Can cats see spirits?

How cats see
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The 17th century British priest Thomas Fuller once said that this is one of the most famous quotes we know today. “Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.” Many of us only remember the first part of the quote because the latter is usually not included.
Obviously, people who don’t believe in ghosts or ghosts will never think whether a cat can actually perceive or see them. But for a person who does this, one might think that cats can feel souls and ghosts.
Cole and Orange Marmalade know a thing or two about “supernatural cationization”…

Remember, those kittens feel far better than ours…

Your cat’s twitching whiskers and cute ears enable them to perceive and hear things we have never seen before. Cat’s hearing is 5 times higher than ours, and cat’s whiskers are deeply embedded in the cat’s face, which makes them feel comfortable even when they perceive the smallest movements. Their vision? It turns out that cats cannot be seen in complete darkness, but due to their eye structure, they can be seen in low light conditions. Scientists have proved that our feline friends are “sensitive to UV rays and can perceive UV rays.” (Dogs are the same.) So basically, this means that when your cat does not seem to respond to anything, they are actually The invisible ability to react to things you don’t like, especially in low light conditions.
The tiny gaps and pockets in cat ears allow them to pick up even the smallest sounds.
And the shape of their ears amplifies these sounds-which clearly explains why cats are so easily frightened by loud sounds. Or better yet, be fascinated by the smallest sounds…especially those that an unsuspecting person like us cannot hear.
Cole and orange marmalade, or a strange cat? You are the judge…

What signs of souls and ghosts can cats feel? Cats do amazing things time and time again and shock us. The Oscar hospice cat is responsible for predicting the deaths of more than 60 patients who crossed the other side.
Again, if you don’t believe in ghosts or ghosts, then you will not believe the countless strange and unexplainable stories I have heard from cat owners about them. I have also heard the story of an old lady, that is if a cat can live comfortably in your house, then this is a good sign, indicating that the spirit in your house is a good spirit and harmless to the human body. . As if they are running away from someone… or something

. It’s as if they are running away from someone… or something. Your cat seems to be particularly upset about a certain area of ​​your house, so choose to avoid it

You will notice that your cat seems to insist on looking for things in your house as if they are on a task to find what they are looking for

When a Reddit user was asked if he had seen a ghost or felt a soul before, it was an interesting share.
According to her, cats can even become souls by themselves…

There is a ghost cat in our last house. We have two (living) cats, a black old cat who cannot jump higher than the sofa, and a crazy white cat. I often work around the house, “seeing” our black cat under my feet, and reaching out to pet him, while he is not there. After a quick search, I found that he had a nap in another part of the house.
For the longest time, I just thought my eyes were lying to me.

Cats playing or fighting
6 minutes reading Can my cat see ghosts?
The creepy look they gave you…

Have you ever walked into a room and found a cat staring at the wall? Or maybe you are shocked by how curiously the cat looks at a specific corner-it seems to be tracking something in the room. If you encounter this situation-you are not alone. Cat parents all over the world have the same question: Does my cat see it? Are there any ghosts? To clarify this imminent issue, Dodo interviewed Dr. Rachel Barrack, a veterinarian at the Animal Acupuncture Hospital of New York City.
Dr. Barack said: “When cats seem to be staring into space, they may actually be perceiving subtle movements because their eyesight is much sharper than ours.” In fact, a 2014 study showed that cats Both dogs and dogs can see some spectra that we don’t know, such as ultraviolet (UV). Are there other great things? Although you may sometimes find a dog staring at a random angle, this happens almost as often as a cat. According to Dr.
Barrack, the reason may be related to the difference in personality between dogs and cats.
Barack said: “Cats-unlike dogs or other animals-are inherently more curious.” “This can explain their sometimes unstable behavior.” So although the cat’s curiosity can sometimes drive you crazy-or in this case, make you think she can see a larger area, she really can’t do anything. Katie Armour, the program coordinator of the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center, told Dodo: “I believe cats have extraordinary abilities, and we know that their feelings are stronger than ours.” Cat’s Curious nature-coupled with their ability to see these extra spectra-they can think that things are not completely safe when these flickering lights start to work.

Cat sleeping positions meaning
How the cat hears

Our perception of the environment is very different from the perception of a cat.
Did you know that they can hear frequencies four to five times higher than ours? In fact, due to their high frequency, they can use a series of ultrasound waves that humans cannot hear. Therefore, when your cat starts frantically looking for things that don’t seem to exist in all directions, it may not be looking for things, but trying to determine where the sound comes from. It may be a bat flying outside and emitting ultrasound to guide its flight.
If your cat often does this at the beginning of summer, now you will know why! The cat can hear a mouse walking on the grass 10 meters away. Moreover, we are not talking about a situation where mice are wearing tap shoes and running around on hardwood floors.
This explains why the cat sometimes stares at the wall of the living room. Maybe they heard a squirrel walking around on the roof, another cat under the window, or a neighbor playing a musical instrument in the basement… Hearing such a sensitive sound, imagine what else they would hear! Don’t you believe it? Listen to this: In addition to cats with excellent hearing ability, their ears are specially designed to detect the source of sound.
Humans can accurately identify the source of sound within 20 degrees, while cats can identify the source of sound within 5 degrees and determine the exact height of the sound, which we cannot do. Therefore, by moving their heads and ears (as if they see ghosts), cats can determine the source of the sound.
The size and mobility of their ears make it possible, just like listening to the giant satellites used in movies, they can listen to people planning a coup in a distance.

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Cat body language
When my sister brought our rescue cat home for the first time, he stared into space as if all night, and I don’t think he slept for a minute.
Considering that Sesame is a black cat, I firmly believe that this is conclusive evidence of my sister’s apartment.
But it turns out that Sesame’s behavior is completely explainable-in fact very common. The two veterinarians said that Dr. Carlos Gutiérrez of the small animal specialist DVM and Wendy Zimmerman, the associate veterinarian of the RAU Animal Hospital are DVM, CVA and CCRP respectively. There are four main reasons why cats are staring into space (none of them is because they see soul).
Why is my cat staring into space?
They are trying to get more light into their eyes. If you have ever used a camera flash to take pictures of cats under dim lighting, you may have noticed that their eyes protrude or even look ghostly. The luminescence you see is caused by a layer of tissue in the eye called the tapetum, which can capture even the smallest amount of light and bring it back through the retina. She added: “They are actually quite large because they are nocturnal animals.” In order to maximize the effect of the tapetum, especially at night, cats will open their eyes to illuminate as much as possible.
However, although the eyes widened, the staring eyes are normal, but the raised eyes are not. Dr. Zimmerman said: “Make sure the eyes are not sticking out.” “This may be a sign of a lot of things behind the eyes.” Their eye anatomy and cat’s instinct make them extremely observable. Cats are visual hunters and are naturally curious, which means that they keep watching at all times, day and night. Dr. Gutierrez explained: “Because of wild ancestors such as lions and panthers, domestic cats have the instinct for nocturnal activity.” Cats absorb a lot of things from their surroundings, including shadows and tiny bugs, and unless we have six to eight times more rod-shaped cells, we will not see them. According to Dr.
Gutierrez, the cat staring into space is nothing more than an alert, collecting information about its environment.
They will hear every little voice, even if we think it is dead. Dr. Zimmerman must remind us that a cat’s hearing is as important and powerful as its eyesight. Our perception of silence is very different from the perception of cats-in fact, our perception of silence ends right at the beginning of them.
Therefore, if your cat stares blankly into the distance, it usually means that they are staring at the noise or echo they hear and are trying to find the source of it. Cats can hear sounds 1.5 octaves higher than us, and can detect changes in sounds, even as tiny as the wind outside, or your pillow falls on the floor in the middle of the night. Dr. Zimmerman said: “If there is a lot of debris or pus in your ears and the ear wash does not solve the problem, you may need to contact a veterinarian. Sometimes ear infections may occur.” 4.
They have too much catnip . Catnip has a calming effect, so if a cat is addicted to too much catnip, it can usually be distinguished by simply looking at their eyes. This usually translates into a fixed, relaxed gaze, as if there is nothing.
The response varies from cat to cat and should not cause major concern. Dr. Gutierrez said: “There are some studies that show that catnip can produce a certain degree of relaxation in some cases, and even cause salivation and excessive drooling in some cases.” This is normal.
If my cat is staring into space, should I be worried? Both Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Zimmerman agree that staring into space is completely normal for a healthy cat, but there are always exceptions.
If you are concerned, it is always safest to consult a veterinarian.

Can cats see ghosts? Where’s the angel? Or even a demon? Well, animals may not use language to communicate like humans do, but real animal observers will realize that animal voices and body language do communicate well. Cats are one of these animals. In addition to communicating with their owners, they also have connections. This may seem a bit unusual for humans who think this is absurd, but if you observe cats keenly, their intelligence will not be as clumsy as many of us think.
Some feline observers discovered that their cats were constantly staring at a certain location, and later discovered that they made unusual sounds from there. Cats and supernatural activities

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Other examples include cats that feel ghostly and stare at the stairs like someone walking around. After staring for a while, it seemed that they were trying to fight with their face.
But is this true? There is another cat living with his pet owner, staring at a room all the time. The homeowner actually reported that she could hear some unusual sounds coming from the room.
Does the cat see what is invisible to human eyes? It is predicted that cats can see things that normal people can’t normally see from the spiritual world. According to some studies, it is said that cats really know more than humans. They feel a certain shock, which seems to be the reason why they despise people who don’t like cats. This is very shocking, but they can feel the negative emotions of certain people, and they tend to stay away from such people or treat them with his nose.
They even know when the host will arrive and who loves them the most. They even have the ability to be aware of any dangers in their vicinity or the pet’s parents. Another well-known feature they possess is knowing whether the guardian is sad or injured. The myth of cats

In ancient Egypt, people worshiped cats.
Egyptian culture is famous for its love of cats.
At that time, killing a cat was considered a crime, and the person who hurt the cat should be punished.
If the cat dies, everyone in all households must shave their eyebrows. They worship a goddess. Like a cat, the goddess is the protector of female secrets and the guardian of evil spirits and diseases. For the Egyptians, cats are an important animal, they think it is a way to communicate with the spiritual world. Although this may shock us, if we are to believe in Egyptian mythology, then cats can communicate with the soul, and they may be able to clearly identify a cat. Cats have happened many times in the past, and their species has also played an important role, which makes people completely believe that they can actually understand whether there are any supernatural phenomena around them.
Is it really possible? Is the cat a spiritual protector?
It has been observed that cats behave strangely when they feel unusual presence around them. Some people even say that if they feel there is any psychological presence there, they will not like this place.
Ancient Egyptian mythology claims that cats have the ability to repel demons. Many folklore say that dogs bark at night to drive away any demons. The same is true for cats.
Buddhists believe that cats are the soul of the dead, and they will live in the cat’s life again after death.
It is also believed that cats will see any halo or evil presence around humans. Many people believe that when cats “know” their owner, they can easily predict the future, or they can easily feel it. Of course, they may not be able to completely protect you from evil spirits, but according to popular beliefs, they may warn you if anything bad will happen.
Some owners reported that they saw the cat’s eyeballs moving as if it was watching someone walking up or down the stairs. So does the cat really see ghosts and horns? Sadly, cats are also related to bad luck. Whenever a black cat crosses your path, you either wait for someone to cross it first, or you can turn and try to follow another path.
This may seem trivial, but the simple fact that we still do it shows that we must trust it to some extent. On the contrary, some people like cats and do not believe that they may be related to any supernatural ability. In either case, we must admit that they do behave weird sometimes, and sometimes we can see their behavior as if they see the people around them.
Nevertheless, it is entirely up to you to believe that they have any supernatural powers.
Cats are closely related to our lives.

Does your dog ever bark does not exist? Does your cat hiss while staring into an empty space? If the answer is yes, then there will be some bad news: your house may be haunted by demons. But don’t be afraid! The good news is that your pets are busy fending off them.
The new survey shows that many pet owners believe that their furry friends can protect them from evil spirits.
According to the latest survey of more than 2,000 pet owners in the UK by animal charity Blue Cross, more than 30% believe that their pets can protect them from ghosts and spirits. Many pet owners report that their dogs or cats remind them of supernatural existence by barking, growling or staring at something, or avoiding invisible objects. Some interviewees said that when there is strong alcohol nearby, their pets will also show open neck hair.

Photographic illustration: courtesy of The Cut; photo: Getty Images/Getty Images

I love my dog, Cleo very much, but she is not a canine rocket scientist, nor any other animal.
Therefore, one night a few years ago, when she began to concentrate on an empty corner of my apartment, I didn’t find it strange. When my roommate and I stood in the kitchen looking at her-her little body was fully alert in front of the empty wall-I really liked my sweet, simple little idiot. “That’s my girl,” I thought. “Fire on all cylinders.”

“Do you know what it means for an animal to stare at an empty corner?” my roommate said. “It means there is a ghost in that corner and she can see it.”

“Oh,” I said, without further questioning the statement. Over time, my roommate’s comments gradually became facts in my mind.
Whenever I saw the dog staring at me idly, I thought, “Well, it must be a ghost.” It never scared me. . Their business seems to be related to Cleo, not me.
Can pets see ghosts?
Can they communicate with them?
Are some pets better than others?
What is my dog ​​talking to them, do they know if she loves me as much as she loves her?
I found that the answers to the first three questions depend on two points. First, do the experts themselves believe in ghosts first, and second, do they reply to my email? For example, there is a very famous dog trainer-we call him Geezer Gillan-and his team has not responded to my multiple requests for comment on multiple platforms, even though I have seen E with my two eyes! In an episode of Hollywood Media Theater where he establishes a connection with one of the dead dogs. okay then.
Fortunately, Jackson Galaxy, an expert on cat behavior and health, and the host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat in Hell”, are willing to talk to me and tell me that he himself is a supernatural believer. “Everyone has their own inclinations. I have a lot of experience.
This makes my view more vivid. “When we spoke on Zoom in the afternoon, he said. He explained that from a purely evolutionary point of view, cats have evolved things that we humans cannot perceive. Their eyes can see perfectly with the smallest amount of light. Their hearing is six to eight times better than ours, and their whiskers are designed to detect everything from changes in temperature to changes in airflow. But does this mean cats can see ghosts? The Galaxy admits that skeptics may argue Say, if you find cats staring at an empty wall, it’s because they happened to hear a mouse inside, or a plaster fell off, or something happened that we didn’t feel, but our cat did. But The Milky Way thinks there may be more. He said that his own cat always absorbs energy in the house. “I started from one place and said that we cannot be the only beings in the universe. I was so passionate about the idea of ​​the “Animal Planet” star, so I decided to study this issue more deeply and talk to people who are both pets and ghost experts.
However, when several pet psychologists ignored my email, I began to lose hope. Maybe I will never know if Cleo actually saw a ghost. Nevertheless, this uncertainty did not stop me from warning a few new puppy friends that if they had caught their dog staring at an empty corner, they might lock their eyes with supernatural eyes. Yes, my information is unverified, but I think it’s better to keep them vigilant. Then Katherine Bozzi returned to me. Bozzi is an animal communicator living in British Columbia.
He communicates with living and dead animals through meditation. Of course, Bozzi believes that animals can see the spirit. (I think it’s unusual to find an animal communicator who didn’t do this, but I’m not sure because, as I mentioned before, many people ignore my emails.) However, according to her professional point of view, dogs or cats can of course also be associated with a spirit. She said that, generally speaking, animals are more willing to experience spiritual connections than humans, because animals are not culturally accustomed to viewing these moments as pure imagination.
She explained: “We are all beings, and at this moment we are all souls on earth.” “As long as we are willing, we can feel that connection.”

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However, selfishly, I want to learn more about dogs.
What happened to my Cleo?
I got in touch with Grisha Stewart, a dog handler, author and speaker in Oregon. Stewart told me that many people shared with her stories about their animals that seemed to draw inspiration from some spiritual thing. In one eerie example, a trainer told her a dog they had worked with, but refused to enter the basement of the family house. She said that following that, the dog was all right down the road. Stewart said: “Such things make me think.” He admitted that she has been looking for more rational reasons for the abnormal behavior of animals. But in the end, she believes that it would be great if you think that your pet can see and connect with the spirit will help you, or make you feel at ease. Why not insist? “My husband passed away a year and a half ago,” Stewart told me in September. “After my husband passed away, one thing I did was to deliberately give up this suspicion, because he knew he would comfort me, because I knew it would comfort me.”

Stewart tells the story of a woman who reached out to help. The woman’s father died, and she took over his dog. Every once in a while, the dog would stand up and shake excitedly, as if someone were in the room.

One minute, your kitten is placed on the sofa, another minute is distracted by a blank wall. You look at the wall for some signs, but you can’t see anything to explain the sudden interest.
Some people claim that the enhanced senses of cats allow them to see ghosts or spirits. But let’s take a look at how cat’s hearing works to understand the actual situation. Did you know that cats’ hearing frequency is four to five times higher than ours? In fact, due to their high frequency, they can use a series of ultrasound waves that humans cannot hear. Your cat’s ears are shaped like a radar disk and can move independently within a 180-degree range. The cat can hear a mouse walking on the soft grass more than ten meters away.
Their ability to master these frequencies far exceeds our hearing ability.

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