What do cats like to eat for breakfast?

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What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Voting: 72.01% of the jokes shared from 126 votes.
About more jokes: Kitty jokes have% votes. More jokes about jokes: FoodQ: What do kittens like to eat for breakfast?
Answer: The rat is broken. Similar jokes

See also the best or new jokes reviewed by other visitors. Voting: 69.00% of the jokes were shared from 160 votes. About more jokes: food, cats, life, poetry jokes have% from votes. About more jokes: cat now I let me lie down to sleep, I pray to maintain this comfortable life. I pray for toys that look like mice and soft and comfortable sofa cushions. I pray for foodies’ kitten snacks, someone tickles me, prays for the warm and bright windowsill, and explore the shadows at night. I pray that I will always remain calm and keep the secret rules of cats, and never tell humans that the world is really ruled by cats! Number of votes: 55.19% of shared jokes from 38 votes. About more jokes: jokes have% votes. More jokes: Kitty asks: What do you get when you hand Kitty Kat to the tailor?
Answer: Blood.
Voting: 77.33% of the shared jokes from 101 votes. About more jokes: Dad Deer Hunter. The father of an athlete and 3 sons is eager to share his latest killing with his family in order to facilitate Sunday dinner. He didn’t want his sons to refuse to taste the delicious venison, so he asked the boys to sit down and eat without telling them what meat they were going to eat. “Oh, Dad,” the eldest son said. “What kind of meat is this?” Father said, “Just try it, you will love it.” The boy looked at each other nervously and put a piece of meat on the fork. “Give us a hint.” The second son pleaded.
The father said: “Only you have a bite.” When every boy took a bite of venison carefully, the father continued: “Let me think about it.
Your mother calls me from time to time.” The oldest boy shouted: “Spit out the boy, this is a bastard!” Votes: 47.24% of the shared jokes from 38 votes. About more jokes: Children, kittens, money jokes have% of votes from voting. More jokes: The cat asks: Why is this silly kid trying to feed the cat a few cents?
Voting: 45.10% of the 30 votes to share the joke.
About more jokes: jokes have% votes. More jokes: Kitten asks: If you cross the fence, what will you get?
Answer: Seaweed. Number of votes: 74.54% of the shared jokes from 66 votes. About more jokes: kids, kitten jokes have% votes. About more jokes: The baby mother has told her little girl all the ways about babies.
Little Annie was silent for a moment now. “Do you understand now?” Mom asked. “Yes,” her daughter replied. “Do you have any questions?” “Yes, how about kittens?
How does that work?” “Exactly like babies.” “Wow!” the girl exclaimed. “My father can do anything!” Votes: 60.16% of jokes from 12 votes. About more jokes: Food jokes have% of votes. About more jokes: disgusting two cannibals just reached into the corpse. One said to the other: “I start from the beginning, you start from the feet.” They started to eat, and after a while, the one on the head yelled at the other: “Hey, how is it?”

What human food can cats eat?

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