Can cats have orgasms?

Can cats have orgasms? In cats, there is a descending system that controls the posture required for mating behavior. The gray around the midbrain aqueduct (PAG) plays a key role, and it maintains a strong specific projection of the antisense nucleus located on the outermost medulla oblongata. In turn, NRA can directly enter the motor neurons in the waist produce line to produce a mating posture.
This approach is slightly different for males and females, but in females, its intensity fluctuates drastically depending on whether the cat is heated or not. In this way, PAG can determine whether it can be paired. Through PAG, the limbic system and many other areas in the prefrontal cortex and islands affect mating behavior. In humans, the brain also controls the response to sexual stimuli as well as male ejaculation and female orgasm.
Neuroimaging technology shows activation and deactivation, but it is impossible to verify whether PAG has a similar effect to cats.

Do animals get pleasure when they mate?

Sometimes, female cats’ tails scratching their tails will make them “irritated.” If you have ever had a queen, then you will find that this releases some of her “sexual” tendencies. Besides, or if you are interested in these types of things, I think if you wander down their pesky cat path, I will say no. The reaction you describe sounds like “kitten mode reflex”.
Your scratching is like giving their mother cat a beautiful look when imitating kittens.
This is also related to their feeding, so their saliva is sometimes drooling. Paul Saud’s Paul: Paul Saud’s Paul: Hello Kitty’s sex involves a lot of biting, screaming and probably orgasm

Furthermore, cat sex usually involves the male biting the female on the skin. When Tom finishes and withdraws its “Willi” cat, its barb will “sever” the female, causing a lot of pain there and stimulating ovulation.

Monkey business Monkey business.
Ah, this old question.
When an animal walks towards it like an animal, how does it end?
Does Big O have an animal version? In fact, this is hard to say. “In short, we don’t know anything about orgasms in other species-in fact, scientists are still studying the importance/evolution of female orgasms in humans,” said Marlene, professor of ecology, evolution and behavior at the university. · A letter from Marlene Zuk from Minnesota wrote me an email. Unlike humans, animals cannot tell us that they are having an orgasm, so we cannot really know what their experience is like. In most cases, we assume that male animals reach orgasm because of one type of ejaculation. Although one of them may occur without the other, they are usually parallel. (Or something on hand.) Although all female mammals have clitoris, the problem of female orgasm is more intense than usual.
The research of primate orgasm usually focuses on macaques, which are a subset of monkeys.
They are often used in research because they are genetically similar to humans and have similar reproductive systems. Clinical psychiatrist Alfonso Troisi in Rome studied female orgasms in Japanese macaques. They believe that it is much easier to study orgasms in the laboratory than in gorillas or chimpanzees. Rhesus monkeys tend to mate for longer than primate species such as gorillas, and this is a reward if you try to observe their mating behavior. “In the laboratory, through artificial stimulation, almost any primate can trigger female orgasm.” In a 1998 study, he and his co-author wrote: “Under certain circumstances, non- Human primate females may experience orgasm.” However, the speed of female orgasm is variable, and they are not sure what caused them.
Their research found that, for example, the dominance level of male macaques may play a role. While writing his master’s thesis at the University of Oklahoma, Allen manually stimulated the clitoris and vagina of female chimpanzees, “the sexual response and orgasm of female chimpanzees.” (Of course, he described his work at the party is very interesting.) As he and Lemmon wrote in later papers, “Most of these women allow stimulation to continue sexual arousal.
One of them allows stimulation to continue to orgasm on ten different occasions.” As they faithfully record, the average number of “digital thrusts” (“performed at a rate of about one to two per second”) required before vaginal muscle contraction begins is 20.3. Alan is pathetic. Yes, the drawings are involved. Monkey tail orgasm monkey tail orgasm

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Therefore, when it comes to primates, orgasms are bound to occur. What about the rest of the animal kingdom? Tim Birkhead said: “Who knows if it resembles a human orgasm, but the external behavior looks like it.” We know that the male red-billed buffalo loom is the only way to show sex. Orgasmic birds. Professor, Department of Animal and Botany, University of Sheffield. Burkhead spent many years observing the whereabouts of birds, which eventually reached its peak in a study published in 2001. This buffalo weaver is a sub-Saharan African and has a fake penis-it has no sperm tube and will not have an erection, but when Burkhead and his colleagues manually stimulated a simulation of a buffalo weaver Members, this bird seems to be orgasm.
So, what is the dolphin that is widely touted as the only other sexually entertaining species?
First of all, animals will not continue to do this except for orgasm, because they really want to have babies.
They do this because it feels good (which is ultimately good for the reproduction of the species). As Daniel Bergner pointed out in his book What Women Want:

The mouse doesn’t think that I want a child. Such a plan is beyond her scope. Driving is for immediate rewards, for fun. Moreover, this satisfaction must be strong enough to exceed their energy consumption and fear of harm to competitors or predators who claim to own it. When you are lost in bed, it must overcome the horror of being killed. Sexual satisfaction must be very high. However, he told me via email: “We don’t know whether dolphins feel orgasm, because there is no research to measure the brain response of dolphins during sexual activity.” Morisaka did capture the first ever self-emission of a dolphin. He The report (with NSFW video) was published in an ultra-readable study of “PLOS ONE”.
This study shows that, so far, sleepy mice, guinea pigs, domestic cats, warthogs, horses and chimpanzees have spontaneously ejaculated. Although this kind of research is interesting, watching animals fall, hoping to describe their orgasms in detail in an academic way seems outdated.
Trois said: “The 1970s and 1980s were the golden age of primate research and animal behavior,” and he left primate research ten years ago. “Today, (even in the United States) there is almost no money, no funds for field researchers, and scientists in the laboratory are facing opposition from animal rights activists. Few people pay attention to behavioral observation. “He wrote. For example, hooking a monkey in a dog harness and stimulating it with a silicon monkey dildo may be difficult to obtain approval.
Other researchers agree. Emory University (Emory University) Psychology professor Kim Wallen said, “Animal research has basically disappeared. ”

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According to Wallen, the demise of animal orgasm research involves multiple factors.
On the one hand, because we can fix people in fMRI scanners, it is easier to study orgasm. Studying animal sexual behavior is difficult-Birkhead told Nature about the evidence of what it feels like to chase mate birds: “I chased them all the time, sweating binoculars and sweating profusely. ”

In addition, the types of animal studies that were approved in the 70s and 80s may not pass today’s research review committee.

But does this also include physical pleasure?
One method of discovery is to study examples of sexual behaviors that are unlikely to lead to fertility, for example, between two or more males or females; one or more individuals are sexually immature, or sexual behaviors that occur outside the breeding season. Chimpanzees, such as the so-called “hippie apes”, are known for same-sex interactions and interactions between mature individuals and sub-adults or adolescents. However, you don’t have to be a no chimpanzee to enjoy “non-conceptual” sex, as can a white-faced capuchin monkey. Of these two species, primatologists Joseph Manson, Susan Perry and Amy Parish found that the attraction of females to males is related to their The fertility has nothing to do. In other words, even in situations where it is impossible to get pregnant, such as when they are pregnant or breastfeeding at birth, they still have ample sex life.

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