What is your favorite breed of dog?

labrador retriever
What is your favorite breed of dog? ***Looking for a gift to impress your puppies? Spoil them with BarkBox! Every month, BarkBox will deliver 2 original toys designed in-house, 2 full bags of natural snacks and chews. Our snacks are made in the United States and Canada, and our recipes never contain any wheat, soy or corn. Because we want #BarkBoxDay to be incredible for cubs and their parents, each box is wrapped with an interesting surprise theme, which changes every month. Sign up here and get free extra toys every month. A while ago, there was a list of questions that many people should ask in order to fall in love with someone. I can’t tell you whether it works, but I know they missed a very important question: What is your favorite dog breed? You can tell a person many things through dog favorites. First of all, they are dogs, so they got good scores from the beginning.
But knowing whether someone likes Huskies or Labs can tell you a lot about them. and so.
Which dog breed do you like best?
You are outgoing, but you don’t actually need it, because people will like you by default and prefer you in social situations. German Shepherd:

You are glad to know what people expect of you, and you have no problems with your authority, but you are not overthrowing.
You like the simple things in life and prefer to have intimate gatherings with friends rather than large groups of people. Chinese Crested Dog:

You like to challenge the opinions of others and can usually successfully start discussing difficult topics.
You like to make an impact anywhere, which will attract people or push them away. You are not afraid of being different. English Bulldog:

You are a calmer person in your circle of friends, and some people may even accuse you of having the permanent face of DILLIGAF. But this is good. The haters hate them, right? When you are uncomfortable, your chilling behavior will come in handy, because no one can tell you.

When you walk into the room, you like to be the center of attention. Rottweiler:

People either love you or don’t love you, but it has nothing to do with you.
You have a soft side, only show to people you trust. Once you treat someone as a friend, it’s a lifetime. French Bulldog:

You are a city man in your heart, and you know this.
You can fit anywhere and have a natural affinity for cosmopolitan cities.
You can make people feel loved with the smallest gesture. Dachshund:

Your favorite memories revolve around food.
Food and the pursuit of food will regulate your emotions.
Unless there is a gathering to attend, the gathering is incomplete and you will not be ashamed of it. Your perfect day includes lazy burrito while eating burrito. The dog forbids someone to judge you for this. Mixed varieties:

You are approachable and down to earth.
Even if you can see and understand both sides, you can choose to stick to it and stick to it.
This makes you a good person seeking advice. boxer:

You are funny, everyone else knows. Accept it. Poodle:

You are smart and proud of it.
You have a high opinion of classic music, if it makes you snobbish, let it be.
You secretly know that others admire you. Yorkshire Terrier:

Some people may accuse you of a high maintenance rate, but what do they know? You just don’t have time to deal with the basics. Who did it? You don’t have to worry about expressing your opinions on controversial topics, even if they don’t tell you they will do so, and people will listen.

You are very self-righteous, and this may cause some people to be turned away when they first see you. But those who know you can expect honesty and loyalty. You can spend quality time alone, but it can be the life of a party if you want. You have a tolerant heart because you know what it feels like to be a failure. hoarse:

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You are very vocal. Some people may complain, but hey-as long as you get what you want, right? mastiff:

You don’t need to spend too much time to get people to stand by your side. Those who are watching you from afar do not tell you what you are doing, but they admire your quiet confidence, and those close to you know that you are a big man. You like big gestures, but you don’t have to wait to thank them.
You only like to see the happiness of the people you like, and you can do anything to keep their faces smiling. Shiba Inu:

You invented the resting itch face or RBF. Sometimes you will be called out because you have too much judgment on others, but it is not your fault that you are really good at looking sideways. At this point, it is not even worth contending with. Your true friend knows that you are actually a person who loves others very much. Shih Tzu:

There is nothing more annoying than dishonest people.
You want things to go public and appreciate it when people stay real, even if it is something you really don’t want to hear.
You value quality over quantity, so it may take some time to complete something, but you know the end result is perfect. Beagle:

Thank you Dog for the Internet, because you are a curious person and need to know everything. meet new friends? GOOGLED. You are an expert in finding problems, which also means that people will ask you for information. It feels good-wanted. Pomeranian:

Personality is everything, and you have a great personality. You will never admit this to anyone, but you have always dreamed of becoming a star. The ship may have sailed, but you still found a way to shine in your daily life.
If you have the right attitude about this, even going to the supermarket can be a big deal.


First of all, you are the most realistic. Laughter is the main motivation in your life, right after your favorite burrito is sniffed on the sofa. You will ridicule fluently and will not fade when you meet new people.
Great Dane:

You are brave and not afraid of hard work.
You can stay busy, but you will occasionally take a break to relax.
You know how to count rest days, which makes you a reliable person when you need to get work done.
Jack Russell Terrier:

You are one of those people who always have a lot to do, which can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t even know what to do when you look back, but the important thing is that you did it. You handled it.
And no one can get that money from you. hound:

The world is a difficult place, but you are a more difficult cookie.
Yes, you can be sweet, but it is unfortunate for those who think they can use your courtesy. Nevertheless, you will not let a bad experience turn you into a painful person and provide you with such a huge support. You have this.


You take pride in adapting to the situation and the ability of the person.

What are the 5 most popular dogs?

german shepherd
Although most dog lovers love all dogs, if we say that we do not secretly (or in some cases, not so secretly) have our favorites, then we are lying. This is not to say that we are selective, but that certain breeds have the greatest influence on us.
In our favorite breeds, there are often stereotypes and certain characteristics that many owners believe in. To have some fun, we have listed some popular dog breeds-now you can check what your favorite dog breeds say about you! Golden Retriever

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For golden lovers, you will be as friendly as possible. Generally, you will maintain good relationships with all types of people, and you are always happy to meet new people-because you will undoubtedly get along with an open heart! You will do anything for your family or friends, because that is just your kindhearted person. Doberman

You are very smart and can protect the people you love. For some people, you may be a little scary, but if they want to get to know you, they will see that you are the total love in their hearts.

You like to meet new people and are welcomed by others. Sometimes people may think that you have confidence in yourself, and especially when you are walking, you exude confidence.
But don’t let the exquisite nature deceive people, you know exactly how to relax your hair and have a good time.
Great Dane

Just like the Great Dane, you are gentle and kind.
No matter who you meet, you will treat everyone with compassion, and sometimes you may push a bit.
People recognize you as a strong and silent person

. Pug

You are smart, cheerful, full of energy, and you will never have a dull time!
People will naturally attract you with your naughty and friendly spirit. Even if you like to play games, you are very good at hugging and like your beautiful sleep. You can make friends easily and are a good listener, and people will naturally feel that they can talk to you because you always greet them with a smile. Beagles

People know that you are the lucky type. You like to learn new things, and you won’t get bored easily-because you can always find something to keep yourself busy.
However, because sometimes you may be overly curious, you may get into trouble because of mischief. Chihuahua

Whether you are male or female, you have a big person who can occupy the entire room.
You may be a little bossy, but not intentionally!
You also won’t run into trouble, persevere or be responsible. If someone hurts your feeling, you can take defensive measures against it and take immediate action! Therefore, other people definitely don’t want to stand at your disadvantage.

It is easy for people to let you go because your personality is very attractive. You don’t have to take life too seriously, but like once a day.

You are weird, there is no one else in this world like you! You love to be original and will not be a person who is consistent with others. You are very sociable… you don’t mind being the center of attention. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Staying alone for a long time is not suitable for you, because you can easily become lonely. You will not say that you are shy, but you will naturally have reservations about those you don’t know. You will be very caring about what you do-even if you are a little nervous at times.

You don’t judge others because you know exactly what it feels like to be judged unfairly. When you need to be gentle, and when you have to be strong, you are good at assessing situations.
For those who judge you, they should know that your entire body has no bones-because you are a lover, not a warrior. hoarse

You are a born leader, very strong, and there is no problem with the way you present yourself to others. Staying active is very important because you are not a person called a “couch potato”. Hybrid

You have no extra decorations, you will enjoy the fullness of life. Spontaneity is your business, and you don’t want to plan too many things in advance because you may change your mind when things happen.
You have an undeniable pizza that attracts you, and you can easily be friends with all types of people. Corgi

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For those who like corgis, they are entertaining and will not miss a meal. Sometimes you may be a little stubborn, but hey, only if you know you are right about something.
People like to be near you-because you are the life of a party!
German shepherd

Smart and athletic, you are not afraid of hard work. People rely on you because you are trustworthy, strong, and very reliable in many ways! Sitting around is not for you, because you are a busy bee and need to have a sense of purpose. You are not a materialist at all and you like to hang out with family and friends. You have a good sense of humor and you can deal with anyone, but don’t let funny people get confused.
You will definitely have a grumpy side occasionally. Dalmatia

You like anytime, anywhere and eager to discover new things.
Life is all about adventure, and you always go there to chase your dreams. For you, the world is your oyster. Boxer

You can find a sense of humor in all situations in life. You are naughty, joking with your friends.
Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a serious expression. Everyone knows that you are a happy person and that your body has no fake bones-what you see is what you get. Schnauzer

Don’t be shy, if you have a problem with something, you will not hide your thoughts. You are bold and passionate about life. You don’t have to worry about the opinions of others.

What does your choice of dog breed say about you?

golden retriever

What is the #1 dog breed 2019?

what your favorite dog breed says about you
Each breed of dog has its own set of characteristics and characteristics that make them cute. From working dogs to family pets, dogs are indeed regarded as man’s best friends. Once you answer the question about your love for animals and your love for yourself, we think we will be able to choose a dog breed that is more loved than all the others in you. Although not every dog ​​can be as well-trained as a German Shepherd, every dog ​​has something related to it, and humans will truly enjoy it.
Usually, this is because we have some of the same characteristics and we identify with them.
After understanding your personality, we are sure that we can find out which breed of dog will steal your heart every time. You don’t necessarily have to own the dog breed that we think is your favorite. Maybe you have a good childhood experience with dogs, but you will never forget it. Regardless of the status of your dog owner, we know that you are a dog lover because you are here.

Has your dog’s breed won the popularity contest this year?
Now you can find out!
According to the registration statistics of the American Kennel Club, the most popular dog breeds in 2020 will be released on March 16, 2021. The United States continues to maintain a relationship with the Labrador Retriever, which has been at the top of the list for 30 consecutive years. Below the laboratory, the French ranked second, surpassing German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers for the first time.
Dachshunds entered the top ten this year, dropping the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to 11th place. The popularity of some breeds has increased, including the Belgian Malinois, which jumped from the 60th place in 2014 to the 37th place this year. The popularity of some varieties declined, even the lovely Coul de Tulear, which dropped from 31 to 81, with 50 spots; Boerbel, with 60 spots. Like clothing styles and baby names, dog breeds also have different styles. Popular culture may play an important role in preferences.

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