when the time is up. Therefore, please wait until the meal time to feed him, wait for his entertainment time to play with him, and wait until you are properly installed and can participate in his hug activities. By arranging proper daily care for your cat throughout the day, your cat will no longer stick to you and meow you. My cat follows me around the house

If your cat looks at you inadvertently from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bedroom to the toilet, and follows you, this may be your curiosity about cats. Indeed, if your cat does not go out much and there is no activity outside, then you may be the most interesting object to observe, and for him also the most interesting object. For your cat, by following you, he will find that many unpredictable things will happen in boring daily activities: you will be engaged in sports, walking on a treadmill, showering, cooking, shaking the sheets, drying clothes, sweeping …These actions will distract him, awaken his senses (sight, hearing and smell) and satisfy his curiosity.
So maybe it’s because your cat is boring, so your cat follows you all over the house! My cat is following me everywhere-what should I do? In order to feel good and maintain good emotional and physical balance, cats need to be occupied, entertained, observed, hunted… If their environment cannot meet their needs, it will develop into a behavioral disorder (see below), where you are everywhere, attacking you for no reason, Urinating everywhere…).
Therefore, you need to provide a more exciting and interesting environment for your cat to avoid getting messy. (See How to take up a boring cat?). My cat keeps sticking to me

If your cat:

Has been bothering you

Kneel down after sitting down

When you lie down, you start to lie to you,

When you are in the office or watching TV, by your side,

Maybe it’s just because he thanked you for coming and likes to be close to you. Indeed, cats can build affectionate relationships with you. This is very beneficial for people who can build a strong relationship with cats.
Therefore, you can enjoy:

Have a strong bond with your animal;

Two-way satisfaction of emotional needs (for you and your cat):

The happiness at home every day, so be with your cat by cat;

A certain pleasure of living in harmony with cats without conflicting with cats;

Spending every day with him can reduce the feeling of loneliness every day.
Yes, but be careful!
There is no need for a relationship with a cat to become harmonious, because it can become dangerous! My cat sticks to me-risk

Not only will your cat’s attitude become uneasy because it is too sticky and make you tired, it can also cause harm to your cat.
Indeed, your cat runs the risk of establishing a dependency relationship, which may degenerate and cause him suffering:

The insecurity and pressure of cats in the presence of other people or animals;

A cat who is jealous of you may feel uncomfortable with a baby, new spouse or roommate, or pet who has just arrived at your home

When you have to leave, the cat will feel anxious and abandoned. If you and your cat have a fusion relationship, both parties will feel pain when you break up. Indeed, if you have to leave your cat alone for a few days, not only will your cat be disturbed, but you will also be disturbed. Indeed, leaving the cat alone will feel inside.
Separation will cause him real discomfort, resulting in behavioral disorders: excessive licking, compelling behavior, constant meows, uncleanness,…

My cat insists on me-what to do? In order to prevent kittens from sticking to you and tracking you everywhere, or your cats continuing to stick to you, here are some tips:

My kitten attached to me-education

In order for you and your kitten to have a caring, healthy and balanced relationship, you need to provide them with the care they need and give him the education they deserve, but don’t overdo your mother and hug him.
In addition, if you are using a kitten that has not been completely weaned, please be careful: you should avoid bottle-feeding it for too long and change to solid food as soon as possible (how to feed a 2-month-old kitten). This will also make your kitten get used to sleeping in a room separate from the bedroom (how to take care of a 2-month-old kitten?).

why does my cat follow me and stare at me
View cat files. If you are a proud feline guardian, you may wonder why cats are everywhere. People who have a good relationship with cats will usually notice that their best friends are following them at home.
Have you found cats following you everywhere in the house, especially in the bathroom or kitchen? Although our cat’s attention may be surprising, sometimes problems may arise.
Especially if we want to sleep.
In principle, this behavior may seem strange.
Part of the reason is that cats are generally believed to be independent creatures that don’t get along with people. At AnimalWised, our goal is to debunk this myth. Read on to learn more about why cats are everywhere. My cat follows me everywhere

For some people, cats have a bad reputation.
They are regarded by many as indifferent, selfish and even despicable people.
Despite their independent nature, the fact is that cats like humans very much. Although we may think that cats everywhere are a unique part of their personality, they are not the first to do so. There is evidence that cats have domesticated themselves.
This means that the first cats may follow humans to make their lives better and safer. The main reasons why cats can be seen everywhere include: safety






There are many ways for cats to interact with people, and there are many ways to express their emotions. Although there are barriers to understanding these feelings, we have come a long way in understanding feline communication. We may not speak the same language, but body language, posture, facial expressions and behaviors can reveal a lot of what cats want us to know. Follow us this behavior everywhere. Since we love them so much, we may wish to have a cat that will never leave us. This means they love us and they understand our love for them. This is unhealthy because it may mean that they will encounter problems when we are not around. Let us see why your cat follows you everywhere to understand what we can do. The reason why cats follow you everywhere is not necessarily related to where they follow you. For example, although they may know that there is food in the kitchen, they may not understand the difference between bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.
They usually choose their place based on who is where and the level of comfort or environment. Rich is there.
Cats follow us to ensure safety

Kittens tend to follow their mother everywhere.
It started when they sucked milk from the breast. They learned everything from her and felt safer at the same time. Many owners maintain a mother-child relationship even if their cat is an adult. They take on the role of mothers caring for cats by feeding them, cleaning their boxes, caring for them, motivating them to play and giving them a lot of love. For cats to stay away from their mothers and siblings, they need a foundation of safety they can rely on, which is you.
They know that if they are with their caregivers, they will be protected and meet their needs.
As they grow up, cats will often stop following you anywhere.
However, since the time a cat spends with its mother is very important, cats that leave their mother’s company too early may encounter problems. They are not allowed to go through the natural weaning process because the mother begins to avoid them so that they can attack on their own. Social is very important for kittens, so kittens removed from mothers and siblings may rely too much on human substitutes.
Part of the reason for the cat that follows you to your bedroom or to your sleep lies in safety considerations. Wild cats are easily injured when they sleep, so sleeping next to you shows that they feel safe.
This is usually due to the fact that they cannot carry out their typical hunting and exploration activities indoors. This is why when a cat is bored, you may find yourself responsible, given the stimulating task. Cats need a rich environment to maintain their intellectual stimulation.
This kind of stimulation can replace the necessary tasks they had to perform in the wild.
Because we provide them with security, they do not need to perform these activities. This is why the cat will follow you. You are a substitute exercise. In addition, if you stay at home for many hours a day, when you return home, the cat is likely to follow you like a dog: missing you. If you think your cat is showing several symptoms of a boring cat, please do not hesitate to act accordingly and start spending more time on it.
This both releases the smell and spreads it out to defend against possible intruders.
If you find that the cat has been rubbing against the furniture, it means that your cat is patrolling and marking its area. In a closed house or apartment, a cat cannot show its instinctive territorial habits like in the wild, but your movement in the house may suggest to the cat that you are marking the territory. Therefore, your cat may decide to accompany you in this role. Cats are routine animals, so if they are used to this activity, your cat is likely to continue to follow you from room to room. Cats follow us for help

Generally, cats tend to hide when they feel discomfort or pain, and if you try to get close to them, they will remain silent and hostile.
However, some cats are the opposite.
If you want to know why the cat is following you with meowing, it may be because it is afraid or painful. Usually, something in your smell indicates that you have a cat. Indicates that you can accept and provide help.
They may also just want some food, water or simple pets. Homeless cats suffer a lot on the street, so if stray cats follow you meowing, they may be seeking help and safety.
To get help dealing with stray cats, see our article, which explains what to do if you find an abandoned cat.
Cats play with us

Game time is very important for cats, especially when chasing and catching prey.
A wild cat can hunt multiple prey every day, not only for food, but also for entertainment. This is purely determined by their hunter instinct. Of course, this situation will change when your cat is unable to contact the outside world.
Inevitably, cats still need stimulation, including persecution-this instinct will not end, even if all their other needs are met.
For example, your cat may even follow you around, or even follow you around corners to “attack” your legs. Through this behavior, they can not only realize their intuition, but also have fun with you. If you are one of the people who don’t want your cat not to follow you out or go to the bathroom, we recommend that you buy different toys for your cat to play with. For some ideas, check out our article on DIY cat toys for more information. Cats follow us because they are begging

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Your cat is likely to follow you everywhere, because they want things. Identifying this is the hard part. For example, a cat may follow you into the kitchen because they want to eat. When cats blend well with you, they may still follow you and sleep with you. This is because they want to feel safe when they rest and sleep next to you, which shows that they are comfortable in front of you.
However, the cat does not know whether this is a personal space or a private space. Although cats do their best to love, they are not always the best at respecting human boundaries. However, they may follow you into the bathroom because they want to be near you. To learn more about why, see the video at the end of this article or visit the original article on why cats follow us into the bathroom.
Cats follow us because they love us

Contrary to what many people believe, cats really like spending time with their family. This is because humans provide cats with the love, care and care they need. Over the years, cats have become more and more sociable. They have learned and got used to the caregiver company, including: following your house, following your toilet and/or following you outside [1].
Does my cat follow me everywhere? Meowing is an interesting way to make a sound. The reason is because kittens greet their mother when they need attention or drink milk. Since human guardians essentially bear the responsibility of parents, people think that cats call us because they treat us as mothers. However, since then, it turns out that cats do greet each other in a non-domestic environment. What they have done is nowhere near as good as they can do with us.
Part of the reason is that domestic cats know that if they yell at us, we are more likely to respond. For them, this is a useful communication tool.
The volume of a cat’s call depends on the individual, but some breeds are naturally more inclined to do so than others. Cats follow you everywhere, meowing, because they want your things. Whether this is food, attention, guarantee or something else depends on the given situation.
If you are not sure why cats are everywhere, then you will need to analyze the cause and see if it is healthy. We will also provide some tips on how to always stop the cat meowing when you encounter a problem. Are cats healthy around following us everywhere?
From the above reasons, we can see that a cat follows us is what a healthy cat will do. Healthy cats will want to show us love, they will know that they can be safe with us, and are showing the instincts of their own species. However, it is possible that a cat will follow us everywhere because something went wrong. If cats follow us everywhere for safety, it may be because they feel unsafe at home. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as loud noises or new family members.
Cats may follow us around begging for food because we don’t provide enough food. They may be more territorial than usual because there is another cat in the area bullying them. If we ask “Why does my cat follow me everywhere?”, once we find out, we should determine whether this is a healthy behavior.

Everyone likes to spend time with cats, but sometimes they don’t know when it will be enough.
Although they are known as lonely animals, you will eventually wander between cats like cats.
This is strange behavior, and it is easy to wonder why.
You might think this is because you haven’t spent enough time with the cats or they are lonely.
However, cats do this for several reasons. Like any other strange cat behavior, it can be explained in several ways. Your cat may also have a strange mood! Cats can enjoy hugs with their owners just like dogs. Although they do tend to like some personal space, you may have more time alone when you are with a cat compared to a cat.
When a cat decides to spend all the time following you around, it can make it feel a little uncomfortable. There are some explanations for why your cat might have done this recently.
It may even be a sign of separation anxiety, and if you want your cat to get rid of this strange habit, you need to treat it. Because of what they want

If your cat only follows you from room to room in a short period of time, it may be because they want your attention. Many pet owners may remember that it’s time for them to accompany your friends to dinner wherever they are. This is a gentle reminder of the cats, they hope these cats can provide them with some food. Cats may copy this behavior because they want something from you.
It may be that their trash needs to be changed, they need more or even stupid things, such as needing your help to take out their favorite toys from under certain furniture or hard-to-reach places. Such annoying following can be annoying. However, if your cat is following you and expects to be fed more frequently, then you should be protected, which may be a sign of a bigger problem. If you are concerned that cats are following you mainly for food, a visit to the veterinarian may help. Show love

Because of pure love, the cat may follow you at the back of the house. They may just want to express how they feel about you, and then choose to anchor themselves to their ankles to express their thoughts. If this happens, it may just be because your cat has a weird and sticky mood. Hormones affect animal behavior in the same way as humans.
There is nothing to worry about. If your cat insists on doing this to show love, it may simply be because this is their way of expressing love. Don’t worry, some owners like to accompany their cat anytime and anywhere. If your cat keeps following you due to feelings, that is not always good news.
Sometimes this can be a sign of separation anxiety in cats. This is a problem caused by your pet being unprepared to deal with when you are away. It may cause them to act alone and destroy things.
In addition to not using the trash can alone, they often destroy almost everything that can eliminate anxiety.
This makes it unlikely that the owner will leave alone.
Separation anxiety is not limited to lonely pets. Cats that interact frequently and rarely stay alone can become unhealthy and cause unnecessary problems when unaccompanied.
Is your cat following you due to separation anxiety? Although most cats follow their owners for harmless things, in some pets, this can be a sign of separation anxiety.
If you are concerned about this, it is worth considering other symptoms and assessing whether your cat is exhibiting any of these symptoms. Following you may be a symptom of separation anxiety disorder, but it is not the only or most prominent one. You can go anywhere in the house whether you are alone or just after returning.

Too much modification

Destroy the furniture

Distressed when leaving – Cats may be distressed when you start to move around in accordance with your usual leaving habits. The cat may feel frustrated when you start to leave according to your own routine. Overexcited when coming back

These are obvious signs of separation anxiety in cats, not just following you around. If your pet does not exhibit any of these destructive behaviors, it is likely that they are just affectionate pets. Love for the owner is not always a sign of problems. How to stop cats from following you

If following your cat causes some problems, then you may want to know how to stop them.
Although all pet owners like to spend time with friends, it can be a little troublesome. Even pets should spend some time entertaining themselves. How to make them stop following you will depend on why they follow you. If they follow you because they want something

If your cat follows you because they want something, there are several ways you can reduce this. Obviously, give them what they want.
However, this is not always the best solution. If your cat follows you until it is full, this may be a problem because you cannot feed countless cats in one day. You need to be firm about their eating time.
After not being rewarded for following you for a period of time, they should stop this behavior. This is especially important if your cat has weight problems.
The important thing is not to reward them for following you. Wait until they leave you alone, and then start feeding them. This should tell them that pestering you will not always get what they want.
Usually, cats will grow up due to this over-attachment. Maybe it’s just because they missed you that day. For them, this is usually a short attachment stage, and they may grow up as a result.
Other cats are adjusted to this type of expression. In this case, your cat may eventually start to live more independently, but they may still be very kind animals. If your cat follows you due to separation anxiety

If separation anxiety is the reason your cat is following you, it is much more serious than other causes. A good way to deal with separation anxiety is to help them have better time when you are not at home. This includes giving them habitat or space through windows to view the scenery outside. You can make sure to provide them with exciting toys, and even distribute food to make them active. When you are not at home, keeping the TV or radio on can also help cats with separation anxiety disorder. Doing this while ensuring that your cat has enough play time every day should help them get rid of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a problem for cats. If you are struggling, you may have to put up with the cat following you around for a while. If your cat follows you because of boredom

Indoor cats may follow you because they are bored.
If this is the case, then the solution will be easier.
Make sure to provide them with enough entertainment.
You should buy them some cat furniture or cat toys that they want to play with.
Walking or Catios can also help them by giving them some different stimulations.
Using toys to distract cats should stop them from following you for a while. Should you make cats everywhere? Although you like to bring pets with you, it may be burdensome to keep them following you.

Think tank

Sometimes, cats like to follow their owners to attract people’s attention. Cats may be very loving and affectionate towards their owners.
Some cats are physically friendly: they like to rub us or put on our knees when we are sitting, or lie on our heads when we sleep.
On the other hand, other cats don’t seem to appreciate physical attention, and may just want to be close to us (close to us can be regarded as a sign of priority by our cat).
Some cats may follow us because they like our company, while others may follow us for specific reasons (or even a combination of the two). Most owners noticed that their cats tend to approach when approaching the feeding time. If I get up and walk around the house while eating, I usually follow a few cats closely.
They don’t want me to leave their sight, in case I interrupt the kitchen to buy food! These conditions can make your cat suddenly hungry, so if you notice a drastic change in your cat’s behavior, make sure that your cat is checked by a veterinarian. Many times, our cat may just be curious about what we are doing, or may want to enter different rooms in the house that are usually forbidden or forbidden. For example, my office is messy and there are many documents stacked on the desk. I closed the office door because I didn’t want the cat to jump on the table and get the paper off, but as soon as I opened the door, they followed them closely, ready to inspect the “new” room. A few years ago, when I lived on a 40-acre cattle farm, we used to walk in the fields with the dog, and my cat would also follow us on adventures. , At home). Even if they can live independently, they always want to tag with other members of the family.
This is the more likely behavior when the cat turns around with its owner and starts meowing. Domestic cats are more likely to attract people’s attention through cats than each other.
If you don’t want to reinforce this behavior, make sure you don’t inadvertently attract the cat’s attention to reward him. Instead, you can distract the cat by giving the cat a different type of activity, such as working on food or snacks through educational toys or chasing toys. Divorce anxiety may also be one of the reasons why cats suddenly follow their owners, especially after returning home during the journey.
However, the more likely sign of true separation anxiety is improper elimination at the time of the owner or when the owner returns home and on a normal schedule. Personally, when my cat followed me through the house, when I was working in the office or watching TV, I would curl and curl me up. I like it.

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Why the cat is following you

If you are reading this article, your furry cat friend will most likely like to follow you wherever you are and check what you are doing. You must fall in love with it, but at the same time, you are curious about this fact and want to know why your cat behaves like this.
Keep in mind that this article does not mention the obvious reasons why certain cats can be seen everywhere, because they are food-driven cats, this behavior is very obvious, and usually accompanied by meowing. This article provides you with 7 theories to explain why cats follow their owners instead of food. 1.
Your cat follows you because he sees you as the “mother” of human beings and follows kittens everywhere. One theory is that cats follow people because they are like eternal kittens. They see you as an foster mother. 2.
You are the kitty’s game companion

If you are the only person in your family who needs to spend time playing with the cat, he or she will always follow you because it wants to play with you.
By playing games with cats, you will establish a special bond that allows your cat to maintain an intimate relationship with you often. 3.
Separation anxiety

If you come back from a trip and suddenly your cat behaves differently, following you more and sleeping with you may be a sign that your cat is experiencing separation anxiety. Your pet is used to being with you for a period of time, and you may not have caused this symptom. Follow his owner to watch cats anywhere

4. Cats are curious creatures, we are their entertainment, let’s face reality!
If a cat is bored and has nothing to do, it is better than the person following it to check what he or she is doing. After all, cats are the most curious creatures. In the eyes of humans, cats are very strange, very strange, and worthy of our observation. 5. Have you ever read about cats like dogs? There are several cat breeds that behave like dogs, such as Egyptian cats, Abyssinian cats, rag dolls, Turkish angora, Burmese, sphinx, Devon Rex, and Maine Coon. The cat’s behavior seems to have a tendency to be more friendly and integrate into the owner’s life. Since the indoor life of cats is completely different from the wild life of their ancestors, this may be a natural adaptation to cats. The species mentioned like to be close to humans, they want to be petted and embraced. Of course, they like to follow the owners everywhere to feel their presence and companions. With breeding techniques and the natural adaptability of domestic cats, they will adopt more animals every time they adopt the natural behavior of dogs. 6. Cats follow their owners in their daily activities because they also have their own daily activities. Like most animals, cats are routine creatures.
Our indoor cats do not do many such activities because we will provide everything they need, so they will look for alternative activities and adopt them as part of their daily activities.
One of these daily activities is to follow us from room to room and walk around us as if they were patrolling their territory. 7. The cat is not as independent and detached as depicted.
They follow us because they need our company and care.
Whether they are breeding or mixed, cats love them, because they have been portrayed for a long time, so they are not aloof (if you have a cat, you know that your kitten needs your love).
In the past, people used to raise cats in the countryside or farms to hunt and keep mice out. They usually live in streets, sheds or half indoors. These cats lead very independent lives, but things are different now. Now, the relationship between humans and cats is not based on the function of eliminating mice, but for companionship and entertainment.

Don’t eat that yellow snow! Seriously, don’t! Does your cat walk around?
Some cats may look different, while others are pious companions.
Then there are other cats that cling to and follow their owners. I believe you know that cats under your feet can be dangerous to them and us. So why does your cat follow you everywhere?
Read on to find out why cats like to step on them. Cats love their human companions

Cats love their owners and spend time with others, so whether you go out or go to the bathroom, the cat will accompany him. The life of a domestic cat may revolve around its owner, because it will get all the love and care from him/her. Therefore, it is important to take good care of feline companions and establish healthy bonds with cats.
Cats like to stay nearby

Although cats like love, they are usually portrayed as independent and detached animals.
For example, kittens tend to follow their mothers everywhere because they are totally dependent on them. They learned everything from their mothers and have a strong mother-child relationship. When they are adopted as pets, they expect the love and care of human parents. Your cat thinks you are his/her “human mother” and will follow you everywhere in the house.
In most cases, this behavior changes with age, and companions of felines will not keep following you. However, if the cat is withdrawn from its mother’s company prematurely, he/she may rely too much on the owner.
This is because the kitten does not go through the natural weaning process. At this stage, the mother began to shut out the kittens so that they could learn survival skills on their own. If you plan to follow the cat while you sleep, it may also be for safety reasons. Cats think they are vulnerable when sleeping and feel safe when they have a partner. But I just love you to death! This is because (unlike wild cats) they do not have the luxury of hunting and exploring the world. Therefore, you must replace natural activities with some interesting tasks to keep your kitty mentally busy. Otherwise, if you cannot provide enough mental and physical stimulation, your cat will follow you. Cats believe that humans are a source of entertainment and often follow their owners when they are bored.
Although they are generally regarded as lazy companions (especially compared to dogs), cats still like to follow humans. They have enough energy to continue chasing you in order to get some kind of entertainment. In fact, my cat will follow me all day every day, unless of course she is eating.
Some cats may even groom you to get rid of boredom. Curious cat follow me

If you think cats are always curious, then you are not alone. Sometimes, the cat’s curiosity may become unreasonable and even hurt in the process.
Most cats want to know what you are doing and are never willing to help.
Therefore, if you do something that may be dangerous to your cat, you should always be very careful.
For example, if you are making dinner or doing some weight loss exercises, it is best not to let cats accompany you. Many utensils in the kitchen (such as knives) can be harmful to your pet. Similarly, playing with heavyweights is not safe for your kitten. Go to a place without me? I don’t think so!
My cat needs to keep paying attention

If you want to raise a cat, please be prepared to give it a lot of love and time.
Many people believe that it is best to leave the cat alone for a few hours. They think that cats will enjoy time alone and hope to sleep in the cat tree for a few hours. The fact is that cats are pets that aspire to arouse great attention.
It’s just that they express themselves differently from dogs. Hey, I am very comfortable, this is very important! Even if your feline companion is just looking out the window, he/she will want you to enter the room.
For cats, even if he/she loves all family members, it is common for him/her. According to KittyClysm, the presence of their favorite person is enough to improve the mood of some cats. All in all, cats ask for attention, and if they don’t get enough attention, they may feel sad.
Therefore, you should plan your routines appropriately to spend some time with them.
Cats eat with me everywhere

Sometimes, when cats know you are going to eat, they will follow you to eat. For example, if you hold a plate or something that looks edible, your cat will follow you.
Likewise, the smell of cooked food is enough to make your cat visible everywhere.
If your kitty thinks you have something to eat, he/she will come to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s cat food or bananas.
In addition to the visible food or smell, the cat can also follow the owner when eating.
Cats are very particular about their daily activities and know when to eat some food. If you have the habit of feeding your family, your cat may follow you everywhere for food. My cat wants to keep playing

I haven’t seen a cat who doesn’t like to play. Adequate play time is essential for every cat. If your cat wants to play, it will follow you everywhere. Hunting is one of the favorite games of outdoor cats.
It not only allows them to spend extra energy, but also satisfies their hunting instinct. Many cats are hunting for fun, and some of them even play with their toys before killing their prey. I feel very fashionable! Have fun!
Indoor cats also need an outlet to release the stored energy, and play is their best choice. Although hunting is not their choice, they naturally have the desire to hunt. To avoid these friendly injuries, you can buy Skitter Critters for your feline friends. Some cats may even try to play outside the house. If you don’t want this to happen, you should consider buying toys and puzzles for your cat. In addition to keeping kittens busy, toys can also be distracting.
Some of the most charming cat toys are listed below. My cat follows me everywhere

Meowing is a natural way for cats to communicate, and it can mean many things. Whether your cat wants to eat more food or needs to play, he/she will use meows to convey information. If your cat follows you everywhere and meows, it is likely that something is bothering him/her. For example, your cat may be sick (or in pain) and needs the help of a veterinarian.
Or, he/she may be afraid of something and want you to deal with it.
Sometimes, the cat will pay attention, and this constant roar can be very annoying.
So, where are we going now?
Separation anxiety

If you leave your cat alone for a long time, your cat may follow you everywhere. Although many owners do not admit it, cats do suffer from separation anxiety. Holistapet explained that these cats feel vulnerable without human parents. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a babysitter for your feline child, or play with them many times before and after you go home to relieve their depressed energy. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom? A.
Cats follow their owners because they find humans fascinated.
They will try their best to share everything with you, even if this is your private time in the bathroom! Q: Do cats like to chat with people? Answer: Absolutely! Cats like to talk to people. The cat may accompany you only because you interact with him/her. Q: Why does my cat step on me with cat paws? Answer: Cats like attention very much. This is a way to get your attention.

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