Are siamese cats mean?

Are siamese cats mean? I have owned Siamese cats all my life and love them. But they are a special kind. These are some things you should know about Siamese before going out. liliy2025 (CC0) via Pixabay

Most people like to do some research when deciding whether to keep a pet. After reading an article by an experienced owner, I convinced myself that (for now) I no longer own pigs, gliders, tarantulas, mice, rabbits, goats, chickens, and horses. I don’t want to influence your opinion of Siamese cats, but I hope you make wise decisions and do the best for everyone. The Siamese dog is one of the oldest recognized breeds of Oriental cats, which originated in Thailand (previously known as Siamese).
Now, I know that the temptation of those big blue eyes may be enough to get you into a sentence of 15 to 20 years, but it is important that you be happy so that you can make your kitties come in groups. Believe me, the last thing you want is an angry Siamese! This article will set a record and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this breed. This is an example of an angry Siamese. Author’s cat

They yelled

Unless this is the first article you have read about Siamese cats, you may already know their vocal skills. Please listen-I don’t want you to understate this.
Let me help you understand how annoying and beautiful their little voices are. When we brought the little kitten home for the first time, we thought she was broken.
It has been several years since I own Siamese cars, but I forgot how talkative they are.
When I hugged her, she would stare into my eyes deeply and only a few inches from my face, regardless of her nasty breath attacking my nostrils. I almost took her back to the vet because I was worried that she was sick. If you think the cat is quiet and sticks to yourself most of the time, be prepared to be surprised.
Most of them never tire of describing all the naps they take during the day, all the cores of the food they eat, all the bugs they see, all the ideas they have, all the furniture they destroy-details. They sincerely like the sound of their own voice. The advantage of this is that you will always have someone you can “talk” to.
I know this will make me sound like a crazy cat lady (I think my cat, I think I should be Rain), but she will have a “conversation” until I feel bored and stray. When she is in a good mood, her meow is sweet and subtle. But if she gets angry, their brains will split. And now, the truth-Siamese cat paws are very loud, especially when they really want something.
No walls, doors or fences can effectively prevent sound from spreading directly to your ear canal. If you believe that you will be able to fall asleep through it, sadly you will misunderstand it. Rainy meow

They are affectionate

Quite the opposite! If you want a cat because they are independent and happy without you, then Siamese cats may not be for you. People I know (I already own 3) absolutely love to keep hugging, hugging and fussing. Without sitting on my lap or wandering in any room where I am, the rain will not exceed an hour to ensure that I remain her faithful servant. When I was an adult, our Siamese cat is now 15 years old. Over the years, she has placed me in my place many times. However, no matter how much I disturb her, she will always sit on my lap, pursing thunderously at me. Children are not the gentlest animals who love animals, so the fact that China still loves me so much is not a trivial matter for cats.
It is wrong to think that they are different and stupid. Yu and China don’t like to stay alone.
When we returned from the holiday, Rain suffocated us affectionately. If you want a cat that doesn’t particularly care about your existence, don’t choose a Siamese cat. It seems that they need more love and affection than most dogs I have seen. If you are unwilling to give your cat enough attention, then you will definitely pay the price for the cat’s bad behavior.
If you don’t pay attention to them, this breed will also be notorious for being jealous, which may be why they are known for being mean. Siamese cat needs stimulation

If you work full-time but still want to acquire Siamese, then consider considering two people so that when you leave, they will at least get together. Because this breed is easy to get bored, you need to make sure to buy a lot of toys for them, a scratched pillar and some furniture for climbing cats.
They sometimes make their own games and like to climb mountains. As we all know, they hide in refrigerators or shelves and crash into passers-by. I have tried everything. Maybe it’s a Siamese thing, or maybe it’s a cat thing, and I’m crazy about trying to train an animal that thinks it is better than…well, basically everything.
But this breed is known for its ingenuity and ability to master new skills! When I tried the water bottle tactic, the “experts” suggested that she just raised her eyes and continued to do what I didn’t want her to do. No matter how long I “persistent”, she will persist for longer. I finally gave up, knowing that I was defeated by the cat again. I tried to beat her because I thought if I imitated her behavior, she would understand her mother tongue. Do not.
She looked at me like I was crazy and learned that she could beat me. Blunder. When I started using kitten cookies to enhance positive behaviors, she believed that what I really wanted was to trouble her with another treatment as often as possible. I even tried to limit her to a punishment. I find that the only effective way is to hug her when she doesn’t want to be hugged or in a way she doesn’t agree with. This means I have to give her a lot of hugs, sing for her, and tell her how cute she is. Can be sure to win me at least ten minutes of alone time. Although it is possible to train your Siamese to play tight or leash, they must at least be interested in it.
Otherwise, you will not have any luck. These cats only do what they want. The pros and cons of owning a Siamese cat

Advantages and disadvantages They like to be with people and behave more like dogs than cats. If you work full-time or are busy a lot, your cat will definitely show up and become destructive.
They are easy to retouch. They yelled, their voices were more annoying than the cry of a baby.
They are loyal and affectionate. They need a lot of stimulation and can easily become bored. How dare I take a picture of her? They may also suck wool or other fabrics, or participate in pica, which is non-food consumption.
This behavior usually starts before the age of two, so if you find that your cat often does any of these things, it may be time to talk to your veterinarian. Basic Guide to Care of Siamese Cats

The great advantage of this variety is that they are easy to modify. Their short, thin coats are easy to care for, and they are combed weekly to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils.
Brush your teeth to prevent periodontal disease. Daily dental hygiene is the best, but weekly brushing is better than nothing. Since these cats are very long, their slim body will quickly show weight gain.
They may even expose their belly after a day of overeating, so their nutrition must be carefully controlled. What are the different varieties? Variety Standard: This is the standard Siamese language recognized by the Cat Fan Association. They have big blue eyes, pleasant triangular heads and short coats. They are also muscular and sporty. This is the standard Siamese language recognized by the Cat Fan Association.
They have big blue eyes, pleasant triangular heads and short coats. They are also muscular and sporty. Seal points: Their fawn coats can recognize them, and they usually darken with age.
Their tips are dark brown, just like seals. It is believed that their overall color ranks first among all types of Siamese cats. Their fawn coats usually darken with age, so they can be identified. Their tips are dark brown, just like seals. It is believed that their overall color ranks first among all types of Siamese cats. Chocolate dots: They have dark brown dots and beige coats.
They have dark brown spots and beige coats.
Their body color is lighter than the color of the SEALs, and their noses and pads tend to be pink.
Blue dots: The difference between them is very obvious. Their faces, ears and the tips of their tails will turn blue. They are unique in that their faces, ears and the tips of their tails are bluish.
Lilac color point: This variant was officially recognized in 1955 and is characterized by purple, gray or pale pink tones.
Their coats are usually larger than other types.
Six facts about Siamese cats

The color of their coat is determined not only by genetics. This breed has a special modified gene that can inhibit the development of pigments on the fur, leading to albinism.
But did you know that this gene only affects their hair when their body temperature is between 100 and 102.5 degrees?
Once their temperature drops below 100 degrees, their color will be restored.
They are a very old breed.
Curvy tails and crossed eyes were once common features. Although this is the result of heredity, legend has it that a group of Siamese cats were sent to guard the royal wine glass. The cat stared into the goblet, eyes crossed.
And because their tails wrap the wine glass around the wine glass to improve safety, their tails become permanently curved. They were treated as royalty. This breed usually belongs to the royal family of Thailand, and they treat them like kings and queens.
The first Siamese cat in the United States lived in the White House: this dog breed did not appear in the United States until the late 19th century. One of the earliest owners of Siamese cats was the first lady Lucy Hayes, the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. She received the cat as a gift from an American diplomat working in Thailand.
They have appeared in many Hollywood movies, including “The Incredible Journey”, “Ladies and the Tramp” and “The Damn Cat!” Actually, the whole plot of that damn cat!
All in all, Siamese cats are great. If they can speak, they might tell us that they are God’s greatest gift. I will not disagree. SPONGEBOB 101 on September 5, 2020:

My Siamese kitten is full of energy around 8:00 pm. She chased her tail, I taught her to sit, she did play. She is very caring and loving. Cheryl F on August 5, 2020:

We got a Siamese crossfold cat 100% from a wild cat group rescued by the wild. She is all in this article, haha.
Jon N on July 2, 2020:

Hello there. I want to know if you think that the Siamese language mixed with American shorthair cats will still have the strong characteristics of the Siamese language?
I want to train the cat to keep it away from the counter. I do plan to get 2 so that I can get together at work. thank you.
Nichole Cisneros (Nichole Cisneros) on July 1, 2020:

I am accepting a Siamese kitten, she is three months old.
I just hope she is happy in our house! ! ! Judith Howard (Judith Howard) on June 30, 2020:

Weezie is a 21-year-old Siamese woman who lacks hair for a long time.
She ran our house most of the time in the tie (especially at night) and we did not get the sleep we needed. When she was taken away from her mother when she was a child, we got her.
She wants to eat non-stop all night and sleeps during the day (maybe 3 hours), I need some advice. Thank you! Marie Thompson on June 9, 2020:

No, don’t leave him or her for so long, if you leave her to get 2 Siamese or expect trouble

On May 1, 2020, Gabby:

Do i need it?
On April 29, 2020, Iqra Jamil (Iqra Jamil):

Hi, I want to buy a Siamese cat because I think it suits me well. However, I am still in school, which means I will leave school between 9:30 am and 2:00-4:00 pm, which means I will stay at home for at most 6 hours and 30 minutes-should I still buy Does this cat want it because of me?
Do you think the cat can leave me alone for a while? But whether she is my sweetheart. Yes… her name is Zoe

Mesha on February 3, 2020:

I have a question, what kind of problem do they have? Anna Quitaleg (Anna Quitaleg) on ​​January 19, 2020:

I really like my Siamese cat named pink. She is my first cat ever. Whenever she wants or needs something, whenever I enter deep sleep, she will never stop talking or even wake me up. Hahaha.. She is smart, playful, persistent, sweet and obedient, except for not wanting to be kissed. Since the day she came, we have regarded her as part of our family. She brings us a lot of happiness every day. Cheri Gaston on January 17, 2020:

I have a 6 month old Siamese kitten-solid and smooth black with green eyes. Because of her behavioral skills, she may be very sweet, full of love and also very annoying. Her real name is Jetta, but it is more common to “stop and get down from there.” The worst habit I will not endure is jumping on the kitchen cabinet.
She is also very positive about food. This is my first time in Siam.
I am reading an article about this species. We call her angel

Trenay on December 16, 2019:

What I want to say is that if you are spanking the cat’s butt and spraying it, you must be a badass.
But my rational part knows that you may not be out of malice. Therefore, I will share some of my findings with you. …If you don’t want to hear what I say, you must seek your own information and draw your own conclusions. Most cats do not respond well to punishment. I have read several articles and books by veterinarians and cat behaviorists who advocate against punishing cats. They suggest not to punish the cat. This is mainly because your cat does not know the reason for the punishment and the experience that may bring unnecessary stress to the kitten. It is very challenging to communicate the specific reasons for the punishment to the cat. They theorized this theory by studying the cat’s brain, attention span, memory and other aspects. So, suppose your cat comes to you and vice versa, and then you continue to punish the cat because they have only done X behavior.
Your cat will not associate punishment with X. It will contact you. Interacting with you and being punished can cause considerable damage and reduce your contact.
When you punish them, you may destroy your relationship with cats. Many cat behaviorists and veterinarians advise not to punish bad behavior (not to mention a more accurate term), but to reward good (desired) behavior. The cat’s response to positive reinforcement is much better than its response to negative reprimand or punishment.
Likewise, your cat may be malnourished or have health problems that are driving him to eat weird things.
But then she followed me. Every time I stopped, she would hug my feet and then climb up on me on the sofa and sleep there for a few hours, which made me happy that she was my best friend. The biggest problem is trying to prevent her from making such a big complaint. A few months ago, she underwent surgery to repair the lux bone, but I was worried that she would hurt herself.
But obviously she didn’t care what to do, but when she fell again, she dumped the other couple Grand into her knees.
Warga on October 4, 2019:

I have two Siamese kittens, one is 5 months old and the other is only 6 months old. They do follow you all the time and love to play with each other.
But they hate being picked up and imprisoned. Maybe because the previous breeders gave birth to some children, they might have been picking them up. Voice-no, only when they want food.
Otherwise they are quiet.
But when I watch TV and hug, they do come over. Therefore, they leave the bedroom at night. Now, they are naughty teenagers, all-encompassing.
I like to see them at home and watch their antics. They will climb up the gauze on the windows, shower curtains and screens.
There are bricks on the walls of my kitchen as decoration, and they also chiseled the bricks. I think they are too heavy now to do this. They eat a lot but are very thin because they are very active. I wish I could pick them up and hug them, but they would squirm from my hands. However, this is their personality, and I like their independence and curiosity. Now, Simbay my is on my lap. But pick her up…no way! Dr. Sarah Young on October 3, 2019:

Someone knows how to stop my Siamese from chewing plastic bags, wrapping gifts and other things besides the chewing toys I gave her that can make teeth go round! jhon Belvedad on September 4, 2019:

I made my cat a few weeks old and hated being scratched by the tail, but

All my other cats like it, why choose her? Rosewhyne on August 18, 2019:

I am definitely a loyal supporter of Siamese cats. I have a grown-up named Mr.
Moto, he will let me dress him in doll clothes, and always sleep in my bed at night. He is a key point and is the leading variety of apples.
I now own another top-secret sterilized male who was adopted from the Humane Society.
I named him Moto in memory of my childhood friend.
Moto’s socks are white and his chest is white, so he is not pure and looks like a snowshoe cat. Although he is a real Siamese. Harsh, loud, aggressive (sometimes) and real character.
I just adopted a Siamese hybrid cat. It looks more like a rag doll. I named him Wong, and he is quickly becoming a friend of Moto. On August 10, 2019, Clara:

I like the Siamese kittens and cats in Genril! He is full of personality. He can open cabinets and doors with levers. Even though we live on a heavily trafficked road, and despite strict leash laws, many families near us still allow their dogs to roam freely, he decided to become a wild cat.
I took him outside to get some fresh air, but when I tried to train him for traction, he was like a little Houdini. He can slide any collar or seat belt. Although he is a little weird, we still like him very much. Cathy Moffit, June 9, 2019:

After losing the first Siamese Sly for cancer, we adopted two sealed-point Siamese nine years ago.
He is the cutest little boy and has been to two overseas missions with us.
He is a real soldier!
We really miss him. The two people we now have are equally outstanding and have lived with us for three years in Thailand. I am very happy that we decided to get two this time, because they did retain each company when we were not at home.
Florence Doris on May 28, 2019:

I love Siamese cats and females.
The last Siamese cat I lived in for 21 years.
Last year, she was very sad and we went to the vet many times.
She must keep the b12 shot to maintain her strength. I will not give up on her. She is a soldier, and I don’t want to let her go. I was very sad after her death. I am looking for another one. I have a cat, but she is a domestic cat with female black and white spots, so I call her plaque, she is 5 years old this year.
I adopted her from the humane society. She needs company.
I think if I can get a female cat, and I want a Siamese female cat. Florence (Florence.dorris). @


. z


OwU on May 27, 2019:

Tmall spots are the best!
I haven’t yet, but her name is Kelpi

Lydia Irene (author) from the Southwestern United States on May 22, 2019:

@markdeem, I have never heard of Siamese cats vomiting a lot, but based on experience, I will tell you that my current Siamese cats can vomit. In fact, any time she vomited or was anxious, she would vomit, ulcers, and must take medication. Then, it was like she had been swallowing and vomiting so much that she was no longer able to eat freely. At first I thought it might be because the food did not provide her with the nutrients she needed, but after changing the food many times, she realized that this is a behavior. Thank you very much for your comment. I will investigate this and see what can be found. Mark Dem on May 19, 2019:

My brother simese cat vomited. His veterinarian said that this is a common animal in this breed. Really? Lory on May 18, 2019:

I have a mixed Siamese cat. She is a yo, very talkative and playful, but doesn’t like being petted by others.
She is 1 year old and recently attacked my cousin (5 years old). My cousin was afraid of her and yelled when they were playing and my cat jumped up. I think my cat was also frightened, thinking that my cousin tried to attack her and she attacked her back. She started hissing as she chased my cousin.

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JADYN SEPULVEDA on May 4, 2019:

When you put in various Siamese, you will forget the red dot

Roxanne on April 28, 2019:

My husband and I have two Siamese cats. Miss Cat and Kitty, brothers and sisters, we got them when we were 12 weeks old.
They are not talkative or do not want to be detained.
We will interact with them when we grow up. I am very upset because they are not captive cats or do not want to be petted. Their beauty makes up for what they lack. My grandmother is 18 years old. Singing is not friendly either.
I have other cats who love cats very much. King on April 19, 2019:

I need help.i the red content about siamies

Gabriela on March 25, 2019:

I read a lot of articles about Siam.
Daryl was the first whole blood Siam I owned, but I also have other mixed Siamese and tabby cats.
They are very loud, they are very talkative people, especially a person named Chocolate, he can’t put it down! On the other hand, Daryl is the quietest cat I have.
Some people even asked him if he could meow! He appeared healthy and happy, but very quiet. Bob H (Bob H) on March 23, 2019:

The great article is very real. Currently, we have a second pair of Seal Dot Siamese cats (brothers and sisters), they like to be the center of everything in the house.
And, when they want something or don’t like their job, they will be more willing to tell you. I have raised a cat in my life (63 years old).
Siamese love and like to be with you, sitting on your lap, watching what you are doing, or sleeping all night. Sheila on March 19, 2019:

I am 11 years old. She loves my husband very much, and she insists that he take a nap so that she can hold his hand. This is the occurrence of every dash.
I took her out, but when I said “home”, she leaned close to the door and insisted on a treat.
She yelled at night and brought the toy to our bed. He doesn’t mind at all! Love me lucky

Cindy Luce, February 6, 2019:

Regarding Siamese cats, I cannot say good enough. I only have 2 in my life. Now my female Siamese dog is 16 years old, and I feel very scared. Last night, I bowed down to God and let her live for many years. She is an important part of my life, and I don’t want to lose her. I can’t explain the fuss of these cats in a short time, but if she gets sick, I will take care of her until the end

Danie Bethune from Birmingham, Alabama, on February 3, 2019:

I have an emergency cat. I want to know if he is a Siamese cat.
When I got him, he was a kitten, and I finally got used to the constant barking. He has grown up now, but he hasn’t grown up yet.
He is black with white claws, but he is a lanky cat with a diamond-like face and protruding ears. What I learned about the kettle from all my friends was useless when he was a baby, and now it’s a big game for him.
He will only attack the kettle. He jumped into the shower with me and fell into the bathtub.
He marveled whether I was boiling the water or peeling the avocado.
Yes, if I give him the avocado, he will eat it.
Beating sm did not stop him from severely painful attacks on my feet and hands. When he finally gets tired, he will put half of himself on my chest and the other half on my face, and then start pinging for a short period of time. I’m very tired, I have to lock him in another room to do anything. I have a big big raccoon, it’s been years, it’s so incredible.
Once I thought he might be a member of the Siamese, I started to research and everything came true. What I can’t imagine is why the mixed Siamese dog would be abandoned on the side of the road like a kitten.
If I live in a bigger place, I will give him a friend, and the cat’s scratching is wearing from head to toe. The breeder told me that I would never have a cat like her again. This is true. She is very talented and affectionate.
She lived for about 16 years and encountered various health problems in the last few years of her life, but it was definitely worth it. I miss her very much, no other cat can compare

Karen Bidwell on November 12, 2018:

I can’t imagine life without my 19-year-old dear SinLee. on October 9, 2018:

Oh, don’t worry your cat will become loud and harsh

Jessica on September 20, 2018:

I have a 5 month old Siamese kitten, she never speaks (unless it’s time to eat now). Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed lol

Tina Leifker on August 23, 2018:

Well, my blue dot conjoined boy is called Storm Blue, and my husband thinks he should have 2 other names! When he was 8 weeks old, we found him and we took home this beautiful and talkative cute kitten. Apart from having doctor appointments all day, I stayed with him all day.
So this is my problem for several months, we lost a cute kitten, when he used to hug next to us, he now sleeps at the foot of our bed (yes, he is very spoiled because he It’s a kitten sleeping on the water bed!) He no longer hugs our thighs, he only needs to pay attention when he needs to scratch the ears or hit the butt. We often play with him, even if he fights for me, I will pick him up and hug him. He even decided to take a bath with me! How can I get my lovely boy back?
Hutong on August 20, 2018:

My blue seal dot Siamese (Isis) will dance around me in a figure of eight, squeaking like a mouse, she meme me with a spoon and occupy the whole bed, she plays hide and seek, we talked a few hour. I have been raising a cat for 27 years and she is by far the most special cat.
Not to mention that her net worth was thousands of dollars. I saved her with only 60 dollars. The vet said that she was going to die and would not stay in the cage for another day. Caesar’s mother on August 16, 2018:

I laughed!
I have used Siamese for most of my life. Since I retired, my current men and women have grown up. Caesar rules the entire universe. Just ask him! LyMartin E Chattm on August 10, 2018:

I just received an 8 week old Siamese kitten. Her name is Chita, named after Broadway star Chita Rivera. She is very good at speaking out and eager to get the attention of others. I like that she watches TV for a long time like a human being. I want a talkative and clever cat like a Siamese cat, and I want a beautiful cat like a himmie. In fact, I need Siamese dogs more than Himalayans. If I went to Siam, I would feel scared because I went to school, my brother went to school, my little sister went to kindergarten, and my father worked in another country. He would come to us for a month every year. I know that Siamese cats don’t like being alone. My cat hates the big problem of cats. She said that she will not take care of him. I am afraid of getting Siamese cats. What should I do if he doesn’t like being alone.
I live in Egypt, and the only Egyptian cat breeds are Siamese, Persian and Himalayan. It is difficult to find a ragdoll cat for fun.
Ask them to help.

Donna on June 11, 2018:

I can’t let my Siamese poop in the corner, nor in her trash can. There are other suggestions! ! !
Sheila J Smith on May 26, 2018:

My cat “opportunity” Siamese male elderly people have thyroid-like diseases and must be treated with medication through the inner earlobe.
Therefore, he is now deadlocked. If there is, it may not hurt the itching.
But he didn’t want to be in my arms like him. During the day and night, he will come to me more often. Then wait until I pick him up and spread it out. He didn’t fight at all, then I let him go and he ran back. Jasmine on May 25, 2018:

My Siamese cat CandySunshine is very well-behaved recently, but the problem is that she won’t let me take her to the vet. She emphasized to me to bring her pants and trousers, and her fur fell off. I’ve got a lot of cats, but my Siam is definitely different. I admire her, I just hope she is healthy and happy. 🙂

Susanna Karam, May 19, 2018:

I have Lynx Point Siamese (2) and currently have it. 10 1/2 years old, Madeleine (Seal Point), SEAL team. If your Siamese kitten is very noisy, then you will make a sound, talkative Cathy, just like Athol’s cat. Madeline speaks, but only if she has something important to say.
We are talking all the time, but I will ask her if she is hungry, and I only have a small cry. If I have to travel and take longer than expected, I will speak more, unless she takes a nap most of the time. She will come to me and ask for a hug, which is very cute.
She is just a cute and beautiful on the inside, just like she is on the outside. I highly recommend a Siamese companion.
Annette on May 16, 2018:

How do you care for a Siamese cat who is afraid of only one person?
My Siamese cat rarely comes out during the day. When it comes out, it is when each cat disappears or is quiet.
When he came out of the bushes, we treated him as a baby.
When we got him, he was a wild kitten. He only likes me, and sometimes likes my mother. Is that why he is afraid of everything?
Robin Hootman (Robin Hootman) on May 14, 2018:

Can Siamese cope with a person who likes to scream and yell? If not, what health problems will it cause.
Will it cause them to start high blood pressure? 🙂

Lydia Irene (author) from the Southwestern United States on February 13, 2018:

I want to know a few times, you may be right. This is the ancient argument of nature and nurture, repeat it.
Of course, everything is relative, maybe I just know a very unique cat. I have three Siamese languages ​​and they all have similar personalities. Two of the three shelters were adopted from the shelter, so I did not have the opportunity to raise one of them.
Having said that, I also own five non-Siamese cats whose personalities are completely different from what I described in this article. Therefore, in addition to natural/nurturing methods, I think Siamese cats may be more docile and kind than many other cats. Just like I believe that most people are born with a desire to respect others.
DustnBits on January 24, 2018:

Based on my experience in Siamese, when you say “super yet sluggish”, I think “sounds like my cat. I think you might interpret a unique experience as a standard, and I think if there is no standard, why There will be…
Is everyone kind or impolite? This is a mixed bag with many different people and many different Siamese cats. J firmly believes that the behavior of cats can be traced directly back The year of his upbringing. Nana, January 3, 2018:

I got Siamese when I was 6 weeks old.
I also have a 7-week-old raccoon.
They quickly became best friends in the past 2 years. One day, Molly (Siamese) opened Mac, fighting! ! ! Molly will not leave my room, and if the Mac approaches the door, the hissing will start. I try to give everyone a lot of attention in my area. And he is not afraid of getting wet, even going out to play in the rain. We have been together for three years. Master Skylark on November 7, 2017:

I wish I had a Siamese language, because literally, they can do some tricks, I mean, I have a Burmese Lily Lily, but she will go into the basement and sleep on a flexible mattress. so cool. (: b

Jennifer (Jenifer) on October 24, 2017:

I have a Siamese white tip. She is a rare Siamese cat, I agree with your posting.
My sapphire (my 2-year-old 5-month-old cat.) I taught her to stop.
She was abandoned when she was 6 months old.
Before she turned around, I got her a little bit. She doesn’t bark, but her pur bark is loud. He likes to play German shepard mixes with our dog lexi. The lucky draw was held on September 25, 2017:

I have a Siamese language, and I agree with most of the good articles you have published.
However, I don’t completely agree with the opinions on training.
I have taught Oscars (my 1-year-old and a pair of month-old cats) that bad behavior can lead to consequences.
However, a quick counterattack on his ass was enough to get his attention. Since he was 4 weeks old, I have been his sole owner.
All I have to do now is to condemn him, and that’s all about the word “no” and the flick of my finger.
Kasey on September 18, 2017:

When I was a child, I had a Siamese cat. I am now 53 years old.
I am a dairy farm owner.
I don’t have one, but I have 3 “Siamese Tabby” cats.
These are Siamese cats, they come from ordinary tabby cats. She looks like an ordinary Siamese dog, but there are white socks on her nose with a pinch of white on it.
I didn’t know her talkative characteristics until a friend of veterinary technology asked me if she was a “talkative”. I was surprised, of course I would say “Yes!!!” She usually came in at dinner and had a complete conversation with my husband. She only speaks when she is not sitting on the floor. Now for a nap! She happened to be on my husband’s lap and happened to hit the TV table, and when I tried to type this word, she wiped my face!
There is a farm and we have about 20 other cats. As a 5 or 6-month-old kitten, the other cat brought a litter when the weather was too cold, so he kept them in the house. She taught these kittens to school and strengthened them! ! Now, Missy is one year old, and we have two Siamese kittens coming soon.
One is a few months old, while the other is only two weeks old. I really found that this is an interesting breed from a tabby cat.
I discovered the history of a lady in New York in the 1930s who bred pure Siamese cats and one cat was bred by tabby cats.
It is made of white socks and she loves the result, so she has been breeding in this way, and in the past few decades, they have spread throughout the United States of tabby cats. PinkysMom on August 23, 2017:

Directed to the “Siamese cat” below: Since I have had many rescue and stray cats (including wild beasts) over the years, I have seen many different cat temperaments and situations.
I only keep two to four cats at a time, and most of them have exercised. However, there is no doubt that when there is “mental confusion” in your home, it will cause huge losses to other cat family members.
I found that some cats have mental problems just like humans. Organic brain damage occurred even before you had a cat or kitten.
Certain cats can be gracefully tamed, socialized and calmed down. Some people can’t do it, they retain a certain impulse and instinct, eager to get along with you and get rid of fear.
These cats usually look like bullies, but in fact they are just very afraid of any noise, smell or changes around them.
They are easily triggered by what I call an “irritable brain”. (Others are just bastards, not afraid, bullies, very dominant, but when you find it, you will know.) ), but in this case, there will always be one or two cats that will not develop into you can handle. And you must be wary of the impact it may have on your other cats-cats can be good teachers for each other, and I am lucky for that-but some cats cannot take good care of their pets’ lives well. I have been learning about cats, learning what is effective and what is ineffective, and it is usually about patience and understanding who cats are, and ensuring that your home environment supports their healthy development.
I have half of the Siamese cats, they are interesting cats, but what I have now-a kind of friendly little rescue, just one year old-is a powerful little helper that needs constant feeding and entertainment. She is a long muscle, this small muscle makes us exhausted. She is very healthy, living a life of fun, eating and simple life. It looks like a lion is hunting it.
But at least the tablet was not harmed! Cute stinky kid. Emily (Emily) on July 11, 2017:

We have a Seal Point Siamese cat.
We adopted him for 2 months. He was very sick and thought he was going to die, his upper respiratory tract was infected and he could barely breathe. We have a lot of love for Lil Bullitt. He is so special and still struggling with breathing problems. What we worry about is that he randomly attacked my husband and just wanted to take a bite. There are many times. Every night we go to bed and he runs around like a high-speed one. Gonzalez. Then we just slept in bed, started running on us, jumped on and got out of bed, focusing on my husband, and occasionally focusing on my offense and biting. What is confusing is that he always loves my husband, he follows my husband, he wants to be where we are, he is a great speaker, he loves him very much, casual attacks and sharp worries…has for us Any ideas…thank you

My baby Siam hated me on June 20, 2017:

My Siamese is 3 months old…
Sorry, if I sound different here, it is because I am worried.

Madison, May 15, 2017:

I have a Seal Point Siamese cat. She is 4 years old. She is easily scared.
We have two dogs that she doesn’t like, and young siblings and cousins ​​that she fears. what should I do? On April 18, 2017, Alexis J:

thank you very much.
Now I understand the Siamese cat! ! ! Sendai on April 18, 2017:

My aunt has a 10-year-old Siamese cat and did not shut up. I used to live

With her a few years ago. I thought I hated cats because of cats.
When I left and moved with my partner with two cats (Angora and Tabby), I found that I hated Siamese cats. A few months ago, I formally adopted my cats, and I am absolutely certain of my love for them. But I have never used Siamese. Jss on March 1, 2017:

I met a wanderer, and the vet decided he was half of the Siamese. He has big blue eyes. When he has no water, wants more food or needs attention, he speaks.
They are also very caring and loyal. But Jack is too jealous! ! If I was petting or playing with one of the female cats, he would hang out and be on top of us. When I have company, no matter how many people there are, he will work in the room so that everyone can spoil him. But the best part?
He is very cute. Every night, he followed me to bed, lying with his head on the pillow, waiting for the rubbing of his stomach, he just came in a storm and pressed his paw against my face. So cute, my Mainecoon will kiss when I ask her. Well, I think I am a crazy cat lady, haha.
Tamara on February 22, 2017:

My Siamese Seal Point is 10 months old and it is still as crazy as the day we were arrested! He needs to stroke the feather stick for several hours every day, or he can’t stand it for the rest of the day, and frightens our two other older cats.
I know he only needs to play, he can always play!
At least he never whispers, I mean, forever. He was crazy about everything I did. When I was cooking, he wanted to *sniff* every vegetable, fruit, meat, spice…It was like he was collecting data back to his planet LOL.
He never licked or ate anything, just smelled it, and he was done, looking at me, like: “Oh, great, you can continue.” Or “OMG have you eaten?!” he Not very hug, and slowly achieved what I hoped. As long as we can drain his energy, he is funny so that he will not stalk other cats. Thank you Jackson Galaxy, I learned a lot of skills from him.
N West on February 8, 2017:

My Siamese cat meows every day and leads me from room to room, in and out of the house (he is an outdoor/indoor cat, because we live in a safe rural area with no wildlife, almost No cars).
I don’t know what he wants, do you have any ideas? This drives me crazy because I can’t figure out his needs 🙁

B on February 7, 2017:

When I was a child, I wanted to see that cute (white female) Persian in a commercial advertisement, and my father brought me a male, certified American cat friend ((?) Persian. He (bright eyes) plays beautiful music at night. I believe my parents have learned more about the breed and matched him with my brother’s Siamese Chocolate Siamese cats. They have beautiful kittens. ! I almost became a veterinarian., but the attitude towards humans and animals is the same. Thank you author James Herriot! I am glad to have a cat in my house! We initially asked her to calm down another cat-this is a veritable demon-I rescued a kitten and became a very terrible cat-he has been attacking me and mine since he was 2 years old Mother-The wound is very deliberate and serious. Before, as a kitten, he had been abused (mother died, he was malnourished, some teenagers hurt him), even though we shut him off when he was 5 weeks old, he has shut up…he is very funny , But he lacks feelings, will hiss frequently, and is very scared before he is 2 years old.
He started randomly attacking my mother (tarantula in the bathroom, bringing back groceries from the store, knocking on the door, etc.), turning into 3-4 serious attacks every year.
At the age of 9, after 3 months of coldness, he tried to attack my neck… and my mother intervened. In any case, my mother and I had considered letting him go to a non-lethal shelter, but after talking with him, they said he would be killed because he was too dangerous. We talked to the veterinarian and said “Let him go”, and then we decided that we would not (cannot) kill him…
With his support, although he was attacking us, he was very friendly and protective to our pet mice, Very gentle with the rodents he “found” in our house. Anyway, so we decided to have a little Siamese girl.
Our little girl taught our rescuers how to meow and sniff. She tried to follow ugg and play, but he refused. She was disturbed by the insanity of our rescuers-she became very cautious and honestly, even though we mainly separated them, her growth was hindered by another cat. He passed away-we recently raised another Siamese kitten.
I just want to say that it was heartbreaking to see our Siamese female cat interacting with this pure, friendly kitten. It is heartbreaking to think of our rescue, and even with 9 years of unremitting efforts, the growth of infancy cannot be changed. Moreover, my little girl is so scarred psychologically, it is unfair. My little Siamese girl accepted our new kitten within 12 hours-we knew she would not hurt him. She did not approach him, but looked at him from a distance. When his head was trapped in the basket and crying bitterly, she was there to see what was wrong and provide help. She was very protective of herself.
I know she needs time to play freely, and she needs to trust another cat (she only knows a crazy cat), but I am very happy that she has this opportunity. I’m sorry that it took a long time to see how much pain this caused my Siamese, and the little bit of salvation I have done so hard for the recovery work is forever, it’s a loss, pain Career, which makes me feel sad…

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We come from a group of stubborn cat lovers. I can see now that some people hate or fear cats. I want to know that my kitten, in their lifetime (a long, long time), I will be promised to do, is a kitten that is loved, loved and able to be loved.
Ariel on January 9, 2017:

I have a Max black cat.
She has a kitten and a neighbor cat. Two of them are Siamese cats.
This had happened twice before she had a Siamese colored kitten. I keep the Siamese girl, I want to know if you think these techniques still apply to her? She has a very conjoined personality and characteristics, including ears and face shape.
Another problem is that when I touched her, she greeted me rather. She will start to make a hoarse voice, and then make a loud me call. I’m not sure if she is “talking to me” or worrying about whether she wants me to move my hand to another place.
Mackenzie on January 5, 2017:

Hello there! I just took a blue dot measure. She will cry in the middle of the night until I get up and pet her; when I stop, she will continue to cry.
She is my child and I love her very much, but my mother is very angry and I don’t know what to do. Jack Pedersen (Jack Pedersen) on January 4, 2017:

I recently adopted a blue-spot Siamese cat (about 3 months ago). She is absolutely beautiful and cute, with cute nature, but she is still very rash. Literally, she didn’t always feel scared, but the sudden sound and noise outside made her easily frightened. You can tell her when she is afraid, because she will not follow me as usual, but just moan under the sofa.
In the past we had 2 Siamese (Lynx Point), and they were also very similar. Is this normal for this breed?
Or I just had a group of anxious people?
Jerry (Jerry) on December 13, 2016:

Our Siamese is 7 years old. He is the cutest and most docile cat in the room.
But when he walks outside and we tell him to walk inside, he will be angry.
We worked in the front yard, and suddenly, he turned into a ferocious beast and started attacking us. I don’t understand the reason for this behavior, and I don’t know what to do.
We love him very much, but his bite is very dangerous. We have to go to the emergency room.
Sarah on July 12, 2016:

I just bought an 8 week old Siamese kitten and I am curious why he can’t keep calling ow and stay alone for 10 minutes.
Or why he likes to wake me up every few hours, then bite me and meow. As I can see, this is all the characteristics of their little heir. He is definitely an outgoing little guy. Lydia Irene (author), Southwestern United States, December 15, 2015:

@CRCondina, thank you very much for your kindness! @Jawad, it’s really hard to tell. I also hate to split them up.
Not only that, even if you only get women, there is no guarantee that they will get along. Maybe the siblings will ally with Stewie, but this is unlikely. When my older girl (pictured above) looked lonely, I made her a male companion. For a long time, she absolutely hated him. I adopted him as a kitten and gave her the opportunity to establish contact with him, but her answer was that whenever he had the guts to darken her door, he would be beaten. Of course, they are all her doorways. Now, two years later, she began to tolerate him. I think this is because he is now an adult and therefore more mature.
When she believed that no one was watching, she would even give him a bath.
The most important thing is how to introduce Stewie to the new kitten.
Cats are not like dogs. They don’t forgive.
Therefore, please put the kitten in your own space so that Stewie can sniff the door and your shirt at his own pace.
Slowly mix their scents together and introduce them very slowly.
Slowly, I mean weeks…even months. There may be fireworks for a few weeks, but after the initial adjustment period, everyone should be fine.
Thank you so much for your comment!
Jawad on December 14, 2015:

I share a 3 bedroom apartment with my 2 younger brothers. We are all adults and go out for 8-9 hours on weekdays. We have a neutered 5-month-old Siamese cat named Stewie. He recently fell ill, and our veterinarian told us to keep him a companion cat, preferably a female cat.
We met two 8 week old Siamese kittens, a boy and a girl. Those guys are inseparable, so cute, and we have great enthusiasm for both of them.
We just can’t figure out whether we should put both kittens in, making Stewie super jealous and being turned away, thus making the situation worse.
Will my brother and sister unite Stewie? Should we get that girl?
CRCondina on December 8, 2015:

I like this article. I laughed at all of this because it perfectly described my cat, sushi.
She is the SEAL team in Siam.
She is full of love and hugs, and has the most split brain in history! ! !
However, I will not change her damn thing. But she sounded like she had been smoking cigarettes all her life. When I tell her to be beautiful and love her and hunt me down, she will fall in love with her. (It took her a lot of time to exhaust herself.) I never considered Siam, but now I have Siam. I don’t know if I will adore so many varieties. She is just my world.
Kim (Kim) on November 27, 2015:

My mother’s friend made himself a Siamese before being deceived. After she came back, the little guy attached himself to my youngest daughter. We joked that she was his person. But in fact this is true. He slept with him, walked outside with her, talked to her through the bathroom door while she was taking a bath, and waited for her in the corridor when the bus dropped her from school. When she called, he came, and when he told him to sit down, he sat down, sat down on her “pillow”, but when she slapped the pillow, he put him to sleep on the bed, and Said: “Little man, let’s go to sleep.” I found that the bond between cats and people is a strange bond. However, the love I was worried about would be lost, and when my mother’s friends came back and wanted to move out and hugged “her cat” with her, they would feel heartache, which prompted me to buy this at the price she paid for him.
Cat. To be honest, I think this is the best for my daughter and her minion.
He was almost clinging to her hips. She was even only 6.5 years old, and she knew he would live a long life. And he chose her.
She saved money and bought him a new collar every six months. “If he is caught, he must be intermittent so that he will not suffocate.” I wish I could share a photo with them, just for cuteness. I never thought that Siamese cats would be a supplement to our family, but he showed me that they are a good breed and very loyal. On November 13, 2015, Keli:

I have a mixed Siamese cat. He looks like a tuxedo cat but has Siamese qualities.
Hate to be picked up. Very dominant, always close to me. He was boxed in our bedroom every night because he was in trouble at night because he couldn’t open any doors.
Our three-story house is great for him because the squirrel jumped from the tree in front, and he ran from window to window, up and down the stairs to follow them. He has received leash training and likes to chase bugs, frogs and dogs out of our yard.
He is a good friend of my husband and me. Heather on October 21, 2015:

I have a 2 year old Siamese cat. Everyone in the family likes her very much.
She likes to get things, boys are her hugs, and are very vocal when they need attention.
We have a total of 4 cats, but there is enough time and space to accommodate them. Like all animals, the Siamese dog has a lot of work, but it is also very profitable, but it is worth it.
I encourage anyone who is looking for Siam or any animal to conduct a thorough research and listen to this article. This lady let Sianese know T.

Kristen (Kristen) on October 11, 2015:

I have a 19-year-old Siamese cat.
She is the most beautiful cat ever.
My Ruby talks to me often, this is true, and I have always liked it. This article is very pure:)

l. Voting on April 29, 2015:

I adopted our female Siamese dog when I was 3 weeks old. She is now 17.5 years old, and STILL never likes to be caught! From a conception point of view, I grew up around cats.
I thought I could win Jasmine’s quick patience. I’m still waiting…

Paul on April 23, 2015:

–Videos watched with your pet dog are priceless. Love that little SWAT. I have a Siam and an Oriental.
They are the best cats a person might want.
Interestingly, my Siamese cat hardly meows.
I think this is some kind of strange genetic defect. The sound is like the squeak of a monkey.
Like a quiet chimpanzee. On the other hand, Orientals-he will be very noisy.
Like your page:)

Gloria on April 23, 2015:

I have two Siamese sweets.

Why does my Siamese cat attack me?

Siamese cats should be very happy to have them. However, many people have preconceived ideas about Siamese temperament, which may be related to their depiction in an animated film…

Although other websites may wish to claim that Siamese cats are very few to people. Like all cats, if another cat enters its territory or poses a threat to anyone, the Siamese dog may perform a vile show. Overall, the Siamese cat is a sociable cat that loves humans. Although it is unfair to mark an entire cat breed as an average, it is fair to say that some breeds are more vigorous than others. Despicable cats are unfriendly, malicious, aggressive, downright annoying or all of them. What does Siamese cat mean? I don’t believe that any cat is born with strong stripes, but poor socialization and treatment can lead to antisocial behavior in Siamese cats.
The most important moment in a cat’s life is when it is removed from its mother for the first time and lives with a new family.
If you don’t get a particularly good treatment or positive experience with people during this period, it will not grow into a confident and sociable adult cat.
Unfortunately, some Siamese cats were abused by their owners before being abandoned. Sometimes, these cats enter the rescue center, and the damage to their character is usually great.
It can take a lot of time (and patience) to eliminate this damage and build trust with a cat that has suffered so much before. Typical Siamese cat character

The Siamese cat is considered one of the smartest cats.
But what does this mean? This means they are easy to train.
Siamese cats can be taught to do many things, and most cats will just lift their noses. For example, not many cats will walk with you and will not run away.
The Siamese can be trained to do this. You can also train it to perform certain techniques, such as getting things for you. However, the Siamese will follow anyone they like around the house, just because they want to be with them.
The Siamese dog may not necessarily jump on your lap, but it will want to be placed where it can monitor you. Looking forward to someone following you into the bathroom, sitting still and staring at you!
The Siamese cat is a cat that needs a lot of stimulation to stay happy. A person who does not get enough help can become depressed, which can quickly lead to health and behavior problems. Siamese should not stay together for a long time. For example, if you are not at home all day when everyone is working, the Siamese dog will not be good. Consider buying not only one, but also two Siamese. If they are siblings or introduced at a very young age, they will get along well, and will keep each other company and play with each other.
Can you make Siamese cats more friendly? None of these “fixes” are a quick solution, and you will need a lot of patience.
First, check out my article 10 tips for calming cats.
These techniques are indeed effective.
The main thing you have to do is to prove to Siamese that you are not a threat to it and can be trusted. You can do this by remaining calm when you show up. Don’t go too fast, don’t come close, and don’t make a loud noise. As you can imagine, this will be a challenge if you have children, so you must teach them how to act and behave around Siamese. Don’t follow the cat. Let it come to you, never stare directly at it. Whenever the cat looks at you, blink slowly. After completing this operation, slowly look away and yawn. Bribery works well. Give your Siamese chicken, fish any way to make it happy.
Give it toys and interact with it every day-if it doesn’t want to play, just leave it alone.

What is the personality of a Siamese cat?

The blue-eyed Siamese cat is one of the cutest cats in the world. However, after interacting with Siamese cats, you may find yourself worried about their sometimes aggressive behavior.
Compared with other cats, Siamese cats look less kind, unselfish, and sometimes downright mean. I did some research to find out if Siamese cats are really aggressive or if they are misunderstood. So why is the Siamese cat? Siamese cats are generally more aggressive and territorial than other breeds. Anger can be attributed to lack of attention, hunger, hormonal changes, fear of new environments, and compulsive behavior. They usually show aggression towards other cats rather than humans.
Anger can be attributed to lack of attention, hunger, fear and compulsive behavior. First of all, I think it can be said that not all Siamese cats are aggressive.
Siamese cats have distinct personality characteristics. It is usually learning how to read the body language of a Siamese cat and how to react accordingly. It is also important to consider the environment set up for Siamese cats.
Are Siamese cats more aggressive

Yes, Siamese cats are more aggressive than other cats. They tend to be a very demanding breed, so it must be known that Siamese cats must be entered in any situation involving them. The goal is to first understand where this behavior may originate and how to interpret it.
Secondly, it is important to understand that there are usually multiple ways to deal with and improve any bad behavior.
Siamese cats are very tall, energetic and need help.
In tasks that seek attention, they often appear aggressive. Siamese cats are very smart and will do what they feel to get the care they want. Although Siamese cats are generally family-friendly and can bring children to play, they are like a person’s pet, which means that they usually do not have much interest in guests.
Siamese cats have a strong connection with their owners, so they are often jealous of new animals in the territory, whether they are humans or animals.
The other thing to consider is genetics.
Siamese cats are born with visual defects.
Their front cover crosses the upper mound. In short, the Siamese cat has been intently. Believe it or not, eye abnormalities will not only affect their vision, but also their behavior. Among other factors, the perceptual aggressive behavior of Siamese cats can be attributed to neurology due to abnormal eye wiring. To understand how this abnormal phenomenon affects behavior, we must first accurately understand the role of the colon and front cover and their role in the cat. Due to this abnormal colloid crossing, Siamese cats often suffer from so-called nystagmus, which is rapid eye movement side by side up and down or side by side.
They can also cause decreased vision and abnormal depth perception, which can lead to dizziness or coordination problems. Visual difficulties alone can depress Siamese cats.
The vestibule regulates the response to changes in light and changes in the circadian rhythm or sleep cycle.
The front cover is also related to a part of the nervous system that regulates the response to touch and temperature changes. Finally, it also affects how the brain responds to mechanical, chemical and thermal stimuli.
When nociceptors (nerves that respond to painful stimuli) are stimulated, they cause a series of behavioral responses, including pain and the ability to understand the surrounding environment. Why does the Siamese cat bite so much

When Siamese cats are as young as all young mammals, teething can cause them to bite.
Of course, with the entry of adult teeth, this is no longer the reason for biting. As kittens, they also learn their behavior and “polite” from their mothers. That being said, Siamese kittens need to stay with their litter and mother for at least 12 weeks. Removing it too early may result in biting or aggressive behavior. Another reason the Siamese cat bites is because it is playing. Siamese cats are naughty and like to chase things.
They may even be trained to play and fetch the ball. Your Siamese may be trying to make you play. Determining whether your cat is biting is by reading body language and background information (ie, is the cat playing before biting?). Siamese cats are also defensive for many reasons.
As mentioned earlier, Siamese cats may be more sensitive to pain. Since they cannot tell you when to hurt or stop hurting in words, biting is a way to convey their point of view. If you are afraid, it may bite. Due to its visual defects, it is easy for Siamese to see things that scare it.
If your Siamese cat bit you, yelling “ow” and then ignoring it may help it understand that it has hurt you.
Siamese cats are very smart and sensitive to feelings.
Learn more about why Siamese cats bite people. Is Siamese cat bad?

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No, the Siamese cat is not bad. However, Siamese cats require a lot of work and understanding.
Interacting and raising Siamese cats are very similar to interacting and raising young children. Siamese cats are very fun and full of energy, making them a great pet for families with children.
If properly introduced or raised with other pets, they will get along with other pets in the house. Speaking of playmates, Siamese cats are indeed easily bored and easy to mischief. Like young children, they may also be depressed and demanding. They are stubborn and a little bossy. Similarly, like children, Siamese cats need gentle but firm discipline. You must establish some basic rules and be consistent.
Although the Siamese cat is a bit stubborn, you and your Siamese cat will take a moment to understand. Do Siamese cats like to be detained?

Siamese cats are very caring cats and like to be with their owners. They want to maintain a close relationship with their owners and enjoy physical care, such as being detained or keeping pets.
The best way is to let them come to you. In most cases, Siamese cats like to be caught.
Similarly, determining whether your Siamese cat is in a mood to maintain is related to reading its body language. If you are not sure, please let them start being detained and proceed with caution. Sit in a comfortable place and let them come to you. Because they are such an affectionate breed, they will not refuse to follow the session. One thing to remember is the tendency of Siamese cats to be more sensitive to pain. If the Siamese is sitting on your lap and you are stroking it, then it may tell you that it has had enough. As we determined before, biting is a way of communication, and Siamese will tell you to “stop”. This is a form of aggression, called aggression caused by stroking. Excessive stroking may lead to aggression caused by stroking. Essentially, repeated physical contact may cause pain due to abnormal or abnormal function of its pain receptors. As mentioned earlier, the visual cortex of Siamese cats also affects the part of the nervous system that responds to pain. At what age did the Siamese cat calm down

The Siamese cat is a naturally active breed.
Having said that, they will always maintain a certain active and active attitude, and will not necessarily “calm down” as in the traditional sense.
However, Siamese kittens are calmer after 18 months. Then, as the cat gets older, it will inevitably begin to calm down.
Even if you cannot change their personality, there are few ways to help your Siamese calm down, or at least change their energy. Make sure they have enough game time and there are many interesting items to keep them busy, including toys, boxes, tunnels and various other items that stimulate their thinking and stay active.
Shifting their attention to appropriate game items helps to create a healthy outlet for their liveliness. Music or calm background noise is another strategy for trying to live with Siamese cats. There are several calming and anti-anxiety music videos for cats on YouTube.
There is even one specially made for Siamese cats. Just search for “Siamese cat relaxing music” and voila, you can find it; a refreshing series of music designed to calm your Siamese language. Of course, we cannot guarantee that every Siamese language can achieve 100% results, but it is worth trying. Different Siamese cat behavior problems

Now that we have a better understanding of the character and genetics of Siamese cats, we should introduce specific behavior problems that may be noticed in Siamese cats. Social anxiety-Siamese cats are possessive and territorial. After the establishment of “prudence” and territory, it is usually not open to new members who invade their territory, whether it is a visitor or a new pet. They will be jealous and will tell you how they feel without hesitation. Respect their boundaries and make sure they understand your boundaries and have behaviors that you will not tolerate. Separation anxiety-Siamese cats have established a strong relationship with their owners, so it is expected that they may develop some separation anxiety after you leave.
They don’t like being alone for long periods of time, so they may cause trouble when you leave. Siamese cats are notorious for falling into them and knocking them down, whether out of malice or boredom. Make sure that all valuable collections or objects are hidden and not seen by the Siamese.
If you are considering buying or adopting a Siamese cat, please consider making it into two. It would be helpful if they had a playmate for them to accompany. Another option is to have someone your cat trusts to check on the day you go out.
Relaxing music also helps to provide a calm atmosphere for Siamese when you leave.

Why do Siamese cats bite so much?

Breed introduction: Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is an ancient cat species that has lived side by side with humans for hundreds of years. No wonder they keep pets! Not only are Siamese cats beautiful, but Siamese cats are also lovers.
They only like to chat with human friends.
Physical characteristics and appearance of Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is one of the most famous cat species due to its unique and unmistakable appearance.
These cats have eye-catching blue eyes, a sleek and elegant body, long legs and a delicate shiny coat.
Siamese cats come in many colors, including seals (dark brown to dark brown), chocolate (warm or medium brown), blue and lavender. They are “sharp”, which means that their coat is darker in various parts (for example, paws, tail, ears, and face). Newborn Siamese cats are almost completely white, and it may take a year to develop full color. However, they will begin to show their views when they are three weeks old.
Most Siamese cats are:

Vocal music, enjoy the “dialogue” with humans

Love and affection


Highly intelligent and curious

Energetic and fun

Siamese cats are one of the most tonal cats, and they have a long “conversation” with their human friends. They are caring, loyal and eager to be with others, making them excellent family pets.
Their high intelligence allows them to learn things quickly, coupled with their natural curiosity, which means that drawers and cabinets are used to attract them to open and turn over and overturn the cabinets often.
Although they like to maintain a good sn relationship in a warm circle, their energy level is also high, which means that it is important to interact and play with them (they can easily learn to play “crawl”).
Give them lots of fun toys and make sure they are suitable for regular games.
Siamese cats are very tolerant to children, as long as they are taught how to interact with cats and can also establish strong friendships with domestic dogs. Kittens are a period when they develop their personalities, so it is important to ensure that they get all the care and attention they need at a very young age so that they can grow into fully social domestic cats.
Siamese cats are great companions-but they need a best man in return. They don’t like long-term loneliness and are best suited for families where people are at home most of the time (which may include a dog or another cat). Siamese cats are not suitable for outdoor activities, so they should not roam outdoors without supervision. Health care and care of Siamese cats

Like many breeds, Siamese cats may suffer from genetic diseases, including bowel tumors and other cancers, such as mediastinal lymphoma. Another genetic disease they may suffer is eye disease, which is progressive retinal atrophy, which can lead to vision loss and blindness. Siamese cats are agile and athletic cats of medium size. Males weigh 3.8-4.8 kg, and females weigh 2-4.2 kg. If properly cared for and fed a good diet that meets their nutritional needs, Siamese cats can live for 15 to 20 years. Grooming Siamese Cat

Like many short-haired breeds, Siamese cats take good care of themselves. Therefore, their grooming needs are very light-brushing their smooth coats once a week is enough to keep them in their best condition. Is Siamese cat right for you? Siamese cats are gorgeous and elegant. They love and desire the attention of their owners and pet companions. However, this desire for company means that they suffer when they are alone, and they may not be suitable for houses where there are often no people or other pets. They also like a stable, predictable environment and will be disturbed by changes in their routines or habitat.

This article is about modern, long-faced breeds. For the traditional fillet type, see Thai cat

Breeds of cats

Breeds of cats

The Siamese cat is one of the earliest recognized Asian cat breeds.
The original Siamese cat originated from the Wichianmat dog breed, which is one of several variants of the Thai cat breed (formerly known as Siamese cat). The original Siamese cat became one of the most popular cat breeds in Europe and North America in the 19th century.
A modern Siamese dog with more delicate and more extreme functions is characterized by blue almond-shaped eyes; a triangular head shape; a slender, slender, muscular body with large ears; and various forms of dot coloring.
In addition to the color, the modern style Siamese dog has little resemblance to the original stock, and the head and body are more rounded and gentler. The traditional or “old-fashioned” Siamese dog has been re-established by multiple registration agencies.
Thai cat. [1] Siamese tend to seek interaction between people and also like to walk with other cats. The Siamese dog (sometimes in its traditional form) is the basic population of several other dog breeds developed through cross-breeding with other cats. For example, Oriental Shorthair and Colourpoint Shorthair were developed to expand the range of coat patterns. The long-haired variants are most commonly referred to as the Himalayas; and the hair-variant breeds include Cornish Rex, Sphynx, Peterbald, and Blue Point Siamese. There are two different variants of Siamese cats: the traditional, apple-shaped head and slightly fatter body. Or modern Siamese dogs, they are very thin and have a wedge-shaped head.
Long-haired Siamese dogs are considered Balinese cats internationally. Siamese cats are one of the more common breeds with different colored irises. Now, more than twelve are kept in the National Library of Thailand, while others have reappeared outside Thailand and are now kept in the British Library and the National Library of Australia.
In addition to the ancient Siamese cats, Tamra Maew also described other traditional Thai cats, including the Korat cat (Malet), which is still bred in Thailand and popular in other countries, while the konjac cat (Black cat), Suphalak (Myanmar cat controversy).
When the Burma-Siam War ended on April 7, 1767, when the capital Ayutthaya was fired, the Burmese army burned all sights and returned to Burma with Siamese nobles and members of the royal family as prisoners.
The gold coins of the Buddha statue were chopped off and all the royal treasures were stolen. The legend of Thailand is that King Ning of Myanmar found and read the poem of this Thai cat in Tamra Maew. He told his army to round up all the Suphalak cats and bring them back to Myanmar with other treasures. Today in Thailand, this legend is told as a humorous explanation of the rarity of Thai cats. Siamese[edit]

The pointed cat is called “Siamese” (Siamese) in the West.
It is famous for its unique markings. It is one of several types of Siamese cats. The manuscript contains descriptions and illustrations, and it is estimated that the manuscript dates from the 14th to the 18th century. [2] In 1878, U.S. President Rutherford B.
Hayes received the first recorded record of the arrival of a Siamese cat in the United States. “Siamese” cat. [3] In 1884, the British Consul General in Bangkok Edward Blencowe Gould (Edward Blencowe Gould, 1847–1916) [4] brought a pair of bred cats Pho and Mia back to the UK as a countermeasure Gift of sister Lilian Jane Gould (who married as Lilian Jane Veley in 1895[5] and co-founded the Siamese Cat Club in 1901).
Their unique appearance and unique behavior attracted people’s attention, but the three kittens died shortly after the exhibition, and the cause of their death has not been recorded. [6]

By 1886, Eva Forestier Walker (named Vyvyan after getting married in 1887)[7] and her sister Ada imported another pair (with kittens). Compared with the British Shorthair and Persian cats that most British people are familiar with, these Siamese cats have a longer body, less “co”, a less rounded muzzle on the head, and larger ears.
These differences and sharp coat patterns (not previously found in cats by Westerners) created a strong impression-an early viewer called them “cats’ natural nightmares.” In the following years, pigeon fanciers imported a small number of cats, which together constituted the basic breeding pool for the entire breed of Britain. In the early days of the United Kingdom, they were called “Siamese Royal Cats”, reflecting reports previously reserved only by the Siamese Royal Family. [8] Subsequent research did not show evidence of any organized royal breeding program in Siam. [2] The original Siamese import was a medium-sized cat with a long body, muscular, and graceful. The head and ears were wedge-shaped, relatively large, but proportional to the size of the head.
Cats range from sturdy to slender, but either way they are not extreme. After the king’s coronation, Prajadhipok was surrounded by court ladies holding royal costumes and is now regarded as a Thai cat, which symbolizes “domestication”.
Wankee was born in Hong Kong in 1895 and became the first British Siamese champion in 1898. Seal Point Siamese-Himalayan Mixed Dog Breed

Mixed Breed Chocolate Dot Siamese Cat-Bicolor Cat

Traditional Siam and modern development[edit]

In the 1950s and 1960s, with the popularity of Siamese dogs, many breeders and cat show judges began to prefer a slim appearance. Due to the selective breeding of several generations, they created longer and thinner cats with narrow heads.
In the end, the modern performance Siamese dog was elongated, with a slender tubular body, slender legs, and a very slender tail gradually tapering to a point and forming a wedge-shaped long head with a very large top and wide ears. In addition to the modern Siamese breeds, the International Cat Association (TICA) and the World Cat Federation (WCF) now also accept less extreme types of Siamese cats, as well as any Vichy cats imported directly from Thailand under the new breed name Thai . [9] [10] Other names for traditional varieties (mostly unofficial names) are “Old Siamese”, “Classic Siamese” and “Applehead” (originally derogatory nicknames created by breeders of modern Siamese). [11]


Siam Gene Map

The reproduction standard of the modern Siamese dog requires a slender, tubular, muscular body and a triangular head, forming a perfect triangle from the tip of the nose to each tip of the ear. The eyes are almond-shaped and light blue, and the ears are large and wide and closer to the side of the head. This breed has a long neck, slender tail, short fur, shiny and fine, and can stick to the body without undercoat. Modern Siamese share sharp color patterns with Thais or traditional Siamese, but the head and body types are different. [Reference required]

Sharp patterns are a form of partial albinism and are caused by mutations in tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in melanin production. The mutant tyrosinase is heat sensitive. It cannot work at normal body temperature, but will be active in cool (<33°C) areas of the skin. [12] This causes the coolest parts of the cat's body (including the limbs and face) to appear dark, and these pigments are cooled by the air passing through the sinuses. Although all Siamese kittens are pure milky white or white at birth, they will have obvious spots on colder parts of the body during the first few months of life. [13] When the kittens are all around, the dots should be clearly distinguishable enough to identify which color they are. Initially, most Siamese cats have seal spots (very dark brown, almost black), but occasionally Siamese are born with "blue" (cold gray) spots, which are genetically diluted seal spots; Chocolate (light brown) dots, genetic variation of sealed dots; or lavender (light warm gray) dots, genetically diluted chocolate. These colors were initially considered to be "inferior" seal marks and were not eligible for display or reproduction. All these shades were eventually accepted by the breed association and became more common through breeding programs specifically aimed at producing these colors. Later, crosses with other dog breeds formed Siamese hybrid cats. Their cats have the colors and patterns of other cats, including red and cream dots, bobcat (tabby) dots and tortoiseshell ("tortoiseshell") dots. (For more information on cat coat terminology, see Cat coat genetics.) In the UK, all pointed one-piece cats are considered part of the Siamese breed. In addition to these four colors, oriental shorthair cats with colored dots in the color or pattern are also regarded as colored dot shorthair cats in this registry. The World Cat Federation also adopted this classification, treating the color point of short hair as a unique breed. [10] Many Siamese cats from Thailand have kinks in their tails, but this feature has been considered a defect for many years. Breeders have basically eliminated it, but in Thailand's stray cats, the curved tail still exists. Seal point siamese kitten Seal Tabby Silver Siam Lilac Point Siamese Cat Side view of a chocolate nod adult head Temperament[edit] "Meezer" of Siamese Cat Siamese cats are usually very caring and intelligent cats, known for their social nature. Many people like to get along with others, sometimes referred to as "extrovert". Usually, they are firmly connected to one person. [6]-It has been compared with the cry of a baby, and continues to demand attention from others. Some Siamese have a very high voice, loud and low-key, and are called "meezer", from which they got one of their nicknames. [14] [15] Because Siamese cats want to be close to people or other cats, they sometimes suffer from depression or separation anxiety if they stay alone for a long time. Therefore, Siamese cats are usually bought in pairs, so they can keep each other's company. [16] Health[edit] This Siamese cat exhibits a once-common cockfighting trait, which has been bred to a large extent. According to Swedish insurance data (cats tracked for up to 12.5 years), Siamese and Siamese-derived breeds have higher mortality rates than other breeds. The average life span of the Siamese is between 10 and 12.5 years. 68% live to 10 years or more, while 42% live to 12.5 years or more. The Siamese Scooter holds the record of being the oldest Tomcat in the world at the age of 30. The incidence of Siamese is also higher. They have a higher risk of cancer and gastrointestinal diseases, but a lower risk of cats’ lower urinary tract diseases. [18] [19] According to data from veterinary clinics in England, the average life expectancy is longer at 14.2 years. [20] The most common progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) breeds in cats (including Abyssinia, Somali and a large number of Siam-related breeds) are related to mutations in the rdAc gene, which can be tested for DNA. [twenty one] The same albino allele that produces the color point means that the blue eyes of Siamese cats have no downy transparent structure, which amplifies the dark light in other cats' eyes. Mutations in tyrosinase also cause abnormal nervous system connections between the eyes and the brain. Despite this, the lack of tapetum even in cats that do not cross-eyed leads to reduced vision in night cats. This characteristic leads to their dependence and interest in humans, because it affects their hunting ability, which is a characteristic desired by many owners. However, this also makes them vulnerable to urban hazards such as night vehicle traffic. Unlike many other white cats with blue eyes, [23] Siamese cats have no hearing loss. In addition, Siamese cats are more susceptible to lung infections than other breeds of cats, especially during the kitten period, such as cat osteochondrosis, vestibular disease and feline hyperesthesia syndrome. In Clare Turlay Newberry's Babette [26], a Siamese kitten escaped from an apartment in New York in 1937. The British publisher Michael Joseph recorded his relationship with the Siamese cat in Charles: the Story of a Friendship (1943). [27] "Song of the Siamese Cat" ("We are the Siamese Cat if necessary") in Disney's "Ladies and the Tramp" (1955), with the words "Si" and "Am" added, " Notorious for his racist description of Siamese cats "". [28] The 1958 film "Bells, Books, and Candles" was adapted from Kim Novak's own Siamese cat, called a witch The familiar "Pyewacket." Sheila Burnford's "Incredible Journey" (1961) [29] tells the story of three pets, including the Siamese cat "Tao", they traveled 300 miles (480 kilometers) across the Canadian wilderness in search of their beloved master. The book was a trivial success when it was first released, but became widely known after being adapted into a Walt Disney movie of the same name in 1963 .

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