How many lives does a cat have?

Why cats have 9 lives
How many lives does a cat have? Here are some pictures of cats from different countries


Source of origin

Many people think that cats have 7 or 9 lives. What is the truth or error of this myth?
Let’s look at the picture from Wikipedia: In many cultures, cats have multiple lives. In many countries, they should have 9 lives, but in some Spanish cultures, they think there are 7 lives, and Turkish and Arabic say they have 6 lives. Threat situation.
Another point of this myth is that falling cats usually fall on their feet due to a natural twisting reaction, and are able to twist their bodies to land on their feet, although they can still be injured or killed by a high fall. It has been widely known for a long time to step on this proverb quickly and skillfully. It can be considered that this began in ancient times, because nine is the “Trinity” and therefore is considered a lucky number. Because cats are easily survived, this sentence is very suitable for cats. Another view is that the Egyptian cat head goddess was given nine lives, and all other cats also gained wealth. Absorbed by all feet.
When they are close to the ground, they have adjusted their bodies so that they can stretch their four feet onto their feet without injury, and the working muscles have the privilege to absorb external forces and the injuries are not small. This ability can explain what happened to the cat Sabrina that happened in New York. The cat fell from the 32nd floor and landed on their feet without any rest.
Sabrina did not break any bones, and the cage was broken, but One of the lungs malfunctioned, but survived simply.

Do cats have extra lives?

how many years does a cat have
Today’s “Daily Wonder” was inspired by the name “Hannah”, which was broadcast live in Canada. The name is Hanna Wonders, “Does cats have 9 lives?” Thank you for spending a great time with us-Hanna! Have you ever heard of someone saying that cats have nine lives?
That is how the matter? Is it true? If so, who keeps counting?
In order to relieve dogs everywhere, we can say without a doubt that cats can only live for a lifetime. The “Nine Life” story is just a popular myth that has existed for hundreds of years. Myths are ancient stories (sometimes called “legends”), usually featuring people, animals, heroes or events. In fact, they usually try to explain a certain idea or natural phenomenon. So where does the myth that cats have nine lives come from? No one knows, even though we know it has been around for a long time, William Shakespeare pointed out the nine life myths in Romeo and Juliet. There is also an old proverb that says: “Cats have nine lives.
Some people believe that these nine life myths have something to do with the cat’s ability to keep a foothold. Cats are also known for their agility and agility.
With the passage of time, people have witnessed the survival of cats, and these conditions will certainly seriously harm other animals. Some people may begin to believe that cats must have multiple lives. In ancient Egypt, cats were sacred animals revered as gods. The ancient Egyptians believed that cats were sacred creatures with spiritual or supernatural powers.
The idea that they can have multiple lives fits their view of cats. But why are there nine lives?
No one knows the answer.
There are many possibilities.
For example, it is believed that the ancient Egyptian sun god Atum-Ra took the form of a cat when he visited the underworld. Legend has it that Atum-Ra gave birth to eight other gods, thus representing nine lives. Others believe that this number may come from China, and in China, the number 9 is considered lucky.

What do nine lives mean?

why do they say cats have 7 lives
Ever heard that cats have 9 lives? You may be surprised to find that the numbers used in this common sense myth vary depending on where you hear it.
In some cultures, cats are said to have 6 lives.
In other cultures, cats have 7 lives. Finally, I think this is the most common form of expression-sometimes they are said to have 9 lives. Everything reaches your head right from the beginning-cats have only one life.
Their idea of ​​having multiple lives is definitely a myth, not a fact, nor is it based on any reality. We don’t know why this myth appeared, why it appeared in the form of three different numbers instead of one number, and we don’t know. Nonetheless, we did make educated, incredibly reasonable guesses, which explain well why this myth might appear and why each such number might rise in different cultures around the world. Next, I will discuss the differences in the exact number of cats’ lives between cultural backgrounds – namely why the numbers 6, 7, and 9 may end up being welcomed by others in different cultures. Why do people think that cats have many lives? Have you ever watched a cat-whether it is a house cat, a lion on TV or a leopard in a zoo, jumping, running and jumping-even falling-without scratches?
The fact that cats are so agile, agile and flexible may be related to the myth that cats have multiple lives. Wikipedia states:

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The myth is attributed to the natural flexibility and agility that cats exhibit and can escape life-threatening situations. The fact that also makes this myth believable is that falling cats often twist their bodies through instinctive righting reflections and fall on their feet. Nevertheless, falling from high altitude can still harm or kill cats. From a human point of view, the speed of cats is puzzling. Imagine seeing a cat fight with him or her from a ferocious dog or wolf, or any other predator, and get it out of a terrible, completely life-threatening quarrel, and quickly leave the speed .
I can understand why you think that cats have been facing and fighting for this near-death experience. This may mean that some people begin to believe that cats have more than one life, and they will be used up every time they are about to die.
Then there is the fact that when cats fall from a height, they have the ability to correct their posture in the air-even if they are built high in the air, they can usually save themselves with little or no physical damage. Once again, imagine seeing a cat falling from a high window, even if there are only one or two stories, a person falling, if it were not for the terrible wound or the infection of those wounds in history, he would definitely suffer Confidence hurts. It is impossible to repair easily. Ordinary domestic cat?
Landed on the foot, injured or not, walk to live another day.
It’s really impressive.
Finally, one suggestion I saw is that considering that humans often get sick before we know much about hygiene and medicine, and cats are very sick (compared to us), this makes sense to a large extent. Their immune system is much better than that of humans, so people think that they also have multiple lives.
Now, I want to make an additional point on this last point-cats rarely show pain, discomfort or disease. They will lick wounds and modify excessive wounds, and will hiss to relieve stress.
They may behave a little strangely, but they will not cry or meow in pain like humans. Due to the fact that cats do not express pain, this may lead people to believe that they will not get sick or injured even if they are injured. As a result, the chances of people believing in the life of cats are increased because they have never been injured or have never been ill-even so, the cat watcher may not be able to tell at all! If a cat’s agility, speed, immune system, and ability to correct its feet in the air when it falls from a height can all explain why cats are said to have multiple lives-what about these numbers? Where did 6, 7, and 9 come from?
Let’s see.
What do people think of cats living accurately at the age of 6, 7 or 9? Return to Wikipedia for an excellent overview:

According to many cultural myths, cats have multiple lives. It is believed that in many countries, they have 9 lives, but in Italy, Germany, Greece, Brazil and some Spanish-speaking regions, they are said to have 7 lives, while in Turkish and Arab traditions, they have 6 lives. .
Therefore, we have the vast majority of countries and cultures that believe in the nine life myths. We will study this figure more closely later.
Then, in the second most popular place, we have Italy, Germany, Greece, Brazil, and some Spanish-speaking countries and regions.
They say that cats have 7 lives. Again, we will take a closer look at this number later. Finally, there are several cultures that make the mythical cat have 6 lives-especially Turkish and Arab countries and traditions. So where do these hyper-specific numbers come from?
Strangely, the number of lives varies from one part of the earth to another. In an English-speaking country, there are nine people living instead of seven. These two numbers have special mysterious meanings in different cultures and religions.
In the Cabal, seven is one of the most magical numbers, and nine is a close second, representing life and abundance.
Although it is impossible to pinpoint the origin of the legend, it is believed that it was in the Middle Ages, when it was believed that witches were related to cats, especially black people. In 1584, the British writer William Baldwin (William Baldwin) said in the book “Beware of Cats”: “The witch is allowed to possess the body of a cat nine times.” Another Englishman, John Heywood, collected proverbs in 1546. Some of them said: “A woman is like a cat, with nine lives.” This version was probably passed to the Spanish and Portuguese when the Moors occupied the Iberian Peninsula-it began in the 8th century and lasted for nearly 800 years. The myth of seven cats from Portugal quickly spread to Brazil. Therefore, although we cannot be sure why these specific numbers were chosen, it seems…

The version of the cat with 9 lives may come from…

Historically, cats and witches seem to be connected. Either way, the connection between them seems to have been around for a long time. William Baldwin pointed out in his book “Beware of Cats” published in 1559:

Because witches often walk around in this way-as the saying goes, a cat has nine lives (that is, a witch can make a cat’s body nine times), which is very common in proverbs.
As pointed out in the introduction, in John Haywood’s proverb (again, dating back to 1546, when the book was published), there is a line that implies the myth that cats have 9 lives, and it says: “A woman There are 9 lives like a cat.”

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Therefore, even with the details of the ninth place, this myth can be traced back a long time ago. To be honest, although we have some guesses about where these specific numbers may appear, we may never know!
Facts have proved that these sources only appeared after the myth appeared and spread, and are based on the myth of cats with 9 lives. There are 7 life versions of cats that may come from…

The number 7 is considered to be the most “mysterious” and “magic” number there, so there is no problem with cats or the culture that actually respects or worships them (I think of the Egyptians here in ancient times) may have mistaken this number into mythology , Because even then, it was the most popular and common “lucky” or “magic” number. The version of cats with 6 lives may come from…

Finally, we have a myth that cats have six lives. And for some reason, I can’t find any guesses or information. I have a feeling that cats are considered to be associated with witches and witchcraft, evil and misfortune.
This fact has led to the rise of the number 6, because the number 6 in the Bible is also related to evil and Satan/devil. If you already have bad expressions or negative expressions or ideas about cats, it makes sense to combine myths with negative numbers. At least this is the theory I came up with, and it makes the most sense to me. How many lives do you think of cats?
What do you think of the myth that cats have many lives? Which version have you heard of -9, 7 or 6? Have you heard of more than one?
From what source (if you remember)? Do you have any theories about why people might think that these specific numbers are the lives of cats?

How many lives do dogs have?

why do cats have 9 lives and dogs don't
Just like the old wife legend, cats have nine lives.
Cats have 9 lives. Is this true?
Or is this just a myth passed down from generation to generation? The fact is-cats don’t have nine lives. Sadly, they are as deadly as the rest of us, with only one life, and that will inevitably end. Although not necessarily true, the claim that cats have more than one life spans multiple cultures.
It is undeniable that in some cultures, myths claim that cats have 6 or 7 lives. Despite this difference, when asked how many lives a cat has, most people still answer 9. Do cats have nine lives?
Some people do believe that cats have more than one life because they are reincarnated. Both movies and TV have portrayed cats as more than one life. In magical environments, cats are often used as a way for relatives who have passed away to wander around.
However, this is unlikely to originate from the belief that cats have nine lives. The old proverb says: “Cats have nine lives. He played three games, wandered for three, and he stayed in the last three.” This proverb accurately shows the love of cats by some people (and some people Annoying), but some people claim that the movement about a cat with nine lives came from elsewhere. Where did the idea that cats have nine lives come from?
Some people believe that this comes directly from the cat’s ability to withstand falls and barely escape death.
Generally speaking, cats are very animals, and they have indeed adapted to living in trees and swooping at their prey. They jump around on the ground without worrying about falling. If they do, they will twist their bodies in a magical way, so they will always fall on their feet. Many sources claim that they have the ability to expand the refrigerator and jump down without fear, making people think that they have nine lives. Why do cats have nine lives? What is the meaning of the number 9?

Although no one knows exactly the origin of the myth, any cat owner can tell you why they claim that these tenacious little plushs have 9 lives: cats have incredible survival skills. It seems that our cat will never get out of trouble. They can leap from heights and land with amazing agility. They have the talent to avoid potential dangers before turning them into serious risks. However, it is important to remember: your kitten is invincible.
We may use their abilities to overcome difficulties, but sadly, serious illness or injury may occur at some point.
The myth that cats have nine lives does not hold true, which is why it is vital to ensure reliable pet cover. Pures Pets can help you. Whether the cat stays indoors or roams outdoors, we want to make sure that your cat is protected. Our direct pet insurance can be tailored to your pet needs and budget, so that everyone is satisfied. Who constitutes the myth of “9 lives”?
According to Blue Cross, no one is completely sure of the origin of this myth. Even as early as the ancient Egyptian era, kittens were regarded as sacred creatures, many of which attached superstitions, supernatural powers and mysterious beliefs to cats. As a result, some people suspect that the myth starts here. Others’ rumors can be traced back to William Shakespeare, because they mentioned the nine lives of cats in Romeo and Juliet.
There is also an old proverb (author unknown) that states: “A cat has nine lives. He played three games, wandered three games, and he stayed for the last three games.”

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More likely, as time goes by, the myth becomes heavier and heavier, which is attributed to our kittens with their cleverness, dexterity and agility to get out of trouble. Is the black cat unlucky? This myth can be incredibly destructive, because even to this day, it is more difficult for them to go home due to the negative (but still fictitious) associations black cats carry. In many parts of the United States and Europe, black cats are considered a symbol of bad luck.
In Italy, some people think that a black cat jumping on the bedside of a patient’s bed indicates an impending death, while in China, it is found that the black cat is sometimes interpreted as a symbol of impending poverty. On the other hand, in Japan, crossing the road with a black cat is a sign of good luck-in Germany, it depends on the direction the cat is walking: from left to right is a good thing, from right to left is a bad thing.
If you happen to find a black cat at the door of Scotland, I believe you will soon be rich.
Does the cat fall on the foot every time?
Cats are very agile, due in large part to their flexible skeleton and “upright reflection”, which allows them to quickly twist in the air while falling and landing easily.
Of course, this is not always the case-Blue Cross points out heartbreakingly that many kittens suffer fatal injuries due to severe falls. Let’s consider other myths about cute kittens:

Do cats only make a purr sound when they are happy? Indeed, under normal circumstances, gorillas will hiss to express happiness and satisfaction, especially when humans make a fuss, the sound does not always indicate comfort. Cats may scream for fear, pain, or discomfort as a means of self-soothing.
They also hissed to comfort the kitten. Can putting butter on the cat’s paw help them go home?
Unfortunately, many of us still believe in this myth that before we move into a new house, we have to put butter on their kitty’s paws before letting them go out. This is not only incorrect, but also potentially dangerous. The myth states that butter can help mask the smell of your old house, help them settle in a new habitat and adjust to the environment while cleaning up the butter. For various reasons, this does not work. It is much safer to keep cats indoors two weeks before moving, so that they have time to realize that their new home is safe. Make sure they are chopped up and then gradually go on a supervised outdoor trip before mealtime-only during the day.
After a few weeks, they should settle down. Do cats prefer to be alone?
Although cats tend to be more lonely and isolated than canine cats, they still love animals very much and often establish deep connections with their owners (even domestic dogs), believe it or not. Indeed, many kittens prefer to be the only domestic cat, but as long as they do not have to share or wait for resources such as food or personal space, feline friendships can and do form.
Is milk the best choice for cats? For a long time, people have regarded milk as a nutritious food, and cats need good health even in adulthood.

The facts behind the nine lives of cats

The facts behind the nine lives of cats

We have all heard a common myth that cats have nine lives. But where did this novel about the immortality of cats actually come from?
Why is the number nine? Petplan reveals the myth of the nine lives of cats, explores how this sentence came about, and provides you with the true facts behind it! Do cats actually have nine lives?
Do not!
Cats have the same life as any other creature. However, cats may be the most independent pet among them. They can withstand falls and other serious accidents without causing fatal injuries, which may be the source of the saying “a cat has nine lives”. The myth that cats have multiple lives exists all over the world, but not always nine lives, and the number of them varies from culture to culture.
In some parts of Spain, cats are believed to have 7 lives, while Turkish and Arabic legends say cats have 6 lives. No one knows exactly the source of this expression, but it has existed for centuries, and even William Shakespeare used it in Romeo and Juliet:

“Tybalt: What are you going to bring me? Mercutio: Good king of cats, except for one of your nine people.” There is also an old English proverb that says: “Cats have nine lives. He plays with three and strays three.
The last three are left.” This may be the origin of the myth that cats have nine lives, but this proverb is not serious. Nine is also considered a magic number, which may also be part of the reason why cats are given nine lives.

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