What breed is my cat quiz?

what breed of cat quiz
What breed is my cat quiz? Through the links in this article, we may receive a commission for purchases. “How do I find out what breed my cat is?”

This must be the number one problem we encountered on the cat breed forum. Cats come in various coat lengths, colors and patterns. Coupled with the unique facial structure and unusually slender figure, even a chubby figure, people began to wonder-is my cat a purebred cat or a purebred cat? Short answer

Unless your cat has official documents describing its ancestors, your cat is not a purebred cat of any breed.
You will not be able to show him or her any breed of cat at any cat show, nor can you use it as part of a breeding program.
Purebred cats can “throw away their paper” and finally put them in a shelter, where they will be adopted by curious new owners in the future. This is unlikely to happen when ethical breeders use various methods to ensure that cats leaving the cattery will never hide in the shelter. So, what kind of cat is she? We can start by assuming that the cat you adopted is not a purebred cat. However, all of us like fancy terms and words, and you can still understand the correct terms to describe the appearance of a cat.
Judging features such as facial proportions or body shape is most suitable for professionals, but it is usually easy to distinguish the length, color and pattern of the coat. First, you need to determine whether your cat has long or short hair. Therefore, he or she is a domestic shorthair cat or a domestic shorthair cat, also known as DLH and DSH, respectively. Then, there is a whole set of patterns and colors.
After identifying the color of the cat from this list, you can also have a “longhair red tabby and white van” or “shorthair cream and blue to”-does it sound good now?
Even if it does not provide the actual variety name, it is actually a very accurate answer to the original question.
We took a cat color quiz to see what you do! Not sure which terms apply to your cat?
Be sure to post information about your cat and add some clear pictures, we will help you on the forum! But which dog breed does your cat like? Here are some popular cat breeds and some of their more prominent characteristics.
Remember, this does not mean that your cat is of that breed – it’s just that you can tell how similar they are.
Siamese cat

Short hair, blue eyes and colored coat patterns are common features between traditional Siamese cats and modern Siamese cats. Modern Siamese dogs also have a unique slender figure and slender head. Persian cat

The chunky figure and extra-long coat constitute a typical Persian appearance, as well as big round eyes and short nose.
Modern Persian cats have a flat face and their nose pushed back.
More information about Persian cats.
Himalayan cat

Himalayans (aka Himmies) have the body and coat length of Persians, but have obvious color patterns.
Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is particularly large, with long, silky and dense hair, sometimes in clusters on the tips of the ears, and can have any color and coat pattern except for the colored dots. More information about Maine Coon cats.
Russian blue cat

The light blue short coat is the most famous place for this breed, and it has bright green eyes. There are other “blue” cat breeds, such as Korat and Shuttlex, but the Russian blue cat may be better known. More information about the Russian Blue Cat. What are the common features here? These are all varieties with distinctive characteristics-a certain coat pattern or color, or maybe the length of the coat-which is not very common. This does not mean that it does not exist in impure domestic cats. You will find many portraits in the shelter that look like “Russian Blue”, “Persian” or “Major Raccoon”, all of which require a good permanent home. These cats are as beautiful and special as their purebred cats, please don’t breed them just because they are beautiful! Get one of these books from Amazon. They are a good starting point:

What is my cat’s breed-frequently asked questions

Did we mention “What breed is my cat?” What is one of the most popular questions on cat forums? The following are related questions and answers that we are often asked.
Is my cat a longhair or a shorthair? When you find yourself wondering “Which breed does my cat like best?”, the first thing you need to determine is the cat’s long hair or short hair. This will help you narrow the range of possible breeding cats. Although this seems to be a simple question, many cat owners are not sure whether their cats are long or short-haired. In fact, there is no formal definition of what constitutes “length” in a cat’s coat. Some varieties are obviously long-haired.
The Persians are probably the most famous breed that apparently possesses a long-haired coat. A cat with one copy of the long hair gene and one copy of the short hair gene will have short hair but still carry the long hair gene. Sometimes, because the cat’s hair length is in the middle, the cat has neither a long nor a short coat. Some cats are simply medium-haired!
They tend to have thick, thick undercoat and silky hair, and have long tails. Some medium-sized cats also have long-haired “manes” on their chests. Because cats must have two long-haired gene copies to show any form of long hair, in fact, these cats are considered part of the long-haired family and are often referred to as “semi-long hair.” Can my shelter cat become a purebred cat? Although purebred cats are rare, they are not unheard of! There are many reasons why purebred cats may end up in animal shelters.
They may find that the cat is not suitable for their home and take it to a shelter.
At other times, the animal control agency closed the backyard breeding facility (also known as the kitten mill) due to the poor condition of the cats. Purebred cats and kittens are often taken to shelters. In some cases, cat breeders suffer personal injuries (such as deaths in the home) and must close their businesses and send their cats to shelters. Last, but not least, purebred cats may get lost and end up in shelters. These things did happen.
I found a stray cat-can it be a purebred Maine Coon/Siamese/Persian? Your wandering furry friend is probably a thoroughbred. Like all cats, purebred cats will run away from their homes, get lost or find themselves living outside the house.
Just like shelter cats, without a DNA test, it is impossible to determine whether your stray dog ​​is purebred.
Of course, you can always ask for the opinions of our members here.
Regardless of whether you care about the breed of your newly discovered friend, it is very important to take him or her to the vet to check and treat many health problems that your cat may encounter while living outdoors. How do I know if the cat on sale is really purebred?
If it is important to you that the cat you are buying is a purebred, then you must purchase a cat through a registered breed. This will ensure that your cat’s history and living conditions are up to standard.
Registered breeders are also more likely to sell kittens that have been neutered/paid, finely chopped, treated with parasites, and have received the first round of vaccination.
The breeder should provide you with registration documents so that you can register your kitten with the official purebred cat organization. If you plan to register your cat so that you can show it to him, be sure to track every paperwork related to the sale-from bills to veterinary records to credit card receipts! My cat mates with a purebred cat-does the kitten look like a father or a mother? Predicting what a kitten looks like can be very difficult.
You can guess the color and coat pattern-but this is not necessarily related to the breed of both parents. The answer to the coat color question especially depends on the sex of the kitten! The patterns and colors of male and female kittens are inherited differently. Can my cat undergo genetic testing to find out which breed she is? When you ask yourself: “What breed is my cat?” The natural question to ask next is whether there is a scientific test that can prove the pedigree of a cat. The answer is yes!

What breed of cat is a tuxedo cat?

test to find out what breed my cat is
Like all animals, different breeds have very different personality types and needs. Wolves and Chihuahua will not need the same things, nor will they treat the world in the same way. The same goes for domestic cats! We believe that we can tell you which cats are based on their character.
In fact, we will ask your cat to take this quiz, but they may have trouble with the language, so you must take it on their behalf. We are sure that you will do a perfect job!
For example, if your cat is easy-going and can be left alone for a long time without turning into a destructive cat hurricane, then we can be sure that you do not have a Siamese cat. Similarly, if your furry friend only wants to survive on his thighs, then you most likely have calico or Persian fabrics. If your furry cat is huge and super friendly, we bet it is a Maine Coon.

What color cat should I get?

What cat breed are you quiz
There are so many cats in the world today.
Have you ever thought about what kind of cat you want to be? Please take a quiz here to find out which cat breed matches your personality.
Many people don’t realize that there are so many different kinds of cats. There are many to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and personality characteristics. Some kittens are friendly and affectionate, while others are solitary cats who like to be alone. Some cats even behave a bit like dogs! Do you want to know what kind of cat you are? Well, now you can find the answer! Take the cat quiz below and add up your results to find the last cat! 1.
How do you feel about other people? a) They are great! b) As long as I am the center of attention, I like people. c) My family is the only important person. d) I don’t mind them very much. e) Wow, everyone else. 2. How do others describe you? a) Fun. b) Charming. c) Kindness. d) Cooling. e) Being alone. 3.

How can I identify what breed my cat is?

what breed is my cat questionnaire
Saw a cat, but don’t you know its breed? Just take a quick photo or video of the cat-with the Cat Scanner app, you can reliably identify the cat’s breed in a few seconds! Our integrated camera has “pinch to zoom” and “tap to focus” functions, allowing you to recognize the taste of a cat walking in the park!
Of course, the Cat Scanner application also supports uploading images from the gallery.
Are there hybrids? No problem, your application can also recognize mixed varieties! We provide you with detailed data and interesting facts about the different breeds of mixed cats.
All cat breeds in the cat scanner app! The cat scanner application currently recognizes approximately 60 different cat breeds.
Our database contains all the varieties officially recognized by the International Feed Federation (FIFe) and even more!
By the way, our comprehensive database contains information and pictures of all cats (including unofficial cats) and can also be fully accessed without scanning! Are there no cats around?
It’s ok! It may sound strange, but it does work: the Cat Scanner application can also recognize humans. Just take a quick selfie to find out what kind of cat you are!
Become a part of our cat scanner community!
Share your results and compare them with the results of the community! Upload pictures of your favorite cats to our social feed and share them with other cat friends! View other users’ profiles and photos, comment and comment on posts in our cat community, and filter them by date or popularity! In addition, you can send pictures directly through the Cat Scanner app, thus easily sharing your posts with your friends. Catch up with all cat breeds and become an expert! Catch all cat breeds just like in Pokémon Go. Scan at least one cat in each breed, master the challenges, get virtual rewards, and become a real cat expert! Compete with friends or users in the community and rise to the top of our ranking! Give us feedback about the Cat Scanner app! If not, you will get useful tips to improve your results.
If you also indicate which cat is in the picture, the app will automatically learn how to provide more accurate results and help us enhance the software.
Suggest or vote for the (unofficial) cat breeds you want us to add to the app in the future! Get a premium upgrade!
With our premium version, the app will no longer show ads, and your search results will show up faster. In addition, you can now choose whether to identify cat breeds quickly or with greater accuracy. With the advanced version, cats can also be scanned in offline mode, so you no longer need an active internet connection to identify their breeds.
With the optional in-app purchase of our premium version, you will also help support the app. Find us on social media! On our social media channels, we provide you with the most beautiful cat pictures in the community. In addition, in the future we will provide you with the latest information about all the new features of the Cat Scanner app. * Instagram

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Give it a try! Download the Cat Scanner app for free.
If you are using an iPhone or iPad, please find it on Google Play or Apple App Store on your Android device! Despite the small size of the app, you will have all the features and be able to identify cat breeds, or access our extensive database at any time! Have you seen a cat and want to know what kind of cat it is? Maybe you even know the breed, but don’t you remember its name? Or do you have your own cat and don’t know your breed yet? Well, maybe you know that you have mixed breeds, but which breeds are indeed part of your beloved breed?
Before considering expensive DNA tests, the Cat Scanner app can help you answer all these questions! Just use the app to scan the cat, and the cat’s breed will be automatically determined in a few seconds!

“What breed is my cat?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by cat owners!
Before your cat becomes a family member, maybe it is a rescue, a gift, or even a stray cat. Whatever the reason, you now want to know how to tell what breed your cat is. Some factors to consider include: fur color and pattern, face shape, tail length, etc.! Read on to find the answer to the question: What kind of dog is my cat! How to identify the breed of cat

There are many different ways to breed cats. We can use these features to identify a single cat. To find out what breed my cat is, please look at the following:

If you are not satisfied with the test results of “Which breed is my cat”, these features can provide you with better ideas! Before examining these functions in more detail, let us first understand the difference between a purebred cat and a mixed cat. Purebred or mixed?
Purebred cats are kittens whose ancestors all come from the same breed.
This makes them easier to identify! On the other hand, mixed breeds can inherit characteristics from any of their parents.
This can make them difficult to identify. Even in the same litter of hybrids, their appearance may be completely different. The functions we mentioned above are the best way to narrow down the choices. So let’s find out what we should pay attention to when figuring out “what breed is my cat”. Cat breed size

One of the first and main characteristics showing the breed of a cat is its size.
Knowing whether your kitten is a large cat or a small cat can narrow your choices. However, it is important to remember that the size of kittens of any breed can be different. Therefore, size is not necessarily a guarantee of the cat’s breed, especially in the case of mixed breeds.
Big cats

Big cats weigh between 10 and 25 pounds. Although some weigh as much as 30 pounds! The looks of big cats are not exactly the same.
But they are all about the same size, and they rarely weigh more than 15 pounds.
Here are some of the smallest cat breeds that are usually kept as pets:

Dwarf cat

Another well-known small cat is Munchkin. The reason why this cat is so small is that its short legs are caused by pseudochondrodysplasia (a type of dwarfism).
Munchkins has a moderate body size and short legs, which makes it difficult for them to move and live like ordinary cats. They are also at risk of many health problems. There are several mixed cats made from Munchkin cats.

Fur pattern and color

The color and pattern on the cat coat is another good function for answering “what kind of cat is my cat”.
Let’s take a look at some of the most unique patterns and colors you can find:


The solid fur pattern is easy to illustrate. This coat has only one color, no patterns or creases.
The solid pattern can have multiple colors. This coat pattern can have a variety of colors, long or short fur. The tabby coat has one of the following four styles:

Mackerel-narrow and parallel stripes

Classic-swirling pattern, round mark

Speckled-darker color specks on a lighter background

Tick-there are multiple ribbons on each hair

Patches-color blocks. Some people regard patched patterns as to colors. We will discuss this mode in detail later. How much do you know about cats? Discover the secret world of cats.
Happy Cat Manual-A unique guide to understand and appreciate cats! Two-color

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Bicolor cats are also commonly referred to as tabby cats.
This coating pattern appears when white fur is mixed with another color.
Tuxedo cats are one of the most common two-color cats.
The black and white pattern on the fur of this kitten makes it look like it is wearing a tuxedo! If your cat’s fur has two shades but no white, it will be a pattern. Let’s take a look next. The two colors may appear mixed together, or they may appear only in large chunks. Red and black are one of the most common combinations, but rt color coats are not limited to these colors! They can include orange, yellow, gray or brown. To make things more confusing, one or two colors of tabby cats can be made into tabby patterns! calico

The fur pattern of calico is often confused with the pattern.
Calico cats have three tones on their fur, but one of them is always white. If your cat has a small piece of white fur on its body, it will be called a white cat. It needs a lot of white to become a printed cat. When the other two colors are more balanced with white fur, you have a calico cat. tip

All the colors of a cat with a pointed head pattern are concentrated on its limbs.
Therefore, its face, feet, ears and tail. The pointed pattern comes in various colors.
Fur type

In addition to the color and pattern, you can also check the cat’s fur type. This means it depends on the length and thickness of the cat’s fur. And the number of losses. Longhair cat

Do you have a very fluffy cat in your family?
We have compiled a list of some of the furry cat breeds to help you find out “What breed is my cat?”. The following breeds are known for their long and thick fur:


Domestic longhair cat

American longhair cat


Long hair conjoined

British longhair cat

There are many other long-haired cat breeds. Therefore, please check your cat’s fur carefully to help you find out the cat’s breed! Shorthair cat

Not every cat has long, fluffy fur, which requires extensive grooming. Maybe your mysterious kitty has a short and easy-to-maintain coat. If so, you may have one of the following varieties:

It is important to remember that every cat is an individual, even if it has a breed. Did you know that thousands of research papers on cat behavior and health have been published?
No time to read everything? Don’t worry-we have done it for you!
And pick the best bit! Happy Cat Manual-A unique guide to understand and appreciate cats! In addition, if your cat is a mixed-breed cat, its functions may be between that of its parents. Curly fur

Does your mysterious cat have curly or wavy fur? If so, there are more varieties for you to find! Most cats have flat coats, but some cats may have curly or wavy textures. Your dog breed may be known for its wavy fur with one of the following:

Hairless cat

Hairless cats are very popular among allergic people. Although, cat allergies, like dog allergies, are caused by allergens produced in the skin, urine, saliva, and fur.
Many hairless cats are hybrid cats. Some breeds have very unique facial shapes or features, such as curled ears. Let’s take a look at some of them now.
Long nose

Some cats have longer and pointed faces than other cats, which makes them easier to identify. Viewing cat breed standards can help you narrow down cat breeds. Here are some cats with long and pointed faces:

Flat dog breed

A bloodless cat is a cat with a short nose.
They are called cranial type.
Their skull shape has been nurtured in this way, giving them a “humanized” appearance.
White-faced dog breeds usually have big eyes and small ears. But they are also prone to some serious health problems, such as breathing difficulties, dental problems and eye problems.
Head deformity has varying degrees of influence on the following species:

Tufted ears

Even your cat ears can help you find out “what kind of cat is my cat”!
Many varieties have tufted ears.
This refers to the hair at the top of the cat’s ears.
The following varieties are known for their tufted ears in the tufted standard:

Curled ears

Although the ears of most cat breeds are round, round and straight, the ears of some breeds are curled into heads. This is a very unique feature that can be used as a good way to identify cats. The following varieties are known for their curled ears:

Tail type

Another useful feature that can help you answer “What breed is my cat?” is the type of cat’s tail. Many cats have very long tails.
But some tails are much shorter and look as if they have been cropped. Some even seem to have no tails! The following breeds are known for their short tails:

Personality and behavior

Does your cat have a very unique personality? Some breeds are known for certain characteristics that can help you determine which cat is your cat. Let’s take a look at some characteristics and see which varieties can be applied!
Here are some varieties that are known for their friendliness and love, especially for their families. Smart cat breed

Some cat breeds are known for their talents.
In fact, some have even been taught tricks like dogs.
If you have a smart cat, you can associate it with one of the following breeds:

Vocal cat

Maybe your mysterious cat is very loud!
Some cats like to join our conversation. Therefore, this can definitely help you identify the quality of cats! Here are some varieties that are known for being noisy and vocal:

Quiet calm variety

Not every cat breed can be vocal, busy and active! Some people just like to relax and observe the world quietly. If you think this sounds like a kitten, take a look at some of these breeds:

Bossy cat breed

Although all cats like to express their feelings, some cats also like to walk on their own!

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