How old is cat noir?

Adrien Agreste age 2021
How old is cat noir? Jennifer Taylor (Jenniferrtaylorr) wrote:

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Jennifer Rtaylor (Jenniferrtaylorr) wrote: Sorry, I can’t remember, I think I quoted someone’s photo earlier, saying that her birthday was July 9, 2003. Sorry

I know…
But now I have a more thorough inspection, which makes sense. You must remember: she was 13 years old when the story began, because La Befana was her 14th anniversary.
And remember, Christmas is obviously over, and “Satan Claws” is a Christmas special, so we are likely to become “Miracle Queen” next year (I’m checking this episode, So far, there is nothing in the special to illustrate this point. After “Queen of Miracles”), so we are likely to be in 2017.
In fact, I think the second season is likely to happen after Christmas, so it’s probably already 2017. I know… But now I have a more thorough inspection, which makes sense. And remember, Christmas is obviously over, and “Satan Claws” is a Christmas special, so we are likely to become “Miracle Queen” next year (I’m checking this episode, So far, there is nothing in the special to illustrate this point.
After “Queen of Miracles”), so we are likely to be in 2017.
In fact, I think the second season is likely to happen after Christmas, so it’s probably already 2017. Chiekagirl wrote: The three seasons happened in less than a year, and the chrismast special event happened in the first season of the timeline. I think there are only a few months, and the show started sometime in September when the school started. King said in Felix that they really didn’t know Adrian very well, only knew him. The time they met.

Is Marinette older than Adrien?

How old is Ladybug from Miraculous
Marinette becomes a ladybug when Paris is in danger.
Little did she know that her school fan, Adrien, was actually another city-saving superhero, Cat Noir. 1. Bubbler 22m Adrien’s best friend Nino is transformed into Bubbler, a villain who traps adults in bubbles and then floats them into the atmosphere. 2.
Mr. Pigeon 22 million akuma fighters tried to arrest Mr. Pigeon, a bird lover who kidnapped all park rangers in Paris, but Cat Noir’s allergies interfered with his behavior. 3. After Stormy Weather 22m lost the TV Weather Girl game, the bitter Aurore was turned into the villain Stormy Weather, who trapped Marinette’s friend Alya in the ice. 4.
Timebreaker 22m When the anger at a broken watch makes Alix a villain who travels through time and space, the ladybug wants to go back in time and frustrate her plans. 5. Copycat 22m A jealous sculptor who fell in love with the ladybug turned it into a tortoise.
This is a copy of Cat Noir. He tried to replace his opponent by the ladybug’s side. 6. 7.
Miss Wifi 22m Alya mistakenly thought that Chloé was a ladybug, but was expelled from school because of his noise and became the villain Miss Wifi. 8.
Evillustrator 22m Evillustrator is a classmate who is obsessed with Marinette, she is the role of Evillustrator, this is the villain that No No Cat has to face, there is no ladybug. 9. Roger Kopp 22m When he was fired from the mayor, police officer Roger became Roger Kopp, a villain who believed that he enforced the law by making Paris a dictator. 10. Dark Cupid 22m Marinette is considering announcing their affection for Adrian to Valentine’s Day, but first, they must stop Dark Cupid, a villain who wipes out love. 11. When Horrificator 22m was making a horror short film for Marinette’s class, the frightened star Mylène was teased into a slimy monster, feeding on the fear of others. 12. Darkblade 22m When Marinette tried to retrieve her diary from Chloé, Adrien’s fencing teacher was dressed as Darkblade, a villain who broke into the city hall. 13 14. After the perfume 22m Marinette Princess Rose is turned into a villain by her classmates, she can no longer become a ladybug.
The villain’s perfume allowed her to control the black cat and the visiting prince. 15. Ladybug and black cat: origin: platinum. In the 1 22m flashback, the origins of ladybirds and cat black were revealed because Marinette met Alya and met with the famous model Adrien, and his father was overprotective. 16. Stoneheart: Origin: Pt. 2 22m When constantly recalling the origins of ladybugs and black cats, Marinette mistakenly regarded Adrien as a bully and hesitated to embrace her ladybug role. 17. Animan 22m When Marinette, Adrien and friends visited the zoo in Paris one day, a humiliated zookeeper was turned into a villain-like transformed animal. 18.
Simon Says (Simon Says) 22m A hypnotist defended Simon Says (Simon Says). He could make anyone obey him with one of his cards and tell Adrian’s The father takes revenge. 19

How old are Adrien and Marinette?

How old is Marinette 2021
This article is about the TV series version of “Cat’s Black Cat”. You may be looking for Cat Noir, Félix Agreste or other Ladybug PV versions of Cat.
Adrien Agreste

(Aka Noir [37] Mr.
Noir, CatKitty, sneaky cat, Tomcat and cat popsicle, cat, beautiful cat, naughty cat, Sitti, AdricatLittle Kitty, cell phone boy, Whiskers and Mr. Kitten, Agreste Junior and sleeping beauty Butter cup cockroach Aqua NoirIce CatAstro CatSanta CatMyKittyKittyBanana Cat My Prince and My Poor Kitty Species: Human Age:

14 (Seasons 1-4) [7] 13 (Origin Story) 14 (Seasons 1-4) Height: [8] 150 cm Occupation:

Super hero

Deputy commander

Fashion model

Collège Françoise Dupont (Collège Françoise Dupont), the voice actor student of the Superhero Academy, the deputy conductor of the French miraculous superhero team, the fashion model, the voice actor likes:

video games

Play car

Anime [38]


Music (from

Read classic novels

Passion fruit[39]



Listen to classical music while studying. You and me against the world, ladies. “—Adrien (Adrien) as the black cat “Mayura”

Click here to view Adrien Agreste’s offer. Adrien Agreste is one of the main protagonists of “Miracle”: the story of a ladybug and a black cat.
He is a student in Miss Bustier’s class at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. He is also a fashion model for his father’s brand. Among the magical cats, when Plagg (Plgg) lived, Adrien (Adrien) became the superhero black cat (“cat black cat” in French) and gained the destructive power to stop Hawk Hawk Moth and his sporty villain. He is also the deputy commander of the French Marvel superhero team.
In “Reflekdoll”, Adrien temporarily obtains Ladybug Miraculous, and when Tikki lives, it will be able to transform him into Mr.
Bug[44], thereby gaining creativity. [45]

In the “cat white cat”, in another option, the black cat is entertained as a cat white cat by Hawks Moth because of the conflict between his loyalty to his parents and the girl he loves ( Cat Blanc), this is a super villain with cats as the theme, with unlimited destructive power. In “Queen of Miracles”, after removing the snake miracle from Viperion under the control of the Queen of Miracles, Adrian wears and activates the snake miracle combined with the cat, thus becoming the snake black skin. [45]



Adrien is a handsome, fair-skinned teenage boy with blond hair that runs backwards. His eyes are also emerald green, and his cheeks, nose and ear tips are rosy. He is half a head taller than Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
Civilian clothing

Adrien is wearing a white button-down shirt with a lapel collar and sleeves rolled up above his elbows. He has remained unbuttoned. He is wearing blue jeans and orange sneakers with white lace and black butterfly patterns (the sides form a circle).
He wears the Cat Miraculous on the ring finger of his right hand, which is silver when he is not deformed. As a black cat

Cats black cats have green sclera, dark green iris and oval pupils.
His hair became longer and unrestricted, and covered his normal ears.
Cat Noir wore a textured black bodysuit with metallic details. He wears matching gloves with claws on his fingertips, a hidden wedge on his boots, silver toes and claw-like treads. There is a golden bell on his neck, which is connected to the zipper on the front of the costume, and a long leather belt is wrapped around his waist, extending from the back like a tail. His eyes wear black cat ears and a black mask. After deforming, his ring turned black, and his face was printed with bright green paws. He also has a yo-yo on his waist. Like a black cat, his hair became longer and unrestricted, covering his normal ears.

Aspik’s eyes have bright green irises and golden sclera.
He is wearing a green and tight-fitting turquoise suit with yellow accents. He wielded the lyre as his magical tool. As a snake black

Snake black cat is a mixture of cat black cat and Aspik.
He has a turquoise black suit. As cat white

A white cat looks like a black cat, except that his cat cage is completely white, including bells and cat ears. Although his hair is still longer and unconstrained, his hair is still white, his eyes have white irises, blue sclera and dark cornflower blue pupils. For more clothing and design information about Adrien, please refer to Adrien Agreste / Designs. character

Adrien is a dreamer, charming, but also often shy, a little introverted and innocent-especially because he is not familiar with the world that his father cannot reach.
Because of his love and kindness, Adrien is very willing to give other people with malicious or cruel intentions (such as Lila and Chloé) a second chance. They believe that with patience and time, anyone can change.
Despite this, he sometimes forgets the darkness or mischief in other people’s hearts, such as his father or cousin Felix.
However, if things get out of control, he will defend his friends. Even though he is not very open to most people, he is still friendly, compassionate, understanding, supportive and encouraging others in difficult times.
His desire to learn, change and meet friends can definitely complement his personality, although it is a bit of a struggle for Adrien due to his busy schedule.
In the embarrassing, uncomfortable situation or scene of a particular person, Adrien’s soft and soft characteristics can be observed. Although he likes to entertain, due to strict parenting, Adrien is more serious, obedient, somewhat unsafe and less lively. If there is anything that makes him sad, he usually understates his feelings, such as the relationship with his father. He has a relaxing time to show his feelings to those close to him.
However, if there is enough emotion, Adrien will act impulsively, such as lying to Théo Barbot out of jealousy about the relationship with the ladybug, sneaking into the night when Christmas is unhappy, and missing his mother. He believes that his father overprotected himself, which led to occasional rebellion, such as going to places with friends or alone without notifying his family or taking away things that did not belong to him, even though the former situation was caused by his overprotecting himself. . .
Whenever he was disappointed by the people he cared for, his desire to be loved made him vulnerable, just like the ladybug did not appear on the date in “Glacier.” Or, when Mayura’s deception puts him in trouble, it means he does whatever he wants at the most inconvenient moments. Adrien usually thinks rationally, and shows distress and frustration when encountering difficulties or problems, especially in Prager’s case.
However, according to Gabriel, Adrien is very similar to his mother, calling it “violent” and “strong when entering the safety of others.” Whether wearing a mask or not, he will be quite reassured, insisting on fighting Riposte with a sprained ankle to protect his partner in the fight against crime.
When his cataclysm was used on him, and his ribs broke, the situation was again considered more dangerous. When he was on the verge of death, he insisted on continuing to fight, showing his will and determination, even with restraint. [48] ​​In some cases, Adrian (as a black cat) may sometimes act hastily, apparently eager to face certain exhausted villains without a plan. Sometimes, Adrien may be skeptical of his magical powers[49], or want to figure out certain things, like he kept bribing Pragg with cheese until he said that the ladybug was hiding The truth is the same.
This trait is so obvious in his romantic pursuit of her that Marinette (referring to Cat Noir) and Kagami both think he is stubborn. However, like Alya Césaire, he also attaches great importance to the mutual trust with the ladybug, respecting her decision to keep his identity secret, and eventually keep it secret with the guardian until the ladybug becomes a secret. When he got there he was extremely afraid of losing it and disappointed the ladybug. He tried to hide the truth from her, which was obvious in “The New York Miracle.” According to Ladybug, Cat Noir did annoy her, but he never lied to her. As a black cat, Adrien has freedom of movement, but he wants to act outside of his normal life and let his wildness appear. [50] He is more optimistic and open. He thinks of everything he says and develops a habit of jokes and puns about cats.
As he said in “Palague”, becoming a black cat is the only time Adrian has become himself.
Due to lack of experience with people of ages other than Chloé, many of his exaggerated personalities, especially his demon behavior with Ladybug, originated from entertainment activities such as animation, TV and movies. [50] According to Prager, Adrian often follows him and is one of his most irresponsible masters in five thousand years, although the latter may be exaggerated because he still thinks he is the best” Black cat”.
Cats and black cats rarely show his fragile side, but sometimes they do.
Since he became a Cat Noir like Marinette, Adrien has developed confidently and distinctively. This can be seen when he lashes out at his father and bravely asks Nathalie if he can take his friend to the wax museum. In order to attract the ladybug’s attention and interact with certain other people, he showed arrogance and boasting, and liked to boast in a comic way. [51] In “The Black Cat Seen by Marinette”, the ladybug describes him in the same way. At first, he began to gradually change people’s views through the fight against “cat black”.
Adrien inherently believes that people are dangerous only when they are entertained, but in Lila’s “Oni-Chan”, he learned that even if Without superpowers, people can become dangerous. Because the hatred for the ladybug is so deep, she is very scared, she is willing to leave the heroine, and then, everyone else is in danger, just for revenge. [52] When he failed to save the people he cared about, he showed the greatest sense of insecurity, leading to fear of losing them-seen in “Red Dead Redemption” when he expressed the ladybug’s failure to do this Strong depression and sadness. And don’t know what to do. His romantic feeling for her stems from this situation, which prevents him from fighting the villain at hand, nor can he observe in other battles.
Usually, this also inspired his instinct to protect his ladybugs. During the “New York Special”, when he worked overtime to show “cat black”, he showed another kind. He gradually realized their destructive ability on objects. This is a means of self-defense or protection that can prevent Others can only show his discipline, restraint and caring side as a last resort. When overcoming in fear and sadness and disappointing his partner, he felt that his power was not worthy, gave up their power, and did not want to hurt anyone.
Said insecurities may increase his motivation to protect the people he cares about in the “Fu of Anger”, realizing that if the ladybug abandons the miracle box and her memory, she will forget him. I found that the memories they shared were so precious, I didn’t want to lose my dear friends, and the responsibilities they shared were too important to pass on to others.
Cat Noir bravely rebelled against Su-Han.

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Despite all these characteristics, Adrian’s change of superhero status did not reduce his friendliness and concern for others, as well as his other personality traits, such as his reasonable personality and rure manners. He usually persuades the super demons to calm down and stop their rampage before fighting them if he is capable. Although it is easier to go crazy, but in fatal situations, Mao Hei becomes serious. It even understands that it is the hero’s responsibility to save everyone, especially those who bring trouble to hope.
It is the hero’s responsibility to set an example for them, which will help others change in “Felix”.
Beneath his heroic appearance, Cat Noir will never forget that he and the ladybug are still humans, but both have their own problems. He also knows how to cheer for his partner in the toughest time and encourage her to fight again. He is very loyal and determined to help others and have a good day. He cherishes that he is not bound by superhero civilian life. Because of his way of life, but unlike his father, he is not tempted by power because he understands that depending on how a person uses it does not enable them to get what they need most.
When accepting the new team, Cat Noir was warm and friendly. They opened their arms for Lila in “Volpina” and Rena Rouge in “Sapotis”. Like a ladybug, he is good at advising others. [53] As a black cat, Adrian has the people’s loyalty, respect, trust and help when needed. [54]

By spending time with other allies, like ladybugs, Cat Noir also values ​​their support and help. Thanks to his time as a heterosexual self and his bold desire to see the outside world, Adrien was able to experience the experience that his father might have forgotten the love of others. He began to think that Ladybug and others were like his second family. [55] And the support, companionship and help of friends who cherish him. As Mr. Bug, Adrien retains most of the cat and black cat character, such as his hasty and confidence in his own abilities.
However, according to Ms. Noir, he has lost some sense of humor and appreciates the prudent attitude and creative thinking of the ladybug. As Aspik, Adrien retains more civilian character than Cat Noir. Desperately impressed by her impression of Adrian, he ignored the actions of the villain and continued to use his power to return in time to prevent being caught by the ladybug. In the end, he concluded that he, as Aspik, could not help her in any way, and sent Snake Miraculous back to Ladybug, knowing that what he did would do more harm than good.
As Snake Noir and recalling his time as Aspik, Adrien used the power of Second Chance to greatly improve his abilities because he got rid of the desire to impress the ladybug. Following Viperion’s example, he turned it into calmness, focus and determination to save his friends. As a cat Mont Blanc, he retains most of his character, such as a black cat, but it is more of a twisted way.
He uses provocative behavior as a pretext to stay close to his opponent so that he can attack his opponent. His love for ladybugs became more fascinated, and although he still showed care for her, he still worked hard to make her magical, even if that meant destroying her.
He also started to be like his father, making his mood better. Similar to Gabriel, Cat Blanc seems to have overlooked the simple solution to the problem because he tried to use Ultimate Power to change everything back to its original state, but he forgot the ability of the ladybug It can solve all problems without putting the universe in danger.
This may be because he has been in Paris for weeks or even months, gradually losing his mind, and accidentally destroying the moon along with his father, girlfriend and other parts of Paris. ability

As a civilian

Diligent and studious, Adrien, who used to study at home, was the best student in the class, with a minimum grade of A- in math. He is particularly good at physics.
There are many additional courses. Adrien speaks fluent Chinese and Japanese, and even understands Morse code. He is also very good at playing the piano and likes to share the joy of music with others. In addition to fencing, Adrien is also karate and kung fu, which allows him to engage in close combat and short-term battles with bodyguards controlled by Akuma.
In addition, Adrien takes basketball lessons. [56] He also became interested in video games and was able to beat Max Kanté in Ultimate Mecha Strike III and score one of the highest points in the school (although later surpassed by Marinette). It was shown in “Mr. Pigeon” that he would whistle. Like Marinette, Adrien has less endurance and endurance because he can defeat a group of fanatics and can cope with the physical and mental stress of fighting two Miraculous teams side by side.
Although Adrien looks down on it more often than Ladybug and has a simple and clear attitude, he is very talented and capable. He was able to find loopholes in his father’s rules and regulations, which his friends thought was “surreptitiously”.
He deceived the ladybug (and indirectly deceived the suspicious hawk-moth), thinking he was not Adrian. He further proved his wisdom in using “Snake Miraculous” as “Snake Noir”.
After discovering that her Kuami was in school and considering her regular disappearance, he also suspected Marinette was a ladybug (though in the end he was deceived by her).
Through the lectures with Master Fu, Adrian gained the same knowledge of the history of the Kwami and miracles as Maritte, although to a lesser extent, because he was not prepared to become a guardian.
As a black cat

Cat Noir has enhanced physical skills such as speed, agility and near invincibility. [57] He is fast enough to surpass a pair of Panthers and can run at a speed of at least 35-50 mph.
His improved endurance, durability and endurance allowed him to survive because he was hit by a series of cars, the plants on his face were stuffed into traffic light poles, dropped several layers, and were thrown down by Gigandan. Crash on Andre’s ice cream stand without being knocked down. Dizziness or injury. He even survived the attack of Ikari Gozen and Bakerix, both of whom are capable villains with powerful abilities to lift and abandon entire city buses.
When needed, he also has good melee skills.
Even after exiting the “Aqua Mode”, Cat Noir is still an excellent swimmer. He can even withstand absolute temperatures as high as 0.
Like a cat, a black cat has enhanced sensations, such as hearing, smell, night vision, and super invisibility,[58] he sometimes uses it to find opponents. And, like cats, black cats can use their paws to climb on surfaces or use them to cut things. Cat Black Cat effectively used his cane, swung it like a sword, threw it at him with extreme precision, and was deflected back to him. In order to travel long distances, he used his employees and their various lengths to overcome obstacles. In the “water mode”, he can also use his personnel as a respirator for people who cannot breathe underwater. His special ability “Cataclysm” (Cataclysm) allows him to negatively affect and destroy anything he touches with his ring finger. Although it is usually used to destroy objects, it can be used for various effects, such as throwing the controls of a bus into chaos and creating a platform in the structure. However, like other superheroes, using the fission of the earth consumed his miraculous powers, causing him to return to Adrian after five minutes.
Aquarium form

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When using water power, Cat Noir can breathe underwater and enhance swimming ability. Ice form

When using ice power, Cat Noir can cope with extremely low temperatures and can move freely and quickly on ice.
As Mr.

He has the same abilities as the ladybug: enhanced skills, such as speed, agility, and strength, are almost immune to physical damage. Like the ladybug, Mr. Bug can also swing his yo-yo well, just like using it as a grappling hook, a rope to restrain others, projectiles, and shields (if he spins fast enough). After releasing the evil akuma from the damaged object, he can open the yo-yo, throw it away to catch it, and release the charged energy, releasing it in the form of a normal butterfly. In addition to his special abilities, Lucky Charm also creates an object that can help him achieve his goals, and usually to stop the villain. Although he is usually confused at first, his clever help enables him to perceive where objects can be used to help him achieve his goals. However, the “lucky charm” exhausted his power and quickly restored his attention to Adrien, so he must use it wisely.

Like Viperion, Aspik’s skills have also been greatly improved, such as speed, agility and strength, and he is almost immune to physical harm. Like a snake, he also enhanced his sense of hearing, smell and infrared vision.
His special power, the second chance, allows him to reverse time and change the outcome of the event, in this case, activate the power by sliding his finger on his miracle. As a snake black

Snake Noir has both the ability of catastrophe and the power of Second Chance, which are used to attack and read opponents’ movements in battle. As cat white

As Cat Blanc, he has unlimited destructive power. He can use the super-enhanced version of Cataclysm, called “Cataclysm”. He can also shoot long distances, explode or ray release destructive power. He has the ability to release destructive sexual energy, which may destroy the entire galaxy at once, but “Cat Black” can only destroy one thing at a time. family




= Unknown gender


Emilie Agreste mysteriously disappeared before the first season. In “Style Queen” and “Queen Wasp”, she was found underneath the mansion of Agrest, in the same room as the one seen in “Gorizilla”. Inside was a coffin, and she seemed to be in a coma. . In “Felix”, it is said that Gabriel did not let Adrian go to the funeral of Emily’s husband. Interpersonal relationship

Click here to view Adrien Agreste’s relationship. history

Click here to view the history of Adrien Agreste. Sightseeing spot


Comics and books



The character of Adrien was created around 2012. [59]

The first cat, the black cat, appeared on the fake cover of “Mini Menace Ladybug” Issue 12. . In Polish, the pronunciation of Adrien’s surname “Agreste” means gooseberry. The fan named Félix (Félix), the original name is the famous cartoon cat.

How old are they in miraculous?

Adrien Agreste birthday
Not a good application. You’d better watch the real miracle show on TV, because the application of this show is absolutely rubbish. Therefore, generally speaking, the game of this “Miracle: The Story of Ladybug and Cat Black” is garbage.

Advantages (about the benefits of the application):

Literally nothing. Disadvantages (bad things about the application):

-After defeating any level, the developer will push you a 30-second non-skippable ad. If you die at the intermediate level, you can choose to continue without losing your progress, but you must watch the 30-second non-skippable ad The ad ad continues. -This is boring. The game is almost Subway Surfers, but it is based on Miraculous. -The game seems to want to try it, it is best to encourage you to purchase in-app purchases. -The level is easy, almost the same thing; the same obstacles, the same difficulties, etc. -It is difficult to acquire new characters.
If you want to get a new role, it will take a whole day, if not, it will take more time (it may take several days).

Fictional characters in the novel: “The Story of Ladybug and Cat Black”

Adrien Agreste (Adrien Agreste) is a fictional superhero who is the male character in the animated TV series “Marvel: The Story of Ladybugs and Cats” created by Thomas Astruc. protagonist. He is portrayed as a young French student who has been educated in school for most of his life, and is also a role model for his father, Gabriel Agreste, Gabriel Agreste. Gabriel Agreste is a famous fashion designer and has a deep relationship with Adrien.
After passing the test of Master Fu, Master Fu helped him to be revealed as the guardian of the magical object.
By helping him, Adrian was selected as one of the two superheroes who will become superheroes alongside Ladybug. He quickly developed feelings and his secret civilian identity was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
Therefore, Adrien received a ring called “Cat Miraculous”. After wearing the ring, he was able to transform into the superhero’s name Cat Noir (French) : Chat Noir, ignited the “black cat”).
Every miracle is accompanied by a small magical creature called kwami, and Adrien’s kwami ​​is Plagg, just like a black cat. As a black cat, Adrian’s signature ability is destruction. Adrien has appeared in most Miraculous media, including editor-in-chief, comic books and mobile running games. Adrien is conceptualized as a character that will appeal to everyone, has many good characteristics and can arouse the audience’s interest. Regarding Adrien’s superhero status, since Ladybug’s abilities are related to good luck, Astruc concluded that her partner will have powers related to bad luck, which reminded him of the black cat. Cat Noir was also inspired by the comic superhero Catwoman. Bryce Papenbrook voiced Aryen in the English dubbing, and Benjamin Bollen voiced him in the French version of the show. People are generally critical of Adrien, and the writer describes him as a great, interesting and amiable character.
Adrien has always been a source of inspiration for role-playing.
Goods inspired by him have been produced, such as action figures, accessories and clothing. Development[edit]

Concept and creation[edit]

[1] Adrien’s superhero form is also inspired by [2] Adrien Agreste’s superhero status, Cat Noir. Ever since Thomas Astruc decided to associate the “black cat” with doom, his creation is based on a black cat.
Adrien’s superhero image was also inspired by “Catwoman”

Adrien Agreste is conceptualized as the “modern” Prince Charming, [3] “has many good personality traits” and “feminine parts”; [4] Thomas Thomas Astruc, creator of the animated TV series “Marvel: The Story of Ladybugs and Cats”, described these features as “perfect combinations” and added that Adrien is “a very good character of”. [4] He also described Adrien as “handsome, smart, brave, but also very sensitive” and called it “everyone will naturally fall in love with him.” [3]

Astruc said that because the ladybug is related to good luck, he decided to give the ladybug’s partner the power related to bad luck.
As a result, he thought of a black cat. [1] [2] Created the cat black cat (French: Chat Noir, ignited the “black cat”) [5] [6] is also a tribute to Catwoman. [2] Astruc commented that Cat Noir’s civilian status was originally a character named Félix, who described him as a “puppy love to Marinette”, he would have a distant attitude towards her and would be included in the “typical cold and cold” -Snobbish guy anime Trope”. [3] He said that while the difference between the personalities of Félix and Cat Noir would play a positive role, it would not provide a good narrative in the long run. [3] Therefore, Félix was replaced by Adrien. [3] [7] [8] Astruc said that Cat Noir is one of the two “most capable boys” coexisting with Ladybug because of his destructive power. [10] Astruc said that in terms of romance, managing the situation created by the two identities of cats and black cats and the two selves of ladybugs is “a lot of fun.” [3] He said that there are rarely a pair of superheroes in a TV series, such as a black cat with a ladybug, and added that people like love games between the two characters. [11] Astruc commented that as long as there are villains in the series, the romantic relationship between Adrien and Marinette will become fragile and complicated. He said that this kind of relationship needs to be handled with care and can only happen under certain circumstances. [12]

The cat No.2 in the “Miracle Chibi” series was created by character designer Angie Nasca (Angie Nasca), and the show is “still in the development stage” [13]; according to the Nasca Institute Said, “The series was developed from the initial sketches”, depicting two protagonists. [14] Miraculous’s writing director, Sébastien Thibaudeau, mentioned that Adrian often agitated him because of his hard life. [15] He said that, in contrast to the more serious ladybugs, cats and black cats are the characters that make the story full of humor. Thibodeau said that when Adrian was transformed into a black cat, he could express himself. [16] The author of the series, Fred Lenoir, commented that the relationship between Adrien and Marinette was described as both a civilian and a superhero, which caused The misunderstanding of represents the central part of the story. [15] André Lake Mayer, President of Global Consumer Products of ZAG America, said that “Cat Black Cat” is one of the children’s favorite “related heroes”; [17] She thinks fans will “like playing cats in miraculous mobile phones” The role of the black cat. Running game. [18] [19] Nicole D’Andria contributed to the miracle comic book, and he described the cat black cat as a fantastic character that “everyone can look up”.
Adragna said that Adrien is both his superhero form and his civilian self, her favorite miracle figure. She commented that although Adrien may be a typical likable character because he comes from a good family and is a role model, he is described as naive, caring and kind. [twenty one]


Bryce Papenbrook dubbed Adrien in the English dubbing of the series. [22] Papenberg said that it is always a pleasure to be a “black cat”, and he said that he “had a great time” with him. [23] He described the miracle as “a wonderful performance” with “interesting animation and a lot of puns”. [24] He feels that the English dubbing of the show is the most pun in all versions of the series. Papenberg said that he likes to “make those cheesy puns”,[24] and commented that he is “hiding as many puns as possible in the show” and feels that the audience likes them. [25] Papenbrook said he likes Miraculous, and he said he knows “a lot of people have been waiting for that performance.” [25] He said that since Miraculous won the “Youth Choice Award”, he was “very excited”. [26] [27] Papenbrook commented that he was “happy to see the next villain in the series” and pointed out that the writers were “creative” of the people depicted in the show. [23] He found the Miracle Chibi series “exciting” and “looks really cool”. [26]

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At the beginning of the show, many voice actors auditioned for the main roles, including the role of Adrian. [28] Ezra Weisz, the voice-over director of Miraculous, said that the staff in charge of the cast wanted Adrien’s voice to sound young and to show self-confidence in his superhero form without making him overly proud.
He further commented that the staff wanted to find an actor whose voice could distinguish Adrian’s civilian self from his superhero status. According to Weitz, he and Pappenbrook have known each other for a long time. He said that Papenberg’s voice sounded “appropriate age” and added that he had “appropriate performance skills” for the position and was “very, very skilled at the booth.” [29] Weisz said that Papenbrook has done a “excellent” voice for Adrien. [29]

Miracle executive producer Jared Wolfson commented that Papenbrook has a lot of “energy” and called him a “good guy.” [30] He further described him as “very happy”, “mannered” and “energetic”, and pointed out that Papenberg “loved what he did” and was passionate about “becoming Adrian and the black cat” . [30] Marinette’s voice actor Cristina Vee felt that Papenbrook was “one of the best people” and described him as “never frustrated” and “very positive”. [31] She also described him as “a very talented actor” and likes to work with him. [31]

Benjamin Bollen voiced Adrien in the French version of the show. [32] Thomas Astruc described the French actors of the series, including Bollen, as dreams. [33] [34] He is portrayed as a French teenage student living in Paris, [35] [36] from a wealthy family. [37] [38] He is the son of Emilie and Gabriel Agreste. [39] [40] His father was a famous fashion designer, and Adrien worked for him, [38] [41] which made him famous. [5] At the same time, his mother disappeared. [34] [42] Gabriel’s assistant Nathalie Sancoeur takes care of him, [43] [44] He also has a bodyguard. [45] Adrien also has a mother and aunt named Amélie and a cousin named Félix. [46] Even though he was at home for most of his life, Adrien decided to start school one day. [47] When he walked towards the entrance, he noticed an old man in need of help and offered to help him. At that time, the one unknown to Adrien was Master Fu, [48] the guardian of the magical object, the man named Miracle, [42] [49], this was just an experiment to prove who should Become a superhero. [34] [50] After realizing that he had a box with a ring, Adrian opened the box and suddenly a black cat-like creature appeared. He appeared as Prager; he was a kwami magician. [6] [33] When wearing the ring, Adrien can use Pragg’s power to transform into a superhero. [50] [51]

Adrien was eager to transform, and immediately proceeded to transform. [47] His superhero costume comes from the appearance of Prager and represents a black cat. [52] Soon after the first transformation, he met his new superhero companion Ladybug, and he quickly fell in love with him. [53] In their first meeting, Adrien introduced his superhero alias Cat Noir. [54] [55] He is unknown, [56] Ladybug is Marinette, [57] [58] One of Adrian’s classmates, he likes him very much. [59] At the same time, Adrien only has feelings for ladybugs,[60] and Marinette, who is a ladybug, does not like the progress of Cat Noir towards her. [63] [64] Hawk Moth hopes to get Miraculouses from Cat Noir and Ladybug, [50] [65], and he is actually Adrien’s father, and they don’t realize it. [48] ​​[66] When he was a black cat, Adrian became more restrained and flirting compared to his usual personality of restraining self-humility and modesty, [37] [67] and he made a lot of cats A pun on the subject. [5] This transformation gave him new abilities. [34] [68] The iconic power of black cats is destruction, [34] [69] is called “the fission of the earth”. [37] [38] His superhero weapon is an expandable staff. [34] [37]

Adrian has a distant relationship with his father.[34] Although he was unable to express his opinion because of this, his behavior met his father’s expectations. [5] [33] His relationship with Prager is very different, [34] but the two care about each other. Adrian maintains a positive relationship with his classmates, especially his best friend Nino Lahiffe. Adrien has a childhood friend, Chloé Bourgeois, but he does not approve of his usual behavior. [48]

In other magical media[edit]

Outside of the main series, Adrien appeared in most miraculous media. He appeared in a Christmas special [71] [72], which included a form of music; [42] In this episode, he spent his first Christmas without a mother. [73] [74] Adrien appeared in the New York City special, and he also appeared in the Shanghai special. [75] [76] Adrien also appeared in the plot of Miraculous Secrets, [77] [78] appeared in the plot of The Legend of Paris, [79] [80] And the Chibi plot. [81] [82] He is part of a video clip designed to encourage children to maintain proper hygiene. [83] [84] Adrien has appeared as a superhero in several orders, and he speaks directly to the audience. [88] [89] [90] He is also featured in the official magazine of the series. [91] [92] Adrien is a playable character in the Marvel Mobile running game. [93] [94] He played in live stage performances, [95] [96] including one of the touring performances. [97] [98] Adrien will appear in 2D OVA. [99] [100] He was also announced to appear in a miraculous live-action film, [101] [102], but then the film was adapted into an animated music film called “The Night Awakening of Ladybugs and Cats”. [103] [104]


Urgent response[edit]

Adrian’s character has received widespread positive criticism, and writers describe it as “idol”, [105], “great”, [3] [106] beautiful, [12] [107] “relevant”, [3] And “beyond the famous” character. [105] ComicsVerse’s Michele Kirichanskaya said that Adrien’s “character is crucial to the overall charm of the show.” [5] She praised “Cat Black” for inspiration from an existing superhero, “Catwoman”. [5] She wrote that the “magic girl” in the story is “unrestricted by gender” due to the “transition scene” of the cat and black cat. [5] Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times described Adrien as “an unspoiled wealthy man with moonlight as an example.” [49] He said, “The male protagonist is wearing a catsuit, cat ears and some kind of tail”, which “seems to be surprisingly exotic and/or feminine to American audiences”. [49] Damien Mercereau of Le Figaro newspaper described Adrien as a sensitive and humble figure and commented that he had become clever and conceited, becoming Cat Noir. [12] ComicsAlliance writer Elle Collins praised Cat Noir’s costume for “making him look like Selina Kyle’s boyfriend.” [108] Collins said that she was “interested” in whether “Black Cat” had a “magic girl transformation” similar to a ladybug. [108] Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media described Adrien’s civilian status as an ordinary child, “faced with typical tweening troubles”, such as “keeping with school Connect, make friends and socialize with difficult companions”. [109] Comic resource writer Nathan Dodge described the black cat as a “cat-themed fashion hero.” [110] How many Emily Auten is the nerd? Complimented Bryce Papenbrook’s voice performance, saying that Adrien’s voice and Marinette’s voice were “extraordinarily good” and regarded it as “absolutely advantageous because The whole plot is focused on them”. [37] She said that Adrian’s role was “very interesting”, especially in stark contrast to his superhero status, and wrote that Adrian was an “excellent” choice for the protagonist “even without a romantic plot” . [37] A writer from El Intransigente said that Adrien’s character shows that money does not bring happiness. [33] Adrien was commented as “teaching children about the problem of faith”, [111] he was regarded as “cute and fun to watch”. [112] He is considered a “moderate person”, [113] and “shy”. [114] The black cat is described as loyal, [115] and a ladybug’s partner in the fight against crime.
When the episode depicts him in the stadium, Mao Hei is said to be playing against the opponent with the ladybug, just like the professional football club Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.
Outstanding performance in the French Ligue 1 championship. [116]

Whether it’s a civilian or a superhero, Adrien’s relationship with Marinette is praised.
Praised the interaction between the black cat and the ladybug, [106] was regarded as “absolutely cute when watching.” [37] Michele Kirichanskaya listed Adrien as Marinette’s “crime partner” and described the “motivation” order between the two People are fascinated. [5] Emily Ashby said that Cat Noir and Ladybug made “a charming crime-fighting duo” and said that “their relationship is easy Overshadowing the entertainment value of the show”. [109] She found it “interesting” to watch the relationship between Adrien and Marinette evolve. [109] Ashby pointed out that the audience “must forgive the character’s naivety” and accept that “just a blindfold and some cat ears” will prevent Adrian and Marinette from recognizing each other. [109] She said that the cat’s fascination with ladybirds “is a sweet example of young love.” [109] María Merino of Okdiario commented that Adrien’s relationship with Marinette was one of the factors that attracted viewers to watch the series. [117] Emily Auten believes that Cat Noir’s fascination with ladybirds makes the “romantic subplot” “more interesting” and that “the chemical reaction between the two is an exhibition One of the many highlights in “. [37] She wrote that the cat black cat appeared with the ladybug and was “one of the best duo” she has ever seen in an animated cartoon. [49]

Popularity and products[edit]

Guess chairman and chief creative officer Paul Marciano said the audience’s understanding of Adrien’s relationship with Marinette and its superheroes made the series “interesting.” [41] A life-size wax figure depicting a real cat is on display at the Musée Grévin. [121] [122] He is depicted on buses and billboards. [123] Snapchat filters inspired by cats and black cats have been developed. [70] Adrian’s role-playing has been created, both as his civilian self, [124] [125] [126], and as a superhero. [127] [128] [129] A meeting with cats and black cats was held, [130] [131] [132] included in the theme park. [133] [134] He has provided inspiration for face painting, [135] [136], indoor playgrounds, [137] [138] and Christmas events. [139] [140]

Several products based on Adrien’s civilian and superhero forms have been produced, such as action figures.

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