How much is a persian cat?

persian cat personality
How much is a persian cat? You love Persian cats. They are beautiful and majestic dog breeds, and the price you pay for an expensive price will reflect people’s love for these cats. If you want to keep a Persian cat, you may need to save longer time-if it is a white Persian cat, it may take longer time-but for your new Persian cat, praise is definitely worth it. So why are Persian cats so expensive? Persian cats are so expensive because their breeds are coveted and beautiful.
They are purebred, and female Persian cats are more expensive than male cats. The average cost of a Persian cat is $1300-$1500 for kittens and $600-$1800 for adult cats. Thinking about it, it’s no surprise that you will pay more for a Persian cat. No one will pay a high price for a tabby cat that can be found anywhere. Not only will you see a Persian cat on the street, so obviously the price of this cat will reflect how difficult it can be to find a purebred Persian cat.
Well, they are beautiful and different. Although Persian cats can also have other colors, many Persian cats have long white hair and blue eyes.
Compared with other breeds of cats, their round faces and big eyes. One thing is certain: Persian cats certainly display stoppers, but the price of display stoppers is very high.
Persian cat price

Average cat price Persian cat price Female cat $ 600 $ 1800 Male cat $ 700 $ 1500 Adult cat $ 150-600 $ 1200 Kitten $ 300-1200 $ 1300-3000

As you can see, prices vary. You can expect to pay a higher price for a Persian cat than the average cat, but there are other important factors to consider.
Age and gender also affect the price of Persian cats.
You may pay more for the female cat than the male cat. Kittens are usually more expensive than adult cats. Why female Persian cats are more expensive

The price of female Persian cats will be higher because you can use female cats for breeding again.
You may not plan to breed your Persian cat, but this may not change the price you pay for it. Many people who buy high-quality Persian cats are indeed seeking to breed, so breeders need to charge higher fees. If you want young females, the price may be higher because cats will have more time to raise kittens.
White Persian cat price

Average cost of Persian cats Average cost of white Persian cats $ 1300-3000 $ 1500-5000

If you are looking for Persian cats, the price of white Persian cats may be higher, especially for blue-eyed cats. Other colors, such as darker fur, are less expensive (although more expensive than other cat breeds you can find).
Generally speaking, the Persian cat is an expensive cat, but the white Persian cat is more sought after than any other cat. The price reflects the rarity and beauty of the white Persian cat.
Websites like OLX show different prices for Persian cats, so you can see the pictures and prices of the cats.
Keep in mind that these prices may fluctuate. For example, if you buy during the kitten season, the price may be slightly lower because there are more Persian cats on the market. There may be fewer kittens in winter, so any Persian kittens born may be more expensive because they will be fewer in number. Why are the prices of Persian cats different in different places? Like anything else, there is a market for Persian cats. Of course, if it is difficult to find a Persian cat in your country/region, the price of that cat will be higher. On the other hand, if you are in an area with more breeders, the cost may be slightly lower because breeders must compete with each other. When looking for a Persian cat, remember your location.
What else affects the price of Persian cats? We have discussed breed, gender and location. Regardless of the color, you will pay more based on the quality of the Persian cat. If you are looking for a Persian cat that will become a household pet, you may not have to worry about defects such as a thin tail or different colored fur.
If you want to buy Persian cats for a cat show, you should expect to pay a higher price because they are of higher quality. The color of the fur and eyes and the overall appearance of the cat are crucial. There are several factors that affect prices, which is why the price range is so large. What to look for when buying a Persian cat

Since you bought a Persian cat from a breed dog, I assume that you need a purebred cat. If you don’t want a specific cat breed, you may not go to the breeder. You must have the pedigree of the cat. This will ensure that you do everything possible to avoid being deceived.
Unfortunately, not every cat is born healthy, so even if it is a kitten, you have to ask about its history.
You don’t want your new partner to go home and find that it needs expensive medical services. How do i find the breeder

Likewise, the Internet will be your best friend. You can do a lot of research before you start calling any breeder. Start by doing a quick Google search to see what’s around in your area. Ask around. Facebook groups can be a good place to find breeders and get feedback from others.
Compare Prices.
Determine the budget, and then select breeders in the budget. Visit the breeder. Check their purpose and whether to buy cats from them. What am I looking for among breeders

You love cats, so make sure the breeder also loves cats.
Are Persian cats healthy?
If not, maybe you should find a new breeder. Is the environment they live in clean?
You want to make sure that the breeder cares about the cat. How does the breeder treat you? Yes, this is a business transaction, but you have to make sure that they are also a good person. How can I be sure that I can get a good price

The easiest way to ensure you get a reasonable price is to conduct research. Lucky you.
You already have the Internet these days, so you can complete this research quickly and easily. Find a breeder.
Are people saying they have credibility? how much is it? Is this higher or lower than the average cost of cats? Higher or lower prices may be a red flag. How healthy is this cat? You may even fall in love with cats and even have health problems.
No problem, but this may change the price of Persian cats. Can I buy a cheaper Persian cat

Of course, you can choose a cheaper Persian cat, although it may have “blemishes.” Of course, if you show your cat unprofessional, it might even be something you didn’t even realize.
Less expensive Persian cats may already be aware of health problems or defective fur.
The easiest way to get the highest price for a Persian cat is if your Persian cat is not a purebred cat, it means that the parent is not exactly a Persian cat. What is the future cost after I get the Persian cat

The price you pay when buying a Persian cat is not the only expense you have to face.
But this may not be surprising. Of course, you have to buy necessities. Cat food, toys, grooming tools, and even clothes you are sure your cat will wear (he may not wear it). You will also have annual veterinary fees, or possibly more.
An annual check-up is a good idea, but you may also need urgent care or flea medicine. One thing that people don’t always think of is rent increases.
Sometimes the landlord will charge extra for pets, so make sure you take this into consideration too! Tips for adopting a Persian cat

Maybe you think that buying a cat is not suitable for you, otherwise you will adopt it. Adoption has its advantages. The price you pay in the shelter will be much lower than the price you pay to the breeders. The cost of a shelter varies depending on your location, but generally speaking, this is a small amount that can be used to support the shelter. Not only cheap. This also means that you are saving a new pet from the cat’s life and will become its new best friend. What could be better than that?
Is it better to adopt or buy a Persian cat

There is no simple answer to this question, because it depends on the person who adopts or buys it.
Many people support adoption, because I think that saving animals from shelters is something that few people can justify. This is a bad thing.
Buying means that you can know for sure what kind of cat you have. If this is important to you, then buying may be the method you want to consider.
Whether you decide to adopt or shop, I believe that your new Persian cat will become your best friend.

How much is a full blooded Persian cat?

persian cats costs
Persian cats are one of the most expensive purebred cats in the world. These cats are very famous in the celebrity world. Maybe someone saw these cats in the arms of singers such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The soft temperament, round face and soft coat provide advantages for other cat breeds.
Compared with other cat breeds, high pedigree cats have a relatively high price tag.
The cost of a Persian cat may vary from location to location, even if it is of similar blood. The pedigree, type, color, gender, age, and experience of the breeder also affect the price of Persian cats. In this article, we will discuss the general cost of Persian cats. Not only that, after you purchase this variety, we will also see other costs related to it.
How much is a Persian cat? Depending on the breed, breeder, color, and purity of the pedigree, the price of a Persian cat may be between $500 and $5,000. What factors affect the price of Persian cats? Although the price may be affordable for some cat owners, it is also important to understand why you pay such a high price for a Persian cat. The price of a Persian cat depends on the following factors:

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Types of

Color and coating quality





The demand for Persian cats is even higher in urban areas. The low supply of Persian cats is also due to its high price. Persian cats are relatively cheap in rural areas.
However, there is no difference in breeding quality between Persian cats in urban and rural areas. Lineage:

Persian cat owners pay high fees for certified parents. If the breeder can provide proof of proper pedigree, the price of Persian cats will automatically increase. In addition, if the kitten’s parents performed well and won numerous awards, please be prepared to spend more money on this Persian cat. Types of:

Only one breed can be found for the Persian cat.
A Persian cat that exhibits high quality has perfect characteristics such as flatness, squeezed nose, small ears and big copper eyes. The baby-faced Persian cat has a round face and a standard pointed mouth. Persian cats with open faces or peke faces are a bit more expensive than round-faced cats because of its rarity, perfect quality and proper temperament. Color and coating quality:

The color and coat quality of the Persian cat also increase the cost of owning it.
If the judge prefers Persian cats of a certain color to other colors, the color cats that dream of color will be higher.
People need to spend more money to show the coveted Persian cat. gender:

The price of male and female Persian cats is generally the same. However, the price of an unpaid female Persian cat will be higher than the price of a male Persian cat.
The reproductive capacity of Persian cats that do not pay leads to high asking prices. However, the breeder should lay down the kitten before giving it to the owner in accordance with the rules. The average life span of a Persian cat is also 12-14 years old. It is natural to keep the cat for the longest time. Naturally, the price of a Persian cat will be higher than that of a Persian cat. Breeder:

The breeder’s experience has contributed a lot to the high price of Persian cats.
Buying Persian kittens from well-known licensed breeders is more expensive than finding kittens online. In addition, adoption from a well-known place will guarantee the arrival of a purebred Persian cat, as it will be accompanied by appropriate documentation and breeding procedures.
Now that you have a clear understanding of the various factors that affect the purchase of a Persian cat, people should also know the maintenance costs of owning it. We provide details of all the expenses that a happy, healthy Persian cat needs to bear. Veterinary expenses:

Keeping cats healthy should be one of the main concerns of cat owners.
The cost of a single visit for a normal cat is about US$300.
If the cat needs surgery, consider paying up to thousands of dollars. Spreading/sterilization:

Sprinkle a cat to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. This is also a fact for purebred cats such as Persian cats.
The cost of packing or sterilization can be as high as $130.
Recurring expenses:

Persian cats need to be vaccinated regularly, and the cost of vaccination is between $60-$130.
Flea treatment can also take out 40 dollars from the pocket. The cost of expelling a Persian cat is 15 dollars. These costs continue to accumulate throughout the cat’s life cycle. Food expenses:

The cost of food may vary depending on the choice of food. But it may be as high as $600 per year. Beauty cost:

Grooming a beautiful cat (such as a Persian cat) is one of the most difficult challenges of owning it. They also need high-quality shampoos and conditioners to maintain their beautiful fur.
A visit to a professional cat groomer may cost $50-$80.
However, there is no need to take the Persian cat to a professional beautician every time.

What is the price of a Persian kitten?

Persian cat characters
Compared with dogs, people label cats as transcendent, delicate, “please me” creatures. However, if you are a parent who is proficient in fur, then you will defend these cute kittens, saying that they are the cutest and most polite pets in the world. Although cats have different personalities, nothing beats the magnificent elegance of a Persian cat. No matter where you are in the world, this cat is one of the most sought after pets in the animal kingdom. However, it is best to hug the horse first.
Although they look cute and fluffy, Persian cats are not as friendly as most cats in their pockets.
So, if you are really interested in finding the answer, let’s take a look at the current price range where most breeders sell Persian cats. How much is a Persian cat? Generally, the price of a Persian cat depends on the interaction of various factors. Regardless of their ancestry, gender, age, fur color, location, or even the cat breeder, there is no such thing as cheap Persian cats. Factors affecting the price of Persian cats


Most of us think that the younger the cat, the cheaper the price. However, you will be surprised that this rule does not apply to our beloved Persian cat. Having said that, the price of owning a Persian kitten is usually between US$1,300 and US$3,000. If the kitten only drinks milk and eats occasionally in the first few weeks, how is it possible?
Well, let’s start with the average lifespan of these Persian cats.
If you take care of it properly, you can usually reach 12 to 14 years old.
Therefore, if you want to witness the development of the personality that will soon become a Persian cat, you have to pay for it.
Imagine that you have obtained a premium or VIP pass to witness the development of cats.
Supply and demand are part of the pricing of Persian kittens. Due to the high demand, a more special concept of these babies was put forward in some way. Therefore, their prices are higher.
Although they are still expensive compared to other cats, they are not only labor-saving, but also more cost-effective. gender

In the animal kingdom, the asking price of females is much higher than that of males.
Although this sounds ridiculous, the same rules apply to our beloved Persian cats.
In fact, the price of a female Persian cat is 1,800 dollars, while the price of a male Persian cat is only 1,500 dollars. Such a big difference, isn’t it?
Well, as we all know, female Persian cats can keep kittens. Moreover, because they can continue to produce kittens, this is the exact reason why breeders require them to be more expensive than males. Even if you do not plan to buy for breeding purposes, the price remains the same. When you ask to herd kittens before buying, you can ask for a bargain in some way. However, because the breeder has been ordered to stock the kittens before handing them over, you usually don’t have much say in this. Lineage/breed purity

Another factor that affects the cost of owning a Persian cat is the purity of its pedigree. Like the royal family, if the Persian cat is still a purebred cat, then its value is higher. This is especially true if the parents of cats are properly certified and have a reputation at cat shows. Since registration requires written documents and resources, there is no doubt that the cost of proving the purity of the Persian cat’s blood will add up.
However, if you don’t mind the pure pedigree of the Persian cat, then you can choose to buy a hybrid cat. To be sure, the genes of Persian cats will still show up in kittens regardless of their ancestry.
Just hope or even pray that the genes of Persian cats are the dominant genes among kittens. Quality and color of the coat

You will be surprised to find that even the color and quality of the fur of a Persian cat will affect its price.
If their white fur is paired with eye-catching blue eyes, then you must be prepared to spend more money. However, before you start complaining, you need to find out the basis for such a high price. Technically speaking, it is not the jacket color itself that affects the price tag. The rarity of the fur color determines how much money needs to be spent to get this cat. Therefore, the white fur of the Persian cat is the rarest among the rare fur colors, except that the price is much higher than usual.
However, for Persian cats, white is not the only fur color that requires high prices.
If you don’t want to bring a white fur Persian cat, you can consider the following other fur shades. blue



Cameo red

Blue cream smoke

Smoke to

Cat’s position

Surprised to find that the location of a Persian cat also affects the cost of owning a cat? Well, let’s learn more in depth here. The demand for this high-quality variety is high, especially in urban areas rather than rural areas.
Don’t misunderstand that the blood quality of Persian cats raised in cities is much better than that of cats raised in the countryside. It’s just that the demand for Persian cats in the cities is higher than that in the provinces, which makes prices soar.

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In the end, the experience of a Persian cat breeder determines how much you need to pay to raise a cat. If you want to know how the breeder’s experience affects its pricing, think this way. Remember the analogy of how stress produces diamonds? After the breeder acquires enough knowledge and skills to develop a healthy and ideal litter, his reputation will soar. And, as the breeder’s reputation rises, so will the price. After all, you have to pay the price for the breeder’s hard work and knowledge in raising Persian cats.

What is the most expensive cat?

blue persian cat
Share cute! Prices of Persian and Himalayan kittens


If you came to this page, it is most likely because you want to know the prices of our Persian and Himalayan kittens. There is no fixed price for all kittens, colors or genders.
As we all know, every kitten is completely unique

We set prices based on individuals.
Many factors affect the pricing of kittens. I can tell you some of the most important determinants for us:

1.) The rarity of the coat color. 2.) Facial structure of kittens. 3.) We are willing to leave that kitten here as a future breeder. Our prices start at $3000 and have risen from there due to the sensitive nature of bringing these exquisite treasures into the world.
Know that these prices carry honesty, integrity and 32 years of expertise. We know that shopping on the Internet can be very scary, and we want customers to know that your hard-earned money is safe for us. Raising animals in an impeccably clean living environment will lead to very healthy pets.
However, this brings a higher cost of living, which is unimaginable. Color pattern

Some color patterns are more difficult to implement than others, so they are more expensive. character

Personality is the key! Needless to say, the health of kittens is our top priority! ! !
However, cat breeders often get lost in beauty, or quote the “standards” of the rules established for Persian cat breeders. What kind of eyes a kitten should have, or the “right” coat color, tail and leg length, and all these rules trying to establish a perfect Persian appearance, they don’t see personality. Compared with the case of disliking cats, green eyes have become more important to some extent. not here! ! !
I think this is why we have been in business for 32 years. After the health and personality are perfected, we can fine-tune the appearance. photo

As they say, when it comes to personality, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” As you browse the kittens in the photos, you can say a lot about the kittens, and we invite you to take a deeper look at the photos displayed. Look into their eyes, look at their personalities, you can see if they really look. The same goes for other breeder kittens. You can really understand who that kitten is.
Is he or she loved? concern? Do they have confidence in their eyes? Or fear? look carefully! Although we always write some creatures to tell people the story of each kitten, the pictures also tell their own story.
You can learn about that kitten by observing their souls.
Personality is very important. We don’t raise cats to win ribbons when we raise a cat farm, but feed our family.
As cat breeders, we will give up most of our personal lives so that we can provide you with a selection of kittens. Just like operating a kitten daycare center, you can never leave home for more than a day or so. Therefore, our cat breeders cannot choose to take a family holiday. This is not an option for us, at least because we are very focused on our Cattery. con man

A key aspect to watch out for is confidential advertising sites that display Persian and Himalayan kittens for less than $500.
Nine out of ten people are overseas liars. They steal pictures from cat websites, and in some cases even copy and paste our own actual words, descriptions, etc. They make the ads look very legit, but there is a difference in that they use their own email address.
You, as a potential customer, please contact someone who thinks you have a kitten in the photo/ad. After all, how do you know that this is not the actual email address of the breeder?

The Persian dog, also known as the Persian long-haired dog, is an elegant, graceful and gentle dog breed. Its greatest feature is its extraordinary coat and unique head. Nowadays, Persia has become one of the most popular breeds of cats with its extraordinary beauty, friendly temperament and easy-going personality. Although their basic temperament has not changed much over time, their appearance and overall appearance have undergone great changes. Modern Persians are medium to large, short and fat, with short and thick legs, lumpy, and obviously short and fat. Their large, round claws are tufted with fur.
The heads of the Persians are broad and round, which is unusually large relative to their body size.
In contrast, the ears are extremely small and clustered and are called “earrings.” The eyes of the Persians are large, round and expressive. Regardless of their color, the depth of eye color in this breed is the first choice.

When you first consider keeping a Persian cat, one of the first things you want to know is how much you should pay for a Persian cat.
The fact is that there is no rash answer to this question, because the cost of the Persians depends on many variables. The first thing to note is that if you find Persian at a price of less than $200, then you may not buy a thoroughbred. At the very least, you will get a purebred without blood, and this will happen.
The typical price of a purebred Persian cat is about $500, but this is not set in stone, because there are many other factors at play. In terms of price, you should know that the price in one area may be different from the price in another area, even if these kittens are comparable in terms of pedigree and so on.
As with any type of commodity, the price will rise when the demand is large, and the price will fall when the demand is small. The time of year is also important.
Cats are usually hot in early spring and summer. There will be the largest number of Persian kittens. Spring, summer, and even autumn. However, if a litter is born in winter, the cost of these kittens can be expected to be higher because there are not many kittens. If the Persian kitten’s parents are registered, this will increase the price of the kitten, and the price will also be registered or transferred. If the parents are rewarded, this will increase the price of the kittens again, because they are high-quality animals based on their parents’ achievements. Persians who show quality always spend more than Persians who show quality for pets.
The color of the kitten and the rarity of the color or pattern may also cause the price to rise.

Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds among pet lovers. The charming appearance of this cat can touch anyone’s heart.
Persia originated in Asia, was brought to Europe in the 17th century, and soon became the favorite pet of Western countries. Today, the average price of a Persian cat is about US$500-700. Below is some information about their prices, where to buy Persian cats, and detailed information about their characteristics and personalities. Persian cat price range

Persian prices vary greatly. Prices fluctuate depending on many factors, such as the location of the breeder, where the owner lives (it is generally believed that Persian cats on the East Coast are more expensive than cats on the Midwest and West Coast), the breeder’s reputation, ancestry, age, and color. In addition, seasonal differences in demand and supply can also affect prices.
Usually, spring-summer is the best time to sell kittens. It is possible to buy a Persian kitten for $200. The price of a pet Persian cat

With a budget of $500-$1200, you can purchase a fully vaccinated Persian cat, but only need to register and provide a health certificate. The price of Persian kittens in performances or competitions

Such kittens are more expensive, about between 1,300 to 3,000 US dollars per cat.
In some special cases, the price may be as high as $15000. >>You may also like:

Supplies to prepare before picking up a kitty house or crate



Tourism Food and Nutrition

Dry food

Wet food

Canned food

Where can I find Persian kittens for sale? Persian cats for sale on classified advertising sites a large number of Persian languages ​​on this site, you can easily find Persian here regardless of whether it is disinfected or not. At the time of writing, there are more than 700 Persian kittens across the United States waiting to meet their new owners. For better search, please don’t forget to filter the results by gender or age, as there are a lot of Persian cats on this site.
Persian kittens sold by reputable stallions

1. Central Park Persian

This place is owned by the law student and her mother.
Here, their top priority is the happiness, health and quality of each kitten. They only choose healthy cats to breed.
The kittens raised in this cat are not imprisoned, but are raised around people.
You can find more information and contact them:

Byhishand Persian soldiers

If you are looking for a Persian cat for performances or competitions, then this is a good place for you.
As a small farm owned by Persian lovers, its goal is to cultivate high-quality Persians to achieve perfection. The kittens here are two-color. In order to know if any kitties are available, you should contact them directly, as they will not post updates on their website. Persians have a very special appearance: a big round head, a short face, a raised nose, chubby cheeks, round pointed ears and big round eyes.
A short neck and a toned body help to support the head firmly-a body type called “cobby”. Their legs are short and thick, and their feet are big and strong. Although the tail is short, its length is proportional to the length of the body

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The thick, smooth long coat gave the Persians an attractive appearance. Cover the entire body, the coat is thicker around the neck, legs and tail.
Persian cats are relatively diverse in appearance. Some Persians’ faces are Beijing faces-super flat faces, while baby-faced Persians are considered to have a more classic appearance-their faces are not very flat. These cats come in a variety of colors: in addition to monochrome, there are countless other color combinations, from white to gray-blue, black, red or brown to lavender, lilac, yellow, silver, chocolate or smoky.

In a study conducted by, Ireland is the most searched cat on Google, and the Persian is at the top of the list! The Persians originated in Iran and are also known as “long-haired”. Their unique round face, big eyes and long hair are easy to identify. Therefore, if you want to add Persian cats to your family, we will make a list of all the needs that need to know Persian information. Will Persian cats shed a lot? For any pet, unless you choose a pet that does not shed hair, it will often shed hair. However, the Persians are the opposite of “no hair loss” because they are called highly pets. Their long hair makes them fall out often, but this can be controlled by following these steps:

Brush the cat’s hair every day-remove excess hair from the top.
Professional groomers-the common “hair trend” of Persian cats is called “lion shearing”. Basically, this is an easy way to remove as much hair as possible. This hairstyle makes your cat’s hair controllable and at the same time makes the cat look cute! Get rid of the mat-Persian cats have long and long hair, perfect for matted hair! This can also be controlled by brushing and bathing regularly! How long can a Persian cat live?
The life span of a Persian cat is between 12-17 years old. Maintaining a balanced diet of wet and dry food (and water) will ensure that your cat has all the nutrients needed to keep them healthy. Other factors also affect lifespan, such as the environment, is the cat indoors or outdoors? Outdoor cats are more dangerous than other animals, cars and other indoor cats. Can a Persian cat bite? Persian cats are not considered aggressive breeds. They are laid back and lazy. However, all kittens (and puppies) will bite. They think it is playing. If you teach your kitten that biting is not allowed, it is unlikely to do so.
Does the Persian cat cost a lot?
Because they are purebred, Persian cats can be very expensive.
In the United States, the price of Persian cats varies from $500 to $700 depending on the color of the fur. The price is similar in Ireland. We always recommend that you check your local rescue center or pound, because they always have a lot of cats looking for their forever home. In addition to the blue Persian cat, what other color of fur is there? “Blue” is one of the most striking patterns in Persian colors. There are six other colors.




Relief (red),

Smoke to

Blue cream smoke. What is the character of a Persian cat? Persian cats are not active and can be lazy. They are often described in movies as the heroine of an opera, which is not far from the truth. They are a calm cat breed and very relaxed and happy. However, as mentioned earlier, they are highly raised cats and may also have health problems. Why do the eyes of the Persian cat run/leak? Some of these problems are due to the shape of his face.
Persian cats are called short-headed cats.
They have flat or flat noses and large round eyes. (The baby-faced Persian is slightly different because the nose is longer and there are fewer eye problems).
Their eyes cannot drain water properly, so electrical discharge may occur.
Some white or light-colored Persians often have fur under the eyes, which is due to bacteria that cause the discharge to turn brown.
Eye drainage is more harmful to cats.
The following is a checklist on how to clean the eyes of a Persian cat:

Clean the face of the Persian cat every day.
Warning: Do not put cleaning products or solutions directly on the cat’s eyes.
Using a cotton pad, gently add some cleansing solution, and then wipe under the cat’s eyes to eliminate secretions. Always use two different mats to avoid cross-contamination.
What is the best food for Persian cats?
It seems to be recommended as the first food for Persian cats:

Royal Dog Breeds Healthy Nutrition-Persian Dry Cat Food. Royal Dog Breed Healthy Nutrition-Persian Cat Dry Food. Purina Pro Plan Focus – Canned food for cats.
Healthy indulgence cereals-free wet cat food. IAMS Active Healthy Adult Dry Cat Food.
Which foods are toxic to cats? Keeping pets obviously involves a series of responsibilities, one of which is to ensure that pets do not eat anything that can get sick.
Therefore, please make sure not to eat the following foods in your pet’s diet, otherwise it may make them sick:

Alcohol-even small amounts can make cats sick. chocolate

Dairy products-Adult cats are lactose intolerant, which means they cannot digest the lactose present in milk and dairy products.

Therefore, you decide to buy one of the most beautiful and beautiful cats around, but what is the price of a Persian cat? The Persian cat is one of the most famous cat species, and its flat face and long and luxurious coat can instantly recognize it. Persian cats originally came from Iran and are popular all over the world. These fluffy flat cats have entered many families. 5 factors that determine the cost of a Persian cat

When buying a Persian cat, there are many factors that determine how much you should pay. pedigree

If the Persian cat you want to buy is a complete pedigree and there is proof to prove it, then you will usually pay a higher fee. Obviously, when you buy a new Persian kitten, you will need a purebred Persian cat. I always ask to see the kitten’s parents to prove that the Persians are pure and not mixed.
Generally speaking, if you are buying super flat Persian, it is difficult to mix the variety without your knowledge.
Performance cats or cats with champion pedigrees in the house usually pay a premium.
The price of baby face and super flat face Persian is often slightly different, according to my experience, the price of the latter is slightly higher. colour

Certain colors tend to be more expensive than others, and dark colors tend to be better than dark colors compared to white and blue eyes.
Obviously, this is not given and may vary depending on the time of year, etc.

I think this will be the main reason why you pay more or less for Persian cats.
In the UK where I live, Persian cats are very expensive, and I know they are the same in most parts of the US and Canada. In Eastern Europe, the price of Persian cats is much lower than that of Western countries. I have seen Persians of complete descent asking for 100 Euros in Lithuania and Poland. In the United Kingdom, the average price for Persians is between 500 and 600 pounds, and similar levels in the United States and Canada.
In fact, it all depends on your budget, especially from the first time buyer, buying from registered breeders with a history of healthy kitten breeding is always a good starting point. Unfortunately, Persian cats do suffer from certain genetic problems, such as polycystic kidney disease (PKD), difficulty breathing, excessive tearing, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Most of them can be bred, but remember that most Persian cats will have some eye-related problems. age

Kittens are usually much more expensive than older Persian cats. Most people like to keep a kitten because they can see the growth and growth of the kitten.
Of course, kittens are so cute! Although older cats can be smart companions and are generally cheaper, they should not be discarded, let alone they are often completely littered and have received housing training.
I am indeed very keen to relocate rescue cats and provide new homes for homeless cats. I have seen the price of Persian cats on the classified ads website is very cheap, sometimes the price of a 3 or 4 year old cat is as low as £200, and the lifespan of a Persian cat raised in it can be as long as 15-20 years. So many of them are available even when they are 10 years old! in conclusion

In the end, your decision will depend on your budget. Spending more money does not always mean you will get a high-quality pedigree. I have seen many people spend a lot of money on the so-called “show cats”. The other Persians are no different. It also depends on how you plan to deal with the cat.
If you have ideas about breeding, then you may want to get a cat whose parents are either a performance champion or a pedigree cat recognized by a regulatory agency. This will ensure the quality of the kittens and a good resale value to a certain extent. It’s worth noting that you should always negotiate with the person buying the kitten or cat, as this usually lowers the price.

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